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What do you do to stay motivated?

Ways To Continue To Be Motivated

Personal motivation is the key to maintaining all aspects of life. If we are not motivated, we will waste time and ignore our personal and professional goals. Even the most determined people can sometimes lose enthusiasm. Continue reading to get tips that are sure to restore motivation in yourself.

1. Remind yourself of your goals or targets. Usually before specifying time for a particular endeavor, we tend to make short and long term goals. If your goals begin to be invisible, you can become less motivated than if you always check how close you are to your goals during the endeavor process to achieve that goal. Keeping track of goals and checking your progress or progress will motivate you every day.

2. Make a checkpoint every week to keep an eye on your progress. Everyone needs to see where they progress in achieving their goals if they want to continue to be motivated. If you see that your position is in line with the plan even more ahead every time you check your progress, you will feel more motivated and happy because you are getting closer to the goal. If you see that you are experiencing obstacles, maybe that is the encouragement you need to always not get off track to the goal.

3. Make sure you give a gift to yourself every time you reach your weekly goal. The gift can be as simple as a bowl of ice cream after a hard workout for a week. Or a big gift like going to a spa after hard work. Any gift that will keep you trying to achieve that goal is what you have to give yourself.

4. Give yourself a break or time to rest. Sometimes even the most determined people can be overwhelmed, you may be too pushy yourself, and you may need to take a break. If your goal is to process the body or fitness, maybe take a break for 3 or 4 days instead of 1 or 2 days as usual. If your goal is achievement at school, don't try to do all your work at one time, but extend it to one day or a week, if possible.

5. Don't push yourself too hard. Everyone sometimes experiences setbacks. If you fail to achieve this week's goals, don't be too emotional. Let yourself make it a lesson. Not only is your way of achieving goals that must be considered, but how successful the results are and how you continue to achieve the main goals. Don't dwell on failure, accept failure as a human thing, and continue working towards your final goal.

6. Watch speeches and read motivational stories. Everyone has the right to get good advice from time to time. Keep your spirit up high by watching YouTube videos about inspiring events and you will suddenly feel a sense of being motivated to keep moving forward.

Here are some examples of inspiring media that are easy to find: Baz Luhrmann's famous speech Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen. Almost all Hollywood films with sports themes. Lots of rap music, lyrics that are generally rags to riches. Historical stories about courage or heroism (see: Jack Churchill, Audie Murphy, etc.)


Rewards, mostly. I keep a small stash of food treats (mostly chocolate, but sometimes if we can afford it some fruit like pineapple too) and a healthy list of movies and tv shows I want to watch.

Every task I know I'm not going to enjoy working on I break down into as many small parts as possible. I'll use the example of doing NaNoWriMo every year, where the goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days that roughly equates to 1,667 words per day. To stay motivated I break each day down into 4 parts - 3x 500 words and 1x 167 words. For each 500 word section I complete I allow myself one small food treat or a single episode of a show, and after completing the final work section of 167 words I have all 1,667 for the day and treat myself to a movie or a few episodes of a tv show. 

Knowing that I have such a thing to look forward to keeps me going and if it works I'm not going to question it :)

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There are times when you feel less motivated, try to follow the tips below. You will slowly make yourself a better habit for yourself. There is no better thing to motivate yourself than to have a good attitude. You cannot choose or control a condition, but you can choose your own attitude for the condition.

to help you stay motivated at all times:

1. Start simply

Starting a thing or work does not always have to start with a list of things to do. Simply start working on the easiest things and do them slowly so that you will continue to be motivated to solve them easily without feeling heavy loads from the start.

2. Expand to talk with friends or motivators

being in an environment filled with positive people can help you stay motivated. As easy as discussing with them indirectly you can reduce your workload and they can help you provide a solution to continue to encourage you until your work is complete.

3. Continue to study

Read a lot! This one thing is indeed a window to the world that we cannot leave behind. The more you read and learn a lot, the more confident you will begin to finish a job. The amount of reading material available makes it easy for you to complete your work and you can continue to be motivated.

4. Continue to think positively

Exercise becomes perfect, a sentence that we often hear and is one of the motivational quotes for most people. Every mistake that occurs does not make us despair, but we must learn from these mistakes so that we can produce a better job.

5. Record any progress that has been made

Never forget to record every thing or work that has been done so that you can find out what you have not done or missed. Another advantage of recording what you have done is feeling when you know that the work you are doing continues to grow so that it motivates you even more to solve it.


1. Believe in myself. Self motivation is always hard for me as I experienced a lot of failures. My grades were poor. I've started two businesses that crashed. But I still believe in my power to succeed.

2. Feed your mind. This is closely related to my first point. There was a time I thought I was useless, that I couldn't achieve anything. Luckily, I stumbled on books that helped changed my perspective. Spoken words also helped too. I still feel down sometimes but those times are short and far in between

3. Keep working. I've learnt to keep working even when I don't feel motivated. There are times I don't believe in myself. There are times when it seems the odds are stacked against me. I now know that it's because my mind is scared of failure. That's why I keep pushing and will continue

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After over a decade of self-help addiction, I may have come to the conclusion that motivation is overrated.

Contrast with INSPIRATION.

If we really DON’T want to do something, why try muster up some artificial strength to FORCE it...? If the natural drive or inclination isn’t there, what’s the point...?

I liked the counsel of one of my wise friend & mentor’s: DO WHAT YOU FEEL... feel like lying in bed for weeks? DO IT. And eventually, you’ll come around to WANT to get up and active - at which point, it becomes indefinitely more effective than having to attempted manipulating yourself against your will.

Of course, every situation is circumstantial, and there MAY be times motivation serves a purpose effectively.

Though personally, I’m fucking done with it.


I have never had this problem no matter how hard things are. The bigger the challenge the harder I work to achieve my goals.

I ooze self confidence which helps and look at things differently these days. I will analyze something and work out a route I need to take to achieve the desired result. Motivation comes easy as I have a desire to succeed.

I don't need incentives to keep going but i look for targets that I need to reach along the way. i love what I do and the harder the challenge the bigger the reward. Nothing in life is easy and having a confident mindset is enough to motivate me no matter how hard the task might be.

I have the attitude that anything is possible and that is how I work.


Here are list of things i do to stay motivated:

1. I stay away from distractions

2. I exercise few hours everyday

3. I do meditation

4. I Watch  YouTube videos

5.  I Watch a TED Talk

6. I Visualize my future

7. I Listen to music

8. I go for a drive

9. I go for vacation

10. I Read articles about a successful person

11. I call my parents and other family members talking with them and knowing they are doing well really motivates me do what i am doing.

I hope this helps


Maintain a great diet, good sleep and set goals.  I like to read my goals often and track progress.  When I am making progress, I get motivated to make more progress and feel good about my efforts.