Should parents hit their children as a way to discipline the child?

It all depends on the offense on the child that will determine the reaction


Different nations has their own of discipline.. In Africa, it is very legal to hit a child when she/he does something wrong. Most kids get use to talking and they only listen through the hard way. In Europe, its is not right to hit a child.


No. That is an absolute no go! If someone is not able to teach his children and has not enough authority that the kids respect him or her, then it is questionable to have kids at all. Kids can be educated without any physical violence or humiliation and that is what beating them is!

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I was discussing this with a friend of mine just yesterday and he told me he will not be hitting his child. I told him I was born into a family where mum used to hit me as a form of correction. I must admit that has helped me a lot to be discipline in a way.

It is proper to me to hit a child as a way of correcting them, but if one feels that hitting a child is not the right word to use, then I can go with spanking them. I cannot only be cautioning my child at all times especially when he or she has done the same wrong repeatedly so the best idea for me is to spank them. This will serve as a warning for them so they do not repeat the same mistake twice.

Individuals have their different opinion and ways on how to build their families, but I think I will be spanking my kid if he or she is disobedient.

I do not see hitting kids fit their wrong as a bad thing and like I said, you can use the word spank is hitting sounds too violent to you.

To me spanking them is a form of discipline as I am saying it from experience.


When growing up my dad used to use violence as a way to punish me for the naughty things that I did, his dad did the same to him also. I hated my dad and still to this day I don't want anything to do with him because of this reason.

I now have 3 children of my own, we have a great relationship and I have never hit smacked any of my 3 as I have never wanted them to go through the same as what I went through as been a child.

I had it hard growing up, I would miss behave and this made my dad mad I would get smacked and hit with his slipper, one time on Christmas day he locked me out of the house in just my underwear and it was freezing. there was nothing my mum could say or do to change the way my dad treated me.

Mentally I was broken, and I still have problems to this day because of the way he treated me.

For example.

My dad would alway come in from work and sit in his chair with a few cans of larger to unwind, I would be so scared to go into the living room where he was that I would just stand at the door to talk to him, 25 years later and I still find it hard to sit in my own living room of my house.

I have got PTSD and I have massive flashbacks to when I was a kid and this has lead me to suicide on more than one occasion, I have even been sectioned twice for my ill mental health and they have linked it all back to my childhood.

So to answer your question.

Did you, or would you have lived to have been hit as a kid? well I didn't and this has lead me to have mental health problems.

My kids get punished in different ways, I sit them on the naughty step for one minute for every year of their lives, this has worked a treat as my kids don't like having time out.

I have taken items from them, but I find this doesn't work as well as they perform up to get it back and this just ends in a lot of stress for us all.

My kids get prazed a lot for been good kids, they have a lot of friends and they are invited to a lot of parties which shows they are good and well behaved children.

it's not about hitting them its about educating them right from wrong which is what I have found to be key in bringing my children up.  



I think it should be necessary, but only in extreme cases, to imply that ever action has its reaction, its bad behavior has a consequence that is a small punishment.

I have seen parents who beat their children for small things and even though they do it, first they must show respect to the parents, not obedience, respect, if they do not respect the parents because the punishment is shown.

Although for obvious reasons parents should respect their children too, so that it is an eye for an eye.