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Why do people love the spotlight on them?
What do you think are their reasons they want that?

There are quite a lot of reasons people love the spotlight. Some more logical and understandable than we might think. I'll try to lost some of them to my knowledge below.

1. Attention

Some people don't just love the light, they love the attention. Perhaps most of us love attention. It's probably another of those things embedded in our psychology, where you just feel a dose of happiness when everybody make you the centre of their universe.

Obviously this conveys a sense of importance, to have everybody's our attention on you. Because let's face it nobody wants to be ignored. When you're ignored and no one even knows you exist and youre at a party, at the dinner table, even at your own ouse and your family doesn't even seem to care that you're there, it can take a toll on a person's psychology.

You start to feel as though you're worthless and useless. So clinging or searching for the spotlight can be a way to counteract this feeling of unworthiness and insecurity. And of course you know that if there's something people in the spotlight get, it's attention!

2. Validation

Some people love to be in the spotlight because they just want that validation from their fellow human. Again be it may be a product of their insecurity, or possibly that they feel a very strong sense of their talent and their importance and just want the world to see it.

In the case of the former, it mostly is due to the fact that growing up or being normal as largely lead to not just them being ignored, but most importantly their talents, or wherever capabilities they seem to posses, has also gone largely ignored.

So being in the spotlight is definitely a way for them to get the validation they're looking for--that yes you are talented, and we, the world, approve and shine our spotlight on you!

It is quite a beautiful thing when you think about it, but of course we all know being constantly in the spotlight has its disadvantages.

3. Admiration

Some are just wanting to be admired. This might seem similar to seeking validation, and to an extent it is, but it is not entirely same. Because in the case of seeking validation, most people are just seeking validation for their talents and whatever capabilities they're convinced they possess.

But in the case of wanting admiration it doesn't even necessarily need to come of the talent but the fact that they want as many people as possible to see them and fawn over them in admiration.

One must admit that deep down most people of course want this, and it takes a bit of detachment to not be attracted by this. I mean who doesn't want people to see them and get jealous. We probably all do, and that's why most people want to be in the spotlight--to be in the one place where as many people as possible can see them and faint.

4. Opulence

Because with the spotlight comes attention and with the attention comes loads of money (usually). And again who doesn't want loads of money right?

So for these rare sort who are not even desperate for the spotlight for attention or admiration or even validation, they mostly do it for the money and sometimes for the life of opulence that comes off the money.

And who can blame them, seeing the amount of opulence we're bombarded everyday with, on the television, and social media, in magazines, on billboards you see people with diamond-encrusted chains, diamond-encrusted wristwatches that cost two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and so on.

Obviously it's easy and a bit understandable to get carried away by all these and seek all these things. So that's definitely another reason.

5. Loneliness

And then finally as I mentioned briefly up there, it may also be a case of loneliness and seeking companionship. We all get lonely at times and melancholy gets us down. Now it may be wrong to assume that it isn't lonely and depressing in the spotlight, but that is exactly what most of our assumptions are.

Of course we cant blame ourselves. It's the picture thats being painted for us. People say it's lonely at the top but still they flaunt their riches and flashy lifestyle and youn wonder what loneliness they're talking about.

It isnt even rare to see someone that would reply, "what loneliness, if that's loneliness then I want to experience it for myself- Lord knows my life is at the loneliest it can be already."

And then add this to a person who'd been lonely and isolated all of his or her life. Of course he or she would seek the spotlight with all their might.

But we all know deep down that it is true--it CAN get even more and lonely and depressing at the top. Friends desert you. The few who are with you are not even with you out of love, but because of what they'd get from you. By and by you find that there's no one to trust.

Even your closest family becomes a caricature of themselves. And not to talk of the fact that everyone's eye is basically on you, scrutinizing you, waiting for you to experience that colloidal slip up. And you know what they say--the higher you climb the harder the fall back to earth.

Cheers and have a nice day!


We are socially driven creatures, whether we are introverted or extroverted. Even an introvert needs to communicate with others, and also desires to!

That being said, some have an innate need for constant attention. 

I would suggest this is indicative of an underlying mental health issue that is not being addressed. Some people escape their problems this way.

I personally despise the spotlight, unless I am on the stage with a guitar, this is different of course. Today I felt like I was being bombarded with people, asked them to leave me alone, and outraged when they made a joke about it. They quit the joke quickly, and I went about my day, but a different person may have enjoyed this spotlight. 

Another thing to consider, is being in the spotlight might not be indicative of any underlying issues at all. It could be an extreme extrovert that enjoys the energy derived from others!

I hope my answer offers some insight into this topic of discussion.  


Spotlight is necessary as the human beings are social animals. However, spotlight is important these days to get significant commercial benefits. Spotlight at right place helps to impress bankers, which in turns simplify the loan process. Spotlight for the celebrities help them to get more endorsements, movies etc. Spotlight for the businessmen/women help them to get the access to the right person. Hence people love spotlight

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That's a normal human craving. Everyone wants attention and wants to be seen as the center of attraction so that they will get the admiration and praises of others. This is why so many people post every good thing about themselves on the social media because they are looking for attention and praise.

This is how it feels when someone is on the spotlight, you become the centre of attraction and you have the opportunity to showcase or sell yourself to those watching you. Only a very few people in our wold wouldn't love such attention. Humans generally loves attention and they would do anything to have such attention

So being on the spotlight is a natural human craving because we all want other pelope to admire us and think of us as extraordinary.