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Is Tai Lopez' money just from offering courses or does he truly run associations?
Before taking note of this request, let me just clarify why I have the data to discuss Tai. I have been following him on youtube for a few years now, I have seen a few hours of his chronicles and I have seen a huge amount of accounts where other doubtlessly comprehended people in the entertainment (Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk, Mark Cuban, Jordan Belfort, and various others talk about Tai as a master and do interviews with him). I have seen his Ted Talk, I have seen him being met by Ben Shapiro, I have seen him talking at the Impact Theory and I could give you various diverse models. Before you envision that I am a Tai Lopez fanboy and before you in like manner feel that all that I will state will be uneven, allowed me to make this unmistakable: I work at an overall Social Media Agency and I should be taught about immense players in the market.

Tai Lopez is not giving bad advice but i don't think it's anything special either. 

He's doing what he's the best at and that is marketing, selling you his courses online. 

You could also go on Amazon, buy a few bestsellers about business and then you have the same "knowledge" he's trying to sell you. 


Because you know what's better then materialistic things? Knowledge! LOL

The thing about Tai Lopez is, he's a marketing genius. I would be more interested to know how he grew his business on youtube so fast, get some ins and outs about the finances, than buy the actual "snake oil" he's selling people. 

Usually the most interesting details about doing business are kept for themselves. Because you don't give your bread and butter away to other people. 

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