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What popular gadget do you think will disappear in the near future?

I think the tablets will disappear very soon. They were really something when they first appeared in our lives, but nowadays smartphones are getting close to seven inches in size, which is close to the ordinary tablet, but they're more portable and they serve us as phones also. With technology always evolving and the displays getting bigger and bigger we can do almost anything on a smartphone that we did on a tablet. I never liked tablets, but I know plenty of people who use them. The only thing that they had over the smartphones nowadays was battery life which was longer than smartphones, but as the processors of the latest smartphones are getting more power efficient that battery life increases a lot. I assume though that iPads will be the last "to die". Never liked tablets though...


One thing came to mind is laptop computer. I already read about a news in the past that some companies might stop manufacturing laptop computers because touchscreen gadgets like tablets and mobile phones are popular now. I also read that desktop computer will soon come to extinction as well because it is not convenient for mobility.

But something comes to mind is CD players. Who needs CD players when music are already in mobile gadgets? The same thing with the conventional radio. There's decrease of radio listeners as music can easily be accessed through mobile phones.


That's a great question! Smartphones have made many gadgets obsolete in the recent past. Watches and alarm clocks have been become rarer as smartphones have been increasingly used instead. 

Loyalty cards. I hate those things. My wallet has a compartment full of loyalty cards made out of plastic that have a chip in them. My wallet would be sleeker without them increasing its thickness by a quarter of an inch. Smartphone apps you can use instead are so much better because the apps can be used to obtain information about the loyalty program you're on and whatever benefits you have accrued so far. They're much better for the business, too, because they can be used to inform the customers and provide them with targeted ads.


 I think that monitors or displays will disappear pretty soon. At the pace technology is developing, it may not take too long to have the kinds of image projection we have seen in sci-fi movies.

The tendency has been to reduce the bulk of Hardware devices. With cell phones it went to a minimum size before they changed to bigger and more hi-tech units (as someone commented here, smart phones look now like tablets), but I think it will take a turn towards the actual disappearance of the physical display for one that can be generated by a device, just like holographic representations, so that TV sets, computer monitors, and any other kind of monitor will be obsolete and unnecessary. 

The quality of the image will be higher than any other achieved so far (8K?) and the idea of having a tiny device become whatever screen one may need at the size one wishes according to the occasion is one not too farfetched. Touchscreen technology has already made mouses obsolete, printers should be going too, making the office environment less crowded and over furnished with bulky machines. Total e-filing is not far from our present times (at least it can be for those cultures that really want to stop wasting natural resources and generating unnecessary wastes).   

It will be nice to be able to, say, drive your car and virtually generate your computer monitor at will (voice, gesture commands), as well as TV for the kids, as well as any other device. “Out of thin air” will mean something totally different in the near future.


Technology is evolving very fast so especially everything that's based on technology will be replaced fast by something better. This has been the case for most things like computers, mobile phone's, tv's, ...

When you look at smartphones for instance they have improved a lot in the last decade. They used to be portable telephones now they are more like small computers. In 10 years from now smartphones will improve even a lot more to the point it's a whole other product from what it originally was. 

The first tv's where black and white tv's with very low resolution. Now you have tv's with all kind of gadgets build in and the quality is amazing. You can't compare a modern tv with one build 30 years ago. You have now smart tv's that have better processor and ram than the first computers. 

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Every gadget is form of various technologies and engineering practices. Despite of shape , size, colour the main core functionality keeps on going through various generations. The only thing that is going to happen is the revolution of evolution in gadgets world.

Apple introduced one of the potable gadget that was iPod for song and streams. Now after 18 years of its origination the functionalities are getting more evolved and these technologies are driving various similar segments like platform-spotify, Apple music, sound cloud headphones - Dr Dre, boat, beat and many more so these technologies are associated with each other and evolution is what makes thing different here.

From my point of view, Hardware will be getting disappeared in coming years, We are seeing a lot of holocast things, Google glass, smart specs or like that. So we are basically reducing the amount of hardware that we are carrying in every technology that we use in our daily life. 

As per the technology, they are going to be evolve in some more better way so that we can use it more easily in our daily life.


I think that laptops might dissappear in the near future because new different gadgets that can act as computers are being developed and more and more people are beginning to get comfortable with using smartphones to access information on the internet or do any form of task.


House phones

More and more people in each generation are giving up land line phones in favour of cell phones.


The Camera!

With the fast advancement of technology I really think that it's only a matter of time before Cameras become obsolete. If you look at the image quality of some of the pictures being uploaded daily on social media platforms like instagram, you will have a hard time determining what pictures were taken via a smartphone and what pictures were taken by a genuine camera. 

Built-in cameras on smartphones have a clear advantage over genuine cameras as people can just upload the pictures online immediately. They could also easily edit, improve and enhance the image via some mobile apps before uploading it, a feature that is not seen (afaik) on genuine cameras.

So yeah! I think the gadget that will become obsolete in the near future is the "camera" as I think people would prefer more built-in cameras on smartphones at that time. 


I think a lot of popular gadget will be outdated in the near future. First and foremost I think tablets will go away, and most through the advent of Virtual Reality and Augmented reality. Or Mobiles/Wearables will have mini projectors for us to do most things we do on a tablet, except the larger viewing screen will be projected as opposed to a bulky metal glass device in our hands. Second thing that will go away is the bulkier VR glasses and as with most tech devices, they will shrink in size. They are too big at the moment. 


Fidget spinners.