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What advice do you have for someone trying to decide which career to pursue?

Choose what will be fulfilling to YOU. (Not influenced by what others may think, be they family or culture).

Choose what aligns with your passions and VALUES.

Choose what you excel at.

Choose at the intersection of these points - overlapping with the qualification that it is of value to others.


In pursing a career in life, their are things you should consider seriously which are your drive and passion.

I would advice that before deciding you should consider if you have passion for that career you want to enter into because passion would keep you going even when in difficult times or hard times.

Your drive for that work won't let you quit due to the drive you have the career.

Never allow anyone to choose a career for you, and never choose a career due to it has much money in it because you won't last long in the work.

Also look at what you enjoy doing most and see if you can get a career out of what you love most, due to you will excel most in it.


To begin with, I would probably need to know more about the decision, what choices there were, what the person personally thought about their choices, and what they found desirable about each.

Then, I'd want to know about their goals in life. Do they just want to work, stay single, maybe have a pet, or do they want to eventually support a spouse and children? Are they only concerned with making money and advancements, or will having time for their family be important, too?

There's plenty to consider in addition to lifestyles. Is there equal aptitude for each career path? Are there similar opportunities for work? What's the hardest part about making the decision? And what would stop someone from choosing one career, and if they didn't like it or it didn't work out to their satisfaction, pursue another?

In my experience, it's rarely an either or kind of thing. It's more about what people want to accomplish with their lives, and how does work or a career fit into those desires and help to fulfill them.

I ran a small business for 15 years. It wasn't exactly the most fulfilling, but it provided  a good steady income that exceeded our needs, and a lot of the work was handled by the employees, too, so I had a lot of time each week to be with my sons as they grew older, got involved in sports and other extracurricular activities. Having the business gave me opportunities to be around them that I don't think i would have enjoyed otherwise.

In my mind, work is a means to an end, and time is our most precious commodity. The more we can spend it doing whatever it is we want to do, the better. If that's work, great. If that's traveling, being with friends or raising a family, it's all good. The important thing is that the career should be able to fit a persons needs, present and future. If it can't, then maybe another should be considered. If it stops doing that, perhaps a change a that time is in order.

So, there's quite a few things to know about the careers involved and the individual seeking them before dispensing any specific advice, but that's more or less where I would start and see where it leads from there.


There's that advice where you should pursue something you know you're going to be happy about. And then there's that advice to ground your goals with realistic expectations. I'm living the career I wanted and I'm disliking the process. It's more on the part where I don't know what I was getting into until I'm in the situation. 

You would only know you made the right choice once you experience the consequences of those choices. So I think that the best course is just choosing a decision where the consequence would not make you regret it most. There are plenty of stuff to pick when it comes to what route life route you're taking. But it's perspective of the now and your future self would be the basis for judging. 

Looking back, I'd probably stick to my chosen path now compared to doing something else. It's what I want to do and the occasional hating my job moments are transient. Just think about what you want long and hard, no one can decide that for you. 


Work anywhere, save up 50% or more of your money by spending on only essentials and living with relatives or a shoe box. Then invest your money on a business model you have thoroughly researched and know that the demand is there. 


The best way to choose a career is to follow your passion. Most people are having a high paying career which they dont like but is forced to work because of salary.

If you follow your passion you will enjoy your job. You strive hard to improve on it because you love doing your job and eventually could give you a high income.

Look at the NBA players, they are payed to play which is thier passion and they enjoyed doing it.