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Which is better Coingecko or Coinmarketcap?
Recently, Coingecko powered up 22,000 Steem for the Steem community. Will it help you decide who is better?

Steem Power aside, I personally think that CoinGecko is far more better than CoinMarketCap because of these three features:

  • CoinGecko's built-in crypto-to-fiat converter - Probably the most used tool and feature I use on the CoinGecko website is this. As someone living outside US, it is hard to find a good tool that calculates how much a less popular cryptocurrency like Steem/SBD would be in your countries currency. This is pretty helpful when I buy something online and want to use my liquid Steem on this platform as I could get a good estimate on how much I will withdraw.

  • Development Activity Tracker - CoinGecko tracks the development activity of a crypto coin like Steem via their official repositories like Github. This is pretty useful for big time potential investors as they can somehow gauge the competency and activeness of the development team.

  • CoinGecko's Metric Scoring on Coins - Not only does CoinGecko track Development activity, it also tracks major exchanges trading activity and social media & discussion board activity. As seen below for CoinGecko's scoring for Steem, the numbers alone say pretty much about Steems problem on trading activity. It is no hidden fact that some major exchanges temporarily suspended Steem/SBD transfers due to the current HF.

So yeah! I don't think CoinMarketCap have these features so hands-down CoinGecko wins this one. :)