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What do you think is currently the biggest threat to humanity?

Humanity is the biggest threat to humanity!

The threat we dread most are basically due to humanity. Our need, thought, imagination, action, greed, hunger, insatiability, wickedness, fear, anger and imperfections are the threat itself. Every other physical threat are as a result of humanity. Look into the world, every single thing we fear are what we caused. Yes, we humans, our hunger for tech life, social life, vitual world,, dangerous possibilities and impossibilities things causes the threat. Don't get me wrong, this properties immensely affects our world positively. The problem lies in the fact that humanity wouldn't just settle with the positive use of every possibilities but always crave for the negive always. Not forgetting that even the positive possibilities even most times comes with threat. Let's take a look at a few common threat and how humanity caused them;

Depletion of the Ozone layer

Ozone layer Depletion is 100% due to humanity. Our want for advanced technology like cars, power plant, refrigirator and industrial produtions are the reason to ozone layer Depletion.

Nuclear Bomb and radiation

Our want for nuclear energy production are not just limited to energy production. But humanity thought will always go beyond that. We transformed this into bomb production which made us scared of one another. Being scared with one another is of bigger threat than natural disasters.

Artificial intelligence production

In as much as artificial intelligence creation is of greater advantage and usefulness, it also create more threat to humanity. Isn't this as a result of humanity?.

Humanity is the biggest threat to humanity and only positive mindset of humanity is the panacea to this threat. Then the question lies in, will humanity save humanity?


There are many factors to what could be considered a threat to humanity, and most of these factors originate within our nature as a species.

We are greedy, competitive, consuming, power hungry animals, who compete with each other economically, psychologically, physically, and even sexually. 

We use whatever we can as a means of advantage over one another, and this is like a pot of water getting ready to boil over. 

I'm speaking in collective terms of course. Not everyone maintains these attributes, but as a whole, we are corrosive to ourselves in our very nature. It is a undeniable fact, that can be shown with clear examples, over and over again. 

In terms of what I think could be a pressing concern for imminent threat, I'll go with Artificial Intelligence. 

This might be on the more far fetched side, but I don't think it's as far fetched as many are disposed to believe. 

Without much question or argument, this is something that we are well on the way to achieving. 

When we do produce an intelligence that is artificial, and self aware, that will only be one concern. When this self aware intelligence can exist on it's own, on the network, and can self code, and self improve, exponentially, then you essentially have a modern day SkyNet. 

If we believe it will not create it's own agenda upon realizing the fallacies of man, we are very foolish indeed. 


For me, the biggest threat of humanity is always Greediness. It might be greed of power, attention, money or position. Anything that you are greedy of always result in negative implications.

One example that is very relevant is what happenee in the World War II where countries battle for supremacy. Their greed lf power over something has become a phenomenal treat to society.

Right now, the greed of money and political power has been destroying the world having lots of countries showing how powerful they are by their military forces. If anything happens between the nations and a war is ignited, the world.will.be at risk. The worst,, it could be humanity's extinction times.


The development of technology from year to year is very fast. Technology exists to balance the increasingly diverse needs and desires of humans. Furthermore, technology can be said as a human answer in order to prepare a better future. But enough technology overcomes the increasingly complex problems of life, for example, humans are still often helpless when natural disasters strike. Technology is still not sufficient enough to "overcome" natural disasters. In addition to natural disasters, the following 5 things could be the threat of humanity in the future.

1. Nuclear War

In fact, there is no really good war. Victims fall for one thing, victory. After World War I & II, it was not impossible to appear in World War III in the future. Moreover, with many countries starting to develop nuclear-based technology, subsequent inter-state wars may not only be ordinary wars with conventional weapons, but also global scale nuclear war. Everyone already knows how the effects of nuclear bombs are now and in the future. The prolonged effect of nuclear can destroy humanity.

2. Dangers of Bio-Engineering

The virus of a disease is at its most dangerous point when the virus first appears. But over time, vaccines or anti-viruses will be developed by scientists to win the virus. With technology and science growing, scientists can not only make a bidder for a virus, but can also make certain viruses more dangerous. The results of developing viruses are often used in bio weapons. While the use of bio weapons is considered a war crime by the world. Even so, it does not mean that bio weapons will not be used. Large conflicts that have the potential to emerge in the future can trigger a group or even the state to utilize these bio weapons.

3. Super intelligence

You must have often seen in films about robots that are becoming increasingly intelligent and eventually oppose turning humans as creators. This incident is not impossible to happen. Robots made from time to time are always equipped with enhanced software too. Starting from those who can recognize sounds, movements, and even human emotions. With the rapid development of software, it is not impossible that robots with memories and artificial feelings will be created. If finally these robots begin to feel disgusted with humans, they could have rebelled and turned enslaved to humans.

4. Nano Technology

Nanotechnology is a technology that allows humans to control an object or substance at the level of the smallest molecule of the object. If technology has been discovered and refined, it is likely that the shape and effect of a weapon will become more widespread, such as a group of nano insects that can destroy solid objects in minutes or even seconds. The problem is that whoever manages to find it first will have a greater advantage over the other party.

5. Things Still Not Known

The four potential threats above are things that can be predicted and may be resisted. There are still many other factors that humans don't know that are ahead. Like the emergence of a collection of ferocious monsters that are currently still hiding, an epidemic of deadly diseases that spread rapidly, or even meteor showers that escape human estimates. Estimates of humans using even the most sophisticated technology will not always be accurate in predicting things on the planet that still hold many of these mysteries.


In the daily hubbub of current “crises” facing humanity, we forget about the many generations we hope are yet to come. Not those who will live 200 years from now, but 1,000 or 10,000 years from now. I use the word “hope” because we face risks, called existential risks, that threaten to wipe out humanity. These risks are not just for big disasters, but for the disasters that could end history.

Not everyone has ignored the long future though. Mystics like Nostradamus have regularly tried to calculate the end of the world. HG Wells tried to develop a science of forecasting and famously depicted the far future of humanity in his book The Time Machine. Other writers built other long-term futures to warn, amuse or speculate.

But had these pioneers or futurologists not thought about humanity’s future, it would not have changed the outcome. There wasn’t much that human beings in their place could have done to save us from an existential crisis or even cause one.

Nuclear war

While only two nuclear weapons have been used in war so far – at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II – and nuclear stockpiles are down from their the peak they reached in the Cold War, it is a mistake to think that nuclear war is impossible. In fact, it might not be improbable.

The Cuban Missile crisis was very close to turning nuclear. If we assume one such event every 69 years and a one in three chance that it might go all the way to being nuclear war, the chance of such a catastrophe increases to about one in 200 per year.

So I think the biggest treat to humanity is nuclear war bringing extinction to our self


Biggest threats ?

1. Central banks

2. Government

3. Central banks