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Which among developed countries has the biggest controversy?
Issues that affected the world.

 Each and every country in the world is affected by one very important issue. Unfair wealth distribution. Financial inequalities which are so huge that the whole issue is for some,  hard to comprehend. 

But let me break it down to you in the simplest possible way.

1% of the worlds population owns about 90% of all the wealth in the world 


the 99% of the worlds population owns only 10% of all of the wealth in the world

This creates massive inequalities which are literally killing millions of people yearly, from starvation alone, which is only one of many problems that they bring to existence. The problem is so huge and widespread that its ridicilous how there hasn't been a massive pullbak by the lower or middle class, and a rebellion against the control system and the current monetary system which favors the wealthy few.If that alone isn't controversial enough then there are the wars. They are, as we dig deeper, just a tool of enrichment for those behind it. The amount of money each country invests in their military per year, per capita, is staggering. 

Just look at the list of the top 3 countries by yearly military expenditure.

Let that sink in a bit.

Now with the fact in mind that wars are only created to enrich the few, try to answer this question. How is war monetized?

Simple. Stealing stuff like oil, precious metals and diamonds from the so-called "enemies".

If that alone wasn't enough, there is arms markets (est 300-500 billion USD yearly) and private military companies like Blackwater. They make billions in profits yearly, on the most horrific of acts against humanity. 

I would suggest anyone interested in U.S. military activities and the crimes it resulted in to check out this video. It's 25 min long but the information provided is of vital importance for igniting a flame of rebellion against this system of money rules all. 



Those are my two biggest controversies in the world, currently. I can't even begin to understand how we put up with this without even thinking twice about it, or resisting such horrors. We are like zombified  versions of the people we used to be. Immune to tragedy (if not personal) and empathy. So inert in our actions, and so devoted to the system that is enslaving us.