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Do you Agree that Steemit should Time Lock their Steem?
A proposition by @teamsteem

@teamsteem is feeling a bit hurt and neglected after losing his delegation from Steemit.  So he's hell bent on making Steemit look stupid, even though he should be blaming himself for not bringing anything of value to the table. 

I don't think Steemit should time lock their Steem at all. In fact volume is better than restricting volume so I'd rather see their Steem in circulation.

Also, Steemit need a way to pay themselves. And what better way to pay themselves than with their own currency? 

So yeah, let's ignore @teamsteem's shitty bid bot pumped posts and think positively instead.


Nah dude, Steemit should get there coins into circulation so that I can buy them all up and become the ultimate whale.

You see, I have this vision of being the biggest whale on Steemit. Don't let my current 51 SP fool you. Pretty damn soon I'll have Steem in the millions. And I'll have those millions once Steemit let me buy all their coins from them.

I've been working on them for months to try to buy their coins for US $0.00000001 cent per Steem. So far, they're still considering my offer. But as soon as they give me the nod.... damn... look out. I'll be rocking the whale status with the biggest account ever. 

Could you imagine what would happen if they locked away their Steem? I'd be stuck here is a micro plankton without a hope of ever dishing out those massive $200 upvotes. 

And Papa needs to dish out the big votes. To himself. So that he can retire and live off his massive Steem earnings. 

But seriously, why the hell would you lock away currency? Keep it liquid man. Even if Steemit don't sell it to me they need to pay their staff and shit. So.. no.


You mean like how it takes 7 days to withdraw you Steem Power and you can only do a portion at a time? Yeah, Steemit totally need that. 

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No, I don't see the need for this. They already hold most of it as Steem Power, so it's already locked to a 13 week withdrawal period, and I see no reason why it should be any more than that. I believe that anyone, including Steemit Inc. should be free to do what they wish with their own stake. 


No, liquidity is vital.