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What would you do if you spot your wife being dropped by a man with a car late at night?

This is actually where most people get it wrong! The fact that your wife was dropped by a man in the night doesn't mean there is something bad going on between them. This is where the concept of trust comes in.

Some men may actually destroy their homes due to suspicious thoughts about their partner and this also applies to ladies or women. The lack of trust and suspicious thinking has led to lots of broken homes and marriages between couples.

Please don't get it wrong, it's natural for us to get curious as a husband but that doesn't mean we should jump into unnecessary conclusions which may turn out to be false.

As for me, I will ask her who was the man who dropped her off late at night even though my wife isn't that nice to the level of interacting or getting transport help from other men.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Well for a start,  a number of thoughts and questions would run through my mind and knowing the kind of person i am, I'd  not rush to act but wait patiently  and watch from afar till she gets into the house.  While watching from afar I'll  be noting the details and would use it to ask her questions about what i just saw this is because i believe a lot in giving people the benefit of the doubt and a chance to explain themselves  even if i know better. 

I'd  allow come into the house and settle  in,  then I'd  throw the questions to her as if i didn't  see anything just to ascertain if she'll  come out clean and tell me the truth. If she tells the truth then i know there is no cause for alarm  but would still ask her some other questions from the little details  i picked up watching afar off  but if she brush off the initial question and decides to tell a lie instead,  i definitely know I'm  been cheated on so i wouldn't  waste my time to tell her i know the truth and practically draw  the curtain on the marriage because one thing i detest most is a lying and cheating spouse and it can easily provoke to make rash decisions with unintented consequences.