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What kind of impacts sex dolls and sex robots can put on our society?
I have seen that sex doll industry is developing so fast.There are even best in class sex dolls nowadays known as sex robots.So I am knick-knacks to know what sort of effects sex dolls and sex robots can put on our society?What do you think?

The invention of sex dolls and sex robots will only but bring a negative impact to the society in the sense that people who will patronize these company through buying their products will no longer have feelings for the opposite sex instead there will tend to be relying on sex dolls or sex robots to get their sexual satisfaction.

To me, deriving sexual pleasure from a plastic which is not human is craziness in the sense that there are it can affect people psychologically as in people might not really want to have anything to do with the opposite sex just because they feel the sex robots or sex dolls are a more better way to derive sexual satisfaction.


I think the long term effect of sex appliances for male audience would have nothing but a positive effect on the fabric of society.

Dolls are custom made.

Dolls are always in the mood.

Dolls don't say "No" unless you program them to.

Dolls cannot be raped.

Dolls don't feel pain.

Dolls are a potential therapeutic tool.

If you were ever worried about the effect of introduction sex appliances marketed to the male audience, 

were you as skeptical towards the plethora of bedroom toys marketed towards females?

I would assume not, because you were already born into the age where women enjoyed a nice alone time with a good marital aid for decades, centuries even.

So why there's a reason males having an inanimate object become an outlet for their sexual frustration should be any different than in case of females?

Even something as controversial as child sex dolls would bring net benefit. 

A deviant person having their way with a doll crafted towards what they like sure sounds better than a real life child having to suffer sexual abuse.

Sexual frustration is a root cause of a bulk of sexual violence. 

Why would it be a bad thing to introduce an outlet to that frustration?

I couldn't imagine a better way that does not infringe on persons rights.


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The invention of sex dolls and sex robots in our society could affect the sex life in many relationships..the effect could be positive or negative,it depends on the purpose why any member of a couple in a relationship is actually making use of it....sex dolls and robots could make many people to start demanding less sex from their partners...

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