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What do you think is the most hated word in dictionary?
Tell us why it is the most hated word.

I believe the most hated word in the dictionary is failure. Failure to human means shame, mockery, disappointment and every despicable word like incapable. The word sends a signal that if it happens then it might be permanent. The society has painted failure in a bad image that nobody wants to be there. We forget that failure doesn't mean one is inefficient or not hardworking enough as there can be several factors that could be responsible.

Some people believe that word should be completely eliminated from the dictionary because using the word brings us down leaving a negative effect on people who are struggling and making them ashamed. They believe that continuous usage may just get you accustomed to failure and you might just like how failure looks.

However we forget that the presence of failure makes us value success more. One who has tasted failure surely understands better the challenges and how to improve better to achieve success. No one in this life ever became successful without failing a couple of time and if you hate failure, you may never really get to know success.

However instead of using the word failure to describe your condition of not achieving success, how about using statements like, "it didn't work out as planned" or "I just got a learning experience " or "I had to let go". This helps you have a positive mindset and a drive to strive more


I would say, the word "hate" itself. Because I think that nearly every other word you would want to hate, is a result of hate.

Just like "love" would be one of the most loved words in the dictionary.


I've heard for years one of the most hated words in the English language is "whatever", but the internet has comprised quite an interesting list of "hated" words.  Here's a link to an article that has a nice list for you:



I don't know about you, but around here a lot of people seem to dislike the word "mosit".  There is just some kind of connotation with it that leads people to not want to hear it.  

Personally, I think that a lot of people say they don't like the word moist just because they know other people are not fans of the word.  

I understand how people can be adverse to it, but really I don't mind the word that much.  If moist didn't exist and I had to eat dry cake all the time, I think I would be pretty upset. 

That's my answer though.  I think the most hated word in the dictionary is "moist".

For those of you that hate it, I tried to make sure I typed moist as much as possible so you had to keep reading it over and over again and say it in your head!



 a word that refers to a lung disease  contracted from the inhalation of very fine silica particles,  specifically from a volcano; medically, it is the same as silicosis. 

That is the longest most difficult word in the majority of English dictionaries

Doctors must hate it, patients must hate and wonder why it cant simply be called Silicosis

Spelling bee contestants - Oh god, you can just sense the dread, horror and hate they must have for that word.

My second choice is the obvious one

HATED - past tense of hate

 hate hāt/


past tense: hated; past participle: hated

  1. feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone)."the boys hate each other"synonyms:loathe, detest, despise, dislike, abhor, execrate; Morebe repelled by, be unable to bear/stand, find intolerable, recoil from, shrink from; formalabominate "they hate each other"antonyms:love
    • have a strong aversion to (something)."he hates flying"
    • used politely to express one's regret or embarrassment at doing something."I hate to bother you"

That has to be the most hated word in the dictionary, since it is the only word in the dictionary spelled