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Are you watching AFF Suzuki Cup? What team do you prefer to win the Championship?
Which one do you think will win? Philippines-Vietnam-Malaysia-Thailand Share us your thoughts!

I've lived in Thailand for 7 years now so my head says Thailand and I think if they apply themselves with more attacking flair in their second leg at home against Malaysia on Wednesdsy they will get through to the final and win. They really organised themselves well defensively last night in the first leg for a very tricky game against the strong Malaysians at home and got a fantastic and well earned 0-0 in KL despite being outclassed all over the pitch.


My heart so wants the Philippines to win and perhaps this is their best ever chance. The Philippines have so few sporting achievements and especially in this country where football doesnt have a huge fanbase I want them to take this opportunity to massively increase their football credentials and boost national pride to this amazing nation of beautiful people with whom I fell in love with after spending so much time travelling there in the past.

I am looking forward to their first leg semi final against Vietnam at the Panaad stadium tonight. I hope they get a huge crowd to cheer them on to a win and how I wish I could be there. 

Good luck Phils, hope you can hear me screaming my support from Thailand :-)