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Why are some women more attracted to men with a partner than single men?

There are so many reasons a woman would want to get acquainted with a married man or a man whom she knows has a partner than a single man.

When I was in school, I knew of a lady whose major aim was to date men who were either engaged/betrothed or married than single guys who had no active relationships. Her reasons, which of course to me were very silly were:

  • Dating married men gives them a sort of security: For whatever reasons, she thinks the married man only has the main chick (the wife) and the side chick (she). She doesn't really have to worry about other girls because except the man is a serial cheat who would jump from woman to woman, he is likely to stay faithful to his side chick with his wife.
  • Married men are more caring. I learnt married men tend to show more care genuinely than a guy who is not married. This is true because he must have learnt how to deal with his wife, especially even when she was pregnant. Most single guys do not have such experience and as such cannot show such care genuinely and deeply.
  • Provision: Married men are more prone to give a lady he's dating what she wants. They provide and cater for all her needs because most of them are more financially stable.

Different women have different reasons for dating married men but these are the ones I could come up with.


Actually thank you for asking this question as this i know for sure have been bothering many people.

Some women tend to get attracted to men with partner than single men because;

(1) Some women believes that with the man having a partner, he will have been able to get more experience about how to handle a woman since that he have a partner already than a single man and so they believe the man with the partner will treat them much more better than the single man.

(2) some women get attracted to a man with a partner because of his money. Maybe the single man is not so rich enough to the rate or extent they want and the man with the partner is so rich. They will have no option than to get attracted to the man with the partner because they believe he is rich and so they will surely gain a lot from him both materially and financially.

(3). Some women get to attract to men a partner than a single man because they really tt to destroy the relationship both the man and his partner may have. Some women are operating with the aid of demons and so the demons operating in them want to spoil many relationship as many as possible. So they try to destroy the relationship between the man and this partner.

These are some reasons I think actually made some women to get attracted to men with a partner than a single man.



Some ladies believes that the married men are more caring than the single men.

They feel they are experienced and more mature when it comes to dating.

Some girls believes that married men can never hurt them,since they have wives in their houses, and the wives are comfortable, that therefore, is a guarantee that they gonna make them comfortable too.

They also believe that married men won't bug them with suspicions, such as checking of their phones and enquiring about who calls them.

Some girls believes too that, the married men are more caring. They said a married man can be so caring in terms of gifting, these gifting could be in forms like: cash, jewelry, clothes etc..

They also said married men are more romantic. "They can really love" "they can make you fall in love with them within a twinkle of an eye".

They said married men don't go rude or harsh, all they do is to love, be peaceful and also be caring.

Some ladies feels they are submissive too..they don't try to be in charge always. They can give you a peaceful mind.

Peaceful of mind in the sense that, the girls don't get to have worries about the men cheating on them. All they do is to be at peace and have fun.

My Advice:

In as much as the married men are cool in everything; the girls shouldn't forget that they'll need a man of their own someday.

These married men are simply being nice to them, on the grounds that they want them around anytime they need them for sex.. It's not love, but slavery in a romantic way.

The married men loves and cherishes their wives so much; so they shouldn't expect love from them.

So ladies , please get your own man

It's better that way.


There are many reasons and factors that make some women more interested and like dating a married man or a household. 

Generally, married men (not single men) don't mind helping household chores, such as washing dishes, tidying up the dining table, and so on. Such behavior becomes more value in the eyes of women so that again makes it difficult not to fall in love with married men.

In addition, married men who already have children for some women increasingly look attractive. Especially when they are playing and joking with the baby.

Like to help with homework become the reason for women to prefer to love and marry a man who has a wife.

Other reasons and causes that make women fall in love with married men are because married men are not afraid to commit. Not a few women who have concerns are paired with men who are afraid or do not want to commit.

Even married men look special because they prove their virility towards a long-term commitment. In addition, married men are considered to be more stable and reliable. They are responsible men and it gives women a sense of security and comfort.

The allure of men who have wives is sometimes the reason for women to choose them. According to sex and relationship experts, Tracey Cox, as many as 90 percent of women are attracted to men who are married and have a family.

Tracey Cox said that the fascination of men who have married in the eyes of women creates its own challenges to conquer a man who has been bound. The snacking behavior of a married man also makes many women fall in love with them.

But there are also women who are willing to marry men who are married because of financial and economic factors. Money can make a woman's heart fall in love and marry a married man.


I think your question is sexist and pointless. Men, women, are attracted to people of the opposite sex or same sex, whether married or unmarried because humans want a fulfilling relationship and companionship and they don't want to die alone. They want someone to communicate with for as long as they can. Can internet and paid sex replace marriage in the long run, possibly not because the personal and close relationship that two partners share is not replicable by code. 

If however, i have to give a reason by why some women are attracted to men with partner, then in case that partner is a man, well something is wrong with that woman, or she may actually be looking for a friend more than a partner. If the man's partner is a woman, well can be seen as a sign of trust. Another woman has done the hard work to assess the man and psychologically that may seem to be providing some surety to the woman. again, i dont knwo who sexist these psychological underpinnings may be. In a world where women couldn't work, a man with a job and a strong relationship may have been something positive. I don't think laws of attraction you talk about are relevant anymore.


Social proof/validation.


Rule 41: If it exists, it is someone's fetish.  No exceptions.

To that end, there will always be someone who is aroused/excited/attracted to someone who's already in a relationship.  That's just the way things are