Our senses are how we take in and interact with the environment that surrounds us. But what if we only had 4 senses. Which sense would you give up and why ?

Basically the five senses are sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch, I think these five senses are indispensable if you ask me, the human design as a perfected patent has glued or keyyed in into the usability of the five senses so much that if one of the five senses is removed, it'll be being crippled and I doubt that the human anatomy will ever cope of one of the five senses are removed.

However since you've put me on the spot I'll definitely take way and make do without one, However I think the eyes is universal and totally indispensable because it guides and pilots the human body and also shape the perceptions so it'll definitely not be the eyes.

Secondly the nose is also indispensable because it also guides the perception to a magnitude and apart from this it helps us distinguishes, sophistication in foul or pleasant aroma as well, so I'll definitely not remove this

The senses of taste is essential helps keeps us alive by decerning what And what not to feed on as a result it it's indispensable because I think it helps to keep the human body alive and so does the sense of hearing too, so I'll keep them.

That leaves me with the sense of touch, I believe this one is definitely important and I won't say it'll be possible to do away with it, but the truth is that the other sense slightly have an advantage over the sense of touch just a slight edge over it as a result if their indispensable so I'll definitely vote to remove the sense of touch


This is something I've actually thought about quite a bit, actually.

So our five basic senses are sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.

Loss of sight would mean a harder time getting around in the world in general, but especially with technology. If you don't think so, try the experiment of going around a day with a full blindfold on and see how you get things done, it's nearly impossible and I honestly really thing blind people deserve more recognition for getting around on a day to day basis.

Hearing wouldn't be so bad, there's subtitles and stuff for tv shows but.....I'd miss music, and the sounds of certain people's voices. I know a little sign language and facial expression can help with determining emotion but there's some nuances that come with voice that are greatly lost even with sign language and most especially if you're just reading lips or subtitles.

Touch is one most people don't think about, but I always think back to that episode of House where the girl had the disease that made her not able to feel pain. Not being able to feel touch would be the same - you can feel pressure, but not something like say how soft a blanket is. Plus if you hurt yourself you'd never know, a broken toe or a scratch that could get infected, things like that. And without touch your body can't regulate temperature because it doesn't know any better, so you're much more susceptible to freezing to death or having a heat stroke, you don't know when you're hungry or when you have to go to the bathroom, that kind of stuff.

Taste and smell would be the least devastating to lose, honestly. I can go not smelling stuff, just have to remember to apply deodorant more often than I think I do, and as much as I love food I could go not tasting stuff too. No more sour or spicy, if it's an off brand I don't have to worry about it tasting off, that kind of thing. Would also make taking cough medications and such a lot more easily because most of them taste like crap.

So yeah, if I had to lose a sense it'd be a coin toss between taste and smell.


 Hard choice but I would give up smell.

I can't live with out taste because I love food too much.
I can't give up sight because I couldn't live without being able to see my kids growing up.
I couldn't give up touch because that would mean that I couldn't feel the hugs that my kids give me. Their hugs mean the world to me and I can't imagine life without their touch.
I couldn't give up hearing because then I wouldn't be able to hear my kids say all those amazing and funny things that they say.
I think I could live without smelling everything. I love the smell of my flowers in my flower bed but I could give that up before giving up any of the above that have to do with my kids.