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Is Education a Ticket to Success?

Not necessarily. Education might in most of the cases get you a good and well paid job but that doesn't mean you are successful. If we are to define success only from the financial point of view then there are definitely lots of businesses and ways of earning big numbers where you don't need that much education. Take the example of Bitcoin. Whoever bought Bitcoin when it was just a few dollars and kept it without selling through time until it was valued at thousands of dollars would have made a lot of money without any education at all. If you want to become a doctor and a successful one then you definitely need education. If you want to earn a lot of money then you don't necessarily need education. There are way of earning lots of money, legal ones of course where one can earn very well without any education and be successful from the financial point of view. In my opinion education can be a ticket of success in certain professions like health, engineering or music where you would definitely need schooling and of course education. In order to become a successful musician or engineer who made history in his work field then education is definitely a must, but when talking about success in general I will say that education is not a must have ticket. 

That's my insight on your question. Hope you find it interesting and wish you a great day!


Let me answer the question with a different perspective. People's being far-sighted, insightful and discreet are not very much related to education.

Training person's knowledge, skills and professions are necessary to keep up with certain developments. However, it is not necessary to distinguish between right and wrong.


Nothing is certain in life. However certain things can set you on the right path, and having an education is one of those thing.


Going to school is a necessity to acquire a level of education to better understand and explain our world today. Without school, in today's world, you risk missing your integration and being relegated to the background. However, school does not provide everything, and it is not a 100% guarantee of success, which requires other skills that complement learning at school.

In addition to the knowledge acquired at school, it is then necessary to acquire the ability to synthesize knowledge by means of specific and goal-oriented action plans, that is, their implementation. The combination of academic knowledge with these other skills undoubtedly assures the person who possesses them a great social and personal success.


Various educational researchers hold the view that preparation is the primary channel through which poor adolescents can rise to extravagance.

Such a confined view can put us in a fix. For example, various people advocate low instructive cost charges for cutting edge training. Obviously, this is expected to empower poor children, anyway in fact most beneficiaries of this procedure will be rich adolescents, since studies reveal that rich children will likely get propelled training.

We should look at the issue from a more broad perspective. For a few, poor children, knocking through the thin gateway provoking propelled training is perhaps not a more moderate or more successful technique for climbing to wealth. To empower poor adolescents to climb the social venturing stool, we should center around the subject of how to give open entryways for people low educational establishments to rise to fortune.

In Hayao Miyazaki's liveliness movie Nausica of the Valley of Wind, a horrendous woods transmits poison gas and brutes end up assaulting whoever draws near to the forest. Sooner or later, the female lead character fell into a place underneath the forested areas. She found that the grains of sand gushing down from the repulsive timberland were immaculate and unadulterated. It worked out that the woodlands was refining the dirtied land, and the poison gas was an outcome released in the cleansing methodology. The mammoth was the guardian of the forested areas neutralizing human destruction.

Taiwan's "low-end part" (the division where people with low informative establishments work) take after the forest in Nausica. It appears to be colossal, anyway has the limit of cleansing society. Especially, it gives a channel to people to upgrade their package.

The best strategy to reestablish people who have gone astray is a to some degree thorny request.

Just by imagining the situation, we can appreciate the inconvenience of settling these issues through power implies: "A" has a murder record, yet his undertakings to make incredible moves "B" so much that he needs to credit some help to "An." Even accordingly, "B" possibly still does not have the guts to acquire "An" as a delegate.

Each time I see issues like these, I survey what I found in my youthfulness - my granddad had a more energetic kin who had in his adolescence apparently been a bum. He had tattoos of legendary mammoths and phoenixes. Later he denied such a genuine presence. He returned to the field to keep up a private endeavor and continue with a tranquil life. He got some pork from meat vendors and hawked it on a bicycle, making a little advantage.

The standard reason behind his re-affirmation by society was his business. His relationship with the villagers relied upon trade. Henceforth the villagers could recognize and bolster him, yet in the meantime remain away.

Taiwan's low-end division is extremely wonderful in that it gives a channel to let people who have tumbled to the base of society make incredible. It can change a weight to society into profitable people. Shockingly, the low-end region does not have a smooth, great appearance. The media frequently watch only its horrendous side.

Various chiefs who settle on real choices in Taiwan's film and music ventures started from the low-end part. Some of them even had criminal records. They surely address a reaching segment ever of money related progression, since they show that our "social school" in like manner gives a course to these people to stay alive, steel their will in conclusion change themselves from "subordinates" into "legends." This is verifiably a phenomenal help in neutralizing people at the base of society from surrendering desire and acting with self-surrender.