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How do we boost our self-esteem?
What are the things that you do to boost it?

Self esteem is something that can only be boosted by us, no one can do it for ya.

To boost your self esteem you need to start believing you self. if you are doing something, do it with 100 % believe that you can do that, if you fails some how, you must not let your hope die, failing is a very major part of your life, it teaches us how to do the things in the right way, it tells us we were doing wrong, 

You can do anything if you believe your self, and when you start believing you, you confidence will keep growing and your self esteem keeps on boosting.


Boosting self esteem is something that requires lots of patience and reconfiguration of one's thoughts. Low self esteem raises from your view about yourself . So the first step to boosting your self esteem is to create a new view about youself. How can you do this?

Most people with low self esteem exaggerate their inadequacies and belittle their strengths. They see their strengths as worthless and dwell too much on their short comings. They compare themselves to others by using their short comings in such comparisons. This makes them feel bad about themselves.

So in order to boost one's self esteem, one will have to exeggerate his strength and play down his weaknesses. You have to find things about yourself that makes you unique and value such thing. You have to love yourself and see yourself as the best etc. Building self esteem is a thing of the mind. If you can change your perception about yourself by thinking positive thoughts about yourself and trying out new things, your self esteem will greatly improve


There are some ways to enhance self esteem. One is going to the gym to workout and stay a healthy lifestyle. The fitter a person looks as well as if the person takes care of themselves in terms of facial looks, it increase self confidences and self esteem. If we look at many celebrities, they just sell their looks and maybe some talent. Read lots of books as it increases the unlimited capabilities of a person and increases iq by some points. A smarter person always usually feel more confident to talk to as it seems that they know alot.


Learn esteem..... Esteem, or the manner we have a tendency to feel regarding ourselves, is a vital side of our emotional well-being. High esteem implies that we have a tendency to love and settle for ourselves for the manner we have a tendency to ar, and usually feel glad most of the time. Low esteem implies that we have a tendency to don't seem to be pleased with the manner we have a tendency to ar.

The Centre for Clinical Interventions describes individuals with low esteem as having “deep-seated, basic, negative beliefs regarding themselves and also the quite person they're. These beliefs ar usually taken as facts or truths regarding their identity.

Untreated low-self esteem will usually result in long issues, like being the victim of abusive relationships, feeling perpetually self-conscious, and being thus terrified of failure that you just don’t even try and set goals.


Evaluate your esteem. Knowing that you just have low esteem is that the initiative to rising and overcoming that mental habit. you will have low esteem if you've got negative thoughts regarding yourself. These thoughts will revolve around one specific attribute, like your weight or body image, or it will embrace several areas of your life, career, and relationships.

If your inner voice, or thoughts regarding yourself, ar largely essential, you seemingly have low esteem.

If your inner voice tends to be positive and comforting, you've got higher esteem


Listen to your inner voice. once you have thoughts regarding yourself, confirm whether or not they ar positive or negative. If you've got hassle evaluating this or noticing a pattern, attempt writing down thoughts you've got regarding yourself a day for many days or every week. Then consider the statements for patterns or tendencies.

The inner voice of somebody with low esteem usually manifests in one amongst the subsequent personas: a unpleasant person, a student, a comparer, a catastrophizer, or a mind-reader. every of those distinctive inner voices either insults you or assumes the worst regarding different people’s perception of you.

Silencing the negative inner voice could be a initiative in building your confidence. commutation it with additional positive thoughts are consequent goal.

For example, your inner voice might say “I didn’t get the duty I simply applied for, thus i will be able to ne'er have employment once more and that i am useless.” you wish to alter that to “I am defeated regarding not obtaining this job, however I even have worked onerous and also the right job is out there looking forward to me; I simply need to notice it.”


Investigate the supply of your down esteem. nobody has inherently low esteem from birth; it usually builds from childhood thanks to desires not being met, feedback from others, or thanks to a significant negative life event. Knowing the supply of your issues will assist you overcome them.

If you detected a specific pattern once evaluating your inner voice, try and trace those feelings back to your initial memory regarding them.

For example, if your negativity is regarding your weight or look, try and keep in mind once you initial started feeling uncomfortable together with your weight; was it thanks to a specific comment or cluster of comments?


Set a goal to boost your esteem. The key to developing shallowness is to show your inner voice from a negative, essential voice to a positive, encouraging voice. Ultimately, you'll need to arrange to place within the work of re-framing the manner you're thinking that regarding yourself. Setting associate degree initial goal to be additional positive regarding yourself can place you on the trail to larger assurance.


We can boost our self esteem in so many ways that does not even cost a cent. We can also spend a minimum amount of money on beauty products if it is worth it and also in some clothes which will boost our confidence. 

The first step is to check the wardrobe and make sure to discard or donate clothes that makes us feel ashamed of ourselves. Try mix and match and you may have a new trendsetter. Buy clothes that make you feel smarter rather than go for the usual stuff. A makeover can be extremely useful in boosting self confidence. 

