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How do we collectively raise the quality of questions on Musing?
SO many terrible questions lately, makes me want to exit this page a few seconds after opening it. Let's figure out a way to collaborate and create better options for interactions

The only way to do so is by deciding (And that's a collective decision) to ask one meaningful question daily, just before you g about answering your questions. If everyone who answers questions does that, I think there would be more quality based questions for others to answer.


I’d say probably, leading by example - whether directly through asking quality questions ourselves OR challenging others to up their game in response to others...


Source: Pixabay.com

There are two things we can to raise the bar on Musing:

1. Ask meaningful questions and give proper tags and sufficient description about it so that anyone can understand it clearly.

2. Answer meaningful questions only. Yes, this might sound harsh but if you answer nonsense questions a) you're wasting time b) you are most probably not adding value. Hence, choose your questions to answer! Get into fruitful conversations. 

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@Jasonshick, In my opinion, still this Economy is in early stage and on top of that it is Decentralised so, any improvement will not going to come drastically but in my opinion at this point of time it's individual effort and if you are doing good job then continue it and don't think about what others are doing. But, over the period of time changes will come. Stay blessed. 🙂