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When does healing happen?
When do you think or what should you do to heal a broken-heart fast?

Healing happens when you consciously choose to let go of your attachment to what has hurt you. If you are heart broken, remind yourself that you are a lovable person and worthy of being loved. Participate in activities that you enjoy and immerse yourself in positive, uplifting activities that bring you joy. Focus on yourself for a while and the last thing you should do (my opinion) is jump into another relationship too quickly. 


Heart breaks can be really painful. Especially when you really love the person. I have been heart broken before, and I can understand how it feels. Love is a beautiful thing but when not reciprocated, can lead to heart break. I have seen people commit suicide due to heart breaks, but there are several ways to heal faster when heart broken. Some of which are:

  • Give It Time: It is important to note that heart break doesn't heal overnight. It takes time, patience is required to heal faster. Just because you got heart broken doesn't mean you can heal as swiftly as you were heart broken. Give it time, be patient and you will eventually heal.
  • Talk To Someone: They say, a problem shared, is a problem half solved. Somehow, this statement is true. Share your problem with someone, a close friend, a relative, etc. Tell them how you feel and you will feel a bit relieved.
  • Cry: I know this may sound absurd, especially if you're a guy. But crying actually helps you let go of the pains that you feel inside. Sometimes, you feel a lot better when you cry it out.
  • Get Busy: It is said that an idle man is the devil's workshop. Get involved doing something. Get busy, don't just stay idle. When you are actively busy with something, it'll be difficult to focus your thoughts on the pains that you feel.

Healing from a heart break takes time, effort and continual practice. It would not happen overnight and you will need to be patient to see the end result.

I hope you heal faster, cheers. JI


I am sorry to tell you but you can never heal a broken heart fast. It will take time but I have suggestions on how to ease the process:

  • Understand that what you are feeling is okay. Sometimes, denial will take up your energy and trying to forget and erase your feelings will make the process even more difficult. Understand that pain comes with having a broken heart and that you cannot take it away from life. You are a person capable of feeling so instead of denying to yourself that you are okay, embrace pain and accept that you are vulnerable too. That's why I think the first step to healing is acceptance
  • Mourn. Whenever a person leaves, it triggers our emotions and we really feel the need to cry. Let these emotions go and cry. It may take days, weeks, or even months of crying but never bottle these emotions up. Let it out. Just like a ship, you will sink if you let the water in, you need to get rid of the water to float. As a human, you need to let these emotions go, cry no matter how long it takes. Just like what I always tell myself, cry it now, cry no matter how long, just make sure that when you stop, never cry for the same reason again.
  • Give it time. The healing process needs time. Do not rush it, give it time. Time which includes solitude and reconnecting to one's self. Get to know yourself better and never rush the healing process. A broken heart is just like a wound that needs to be treated well, it is a process, it cannot be healed overnight.
  • Keep yourself busy. Do what you are passionate about. If you love writing, spend some time writing. Do you love watching movies? Well, binge watch. Do you like to exercise? Then jog. Do multiple things that will keep your mind off and away from heart break. Do the things that will help you busy and become productive. Not only will it take your mind off the problem but I am sure you will feel productive afterwards.
  • Talk about it. Sometimes, we need a person to listen to what we are feeling. Talk with a friend and if you are not comfortable about it, if you believe in God, talk to Him. He is a great listener and He will listen to your heartaches. If you don't, it is okay. If you have troubles telling someone about it, you can write it in a notebook, it will surely help.

The things stated above are what I suggest. I know healing a broken heart is difficult, but it is not impossible. I hope you heal from it and I hope my answer helps!


They say time heals all wounds. I have found that its very true and scientifically proven also. Just like when the body is injured it takes a good amount of time to heal, likewise the case of a broken heart.

Well, in the case of a broken heart, its highly dependent on what caused the heart break. It could be a bad break up, loss of a job, death, quarrels. Alot of things can lead to a heart break but what matters is how you pull yourself together and rise from it and time can help you do that.

The getting over stage is usually hard. Memories will still linger and you will question your choices but if you are convinced that it was the right thing to do, you can figure it all out.

Getting involved in physical activities and actions that can distract you from anything that will remind you off what caused the heart break is especially good for you. Because getting back out there is time consuming and difficult, hence the sooner the better.

Give yourself a little holiday. Plan a vacation for one or with your closest friends. Friends are always good support systems amd will get you out of that funk in no time. Maybe an island vacation that you can afford.

Exercise is my all time favorite. Nothing says I'm over a heart break than a revenge body. Pour your free time into the gym. The exercise helps free up chemicals in the brain that can lead to depression and helps in giving you a clear mind.

These are my best ways to rise from a heart break and they all involve time.

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The pain of Heartbreak is worse than having a physical injury. It last for years, it takes a lot of time to be free from the pains and nonetheless the scar last forever but there is a solution to every problem ...

# Time : time is the solution to heartbreak, no matter how painful it is, time will heal you, it will cure all your heartache and make you love again, time pass, people tend to adapt..

# Friends - when you are heartbroken, staying alone will bring painful memories, try to chill out with friends and move on....


Majority of cases healing happens with the passage of time. Human minds can forget things bad and good experiences with the passage of time. Time play an important role in healing. Healing is all about to forget your grief/bad experience.  Now the question how to do early healing. This thing happens to you if you don't ignite the bad things/grief in your mind. Stay focus and be patience, good and bad experiences come in life. Don't need too much importance to people foolish behavior. Don't care any person as the people thinking are different from other. Try to forget any bad experience instead of igniting in the mind. Forgive early. This will make healing early


Like everything broken.It takes time,patience and support for a broken heart to heal.First of all you must understand that there is no need crying over spilled milk.Sure It is painful but you will have to move on sometime,so why not start now.

So the first thing you will have to do is let all of those negative energy out so it does not kill you from the inside out and how you do that is by talking about your feelings either with a close friend,family or a therapist.

Time heal all wounds: Find something constructive to do that will get you out of your head and into reality.Let it consume you entirely.There is a joy that comes from creating stuff.

Exercising: When you exercise,your brain releases "feel good hormes" called Endorphins which lift you out of your depressive state.

Hang out more with friends and Family : We were never created to be alone.If you don't believe me ask Adam.Hanging out with loved ones has a way of uplifting your moods.