The next step is to stop and check the posture. Correct a slouch and start to walk confidently. Never walk as if you are carrying a weight on your back. Some people practice walking with books on their head. 

Discipline daily life by working according to a time table and you will certainly get spare time to enjoy yourself and your confidence will increase because you finished your work before time. 

Try to cut off sugar intake and start to eat more of greens and healthy foods. 

Try to act with self confidence and even if others try to put you down, ignore the taunts and get on with your life. 

your life, your rules


The best way is to be aware of the reward system of your brain, and use that in your every day life. That will give you dopamine, what will boost your self-esteem. 

You can do this by creating a goal with everything you do, and then you will be rewarded with dopamine after you finished your goals. That can be, drink a glass of water, or any other every day things. 

Another point is your food, eat enough fruits and vegetables.

Try to walk outside for minimal 30 minutes in nature, parks or near animals.

Never think  of failure!

Believe nothing and research everything, and in doubt chose for the truth.

Now try to put this in your every day life and sooner or later things will change for sure. This is how i live...


actually the way to increase self-esteem is very easy, here are some ways from me. Self-esteem is formed from our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about ourselves. Because our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs always change, our self-esteem also continues to evolve. [1] Low self-esteem can adversely affect your mental health, relationships, education, and career development. However, you can feel more comfortable with yourself and increase self-esteem by doing the following ways.

1.Be careful with your thoughts and beliefs. Focus on thinking positive, uplifting and constructive things. Remember that you are a special person, someone who is worthy of being loved and appreciated by others and yourself

2.Determine your goals and desires. Write down the things you want to achieve and try to achieve them. Examples: want to volunteer, start a new hobby, or gather more frequently with friends

3.Watch yourself. Many people are used to thinking and paying attention to others, but ignore their own physical and mental well-being. In addition, people who are less able to respect themselves tend to think that giving time and energy to pay attention to themselves is a waste. But really, you can increase self-esteem by paying attention to yourself. A healthier body and mind make you more receptive to yourself. Remember that paying attention to yourself doesn't mean you have to be slim, cool, and look perfect, but do your best to stay healthy

4.Remember your life journey and success. Maybe all this time you don't appreciate what you've done. Try to give a good impression to yourself, not just to others. Begin to reflect to remember all the successes you have ever achieved. In addition to making you more aware of these successes, this method will validate your existence in everyday life and the value you give to people and the surrounding community.

5.Do what you like. Set aside time to do fun things every day, such as cooking, reading, exercising, gardening, or spending an hour just to chat with your partner. Don't feel guilty about enjoying the time you have already prepared, because you deserve it. Repeat this statement as needed.



That varies from person to person but the techniques or hacks which i follow are :

  1. i have an app installed that called fabulous reset habit in 30 days, it's a start
  2. first thing in the morning after waking up drink lukewarm water.
  3. 10~15 min meditation session
  4. forgive the past or some incidents which hurt you in present 
  5. exercise for 30~45 min or walking is also good
  6. you only live once don't let others or thoughts bother you repeat this
  7. listen to motivational music on youtube

These are the hacks i follow  


Here are some tips from me to increase our self-esteem.

1. Learn to always respect yourself. even though sometimes other people see yourself as low but set your belief that you are entitled to your life and you who understand you best.

2.Learn to like yourself. Like yourself means accepting yourself for who you are. and learn to develop their potential. Look at the positive side of yourself, and the most important thing is to be grateful for everything we have.

3.Have a positive self-image. this is related to self-acceptance. self image is your view of yourself. convince yourself that if you deserve to succeed, you deserve to be loved and valued, you are a special person. Remember that your self-image affects your behavior.

4.Do what you think is important. even though you feel you are unable because you are embarrassed and afraid, force yourself to go through the process. believe that you can do it yourself. what you need to remember is that the more we force you to go through an unpleasant process, the more you expand your comfort territory.

5.Learn to live independently, not depend on others, so you are not vulnerable to rejection.

6.Don't associate your self-esteem with failures or mistakes you make. instill in yourself not to give up.

7.Have a true self-concept of self-esteem, that self-esteem comes from within not from outside ourselves. not in the material we get, the success we get because material and success only foster false self-esteem and cannot last forever.

8.Respect yourself, don't reject the simple praise that people say about us. accept that and think more advanced. be careful if there are words that are spoken to you like "I'm really stupid", "I really can't", "this is just a dream, it might not be real". these poisonous words will damage your self-esteem that you wake up slowly.


Self-esteem is one of major thing that help you to fulfil the every purpose of life that attach to in your success. We can build our confindence with struggle and try much as we can.  Life was full of miracles, bad situation, happiness, sadness, and troubles around their in life , but in that situation of life we will never lose the hope. Always try to feel happy and boost over confidence 

 >“Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your handbrake on.” -- Maxwell Maltz 

We should always help other needy peoples in the pure heart. Always try to face problems with patients and never worried about that because GOD is always with us to protect you from the every situation of life. Just take care of yourself.