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Which are world's most known conspiracy theories?

There are so many and will list a hand few that I know . If I know them then they are the top ones lol.

The Apollo moon landings.

Did they happen or not? I have no idea as why would NASA have a mock up set in such high detail for filming a make believe landing. Was this a back up plan in case it didn't happen? The space race with Russia was at an intense level and the West wanted to show their superiority. It had to happen for the propaganda wheel to carry on to ensure more government funding.

JFK Assassination

Who killed him? Was Oswald set up or was it a plot by the Cubans? Did the CIA take him out? There are so many unanswered questions that no one can be certain which one is right. This will never come out and the longer we don't know it smells of a cover up. Personally I believe it was an inside job and that is why we will never know.

Princess Diana

When she was killed in a car crash in Paris there were many questions. It just doesn't all add up. Did the driver lose control and crash? Was it a hit by Mi5 or something else. Personally I believe it was a hit as she was dating an Arab Muslim and that would have been a disaster for the royal family.

9/11 Twin towers.

There are loads of unanswered questions with this one as well. Was there something more sinister behind the towers coming down. Were there government agencies involved or was it just a simple terrorist attack.


This area has been cornered off for years and has high surveillance and security. It was reported that an alien space craft landed and aliens were found. Is it true or just a hoax? Why has the area been a security zone for so long if it wasn't true?

Conspiracy theories will always be around and we won't know what the real truth is unless papers are released. Even then will we believe them?


Satan's cult Sect

Throughout the Eighties and early Nineteen Nineties, an endemic of regulatory offence of youngsters has dismayed America. Some youngsters defendant adults of a spiritual sect of raping, torturing, and sexually abusing them, and therefore the mass media rumored sensational stories. Allegations that were allotted enclosed the activities of demonism or satanic worship.

The highlight is that the guest star of the NBC Special event "Devil Worship: Exposing Satan's Undergorund" or "Devotion of Satan: Introducing Underground Demon", named Geraldo muralist that airy on October twenty eight, 1988. muralist announced himself "Expert of demonism (devil worship)," Activities Satanists ar deceptive the general public, inaccurate applied mathematics knowledge, crimes with weak links with demonism, and reports of sensational media. within the alleged robust read of a document in tv history, muralist claimed that there was associate activity organized by Satanists UN agency conspired to kill babies, kill innocent individuals, and perform horrific non secular ceremonies. "There ar quite one thousand thousand Satanists during this country," muralist aforesaid, that he side, "The drawback is, they're in your town." muralist doesn't show proof of it all; the absence of proof is seen as proof that they were therefore nice at organizing and really clever the conspiracy of the devil worshipers. there's little or no proof to support claims regarding the existence of Satanic cults or their conspiracies.

In 1992 it had been rumored regarding crime in an exceedingly religious ritual, FBI agent Kenneth Lanning finished that rumors of murder in an exceedingly religious ritual, acts of practice, and capture were idle. Phillips Stevens, Jr., Chair of the Association of social science Professors from the State University of recent dynasty at Buffalo aforesaid that widespread statements regarding the crimes committed by Satanists were "institutionalizing the most important hoaxes allotted on the yank individuals within the century twenty".


Conspiracy within the event of 9/11 twin towers Twin Building

Abundant proof results in the conclusion that the terrorist attacks that happened against the twin towers (World Trade Center) twin building in big apple on 9/11, 2001, were really the results of a conspiracy. there's little doubt concerning it: each shut and fugitive once listening to the proof makes it clear that one thing was rigorously planned and dead by the conspirators. The question, of course, is WHO the conspirators square measure? Osama terrorist and his friends WHO became hijackers are a part of a conspiracy, however what's the position of President Bush and vp Dick Cheney during this case? Did Bush's chief advisor, together with Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld additionally work with Osama terrorist, or deliberately let the attacks take place? Or in different words, is that a nasty job?

Conspiracy theorists believe, and designate a catalog that contains allegations of inconsistency with the "official version" of the attack. several of the conspiracy engineering claims were exposed by standard Mechanics magazine in March 2005, whereas different claims were denied by easy logic. The magazine said: If the heavier-than-air craft crashed into the Pentagon wasn't destroyed, as was declared many times, then wherever did the plane with the flight range seventy seven and also the crew and passengers were located? square measure they along with Roswell aliens on construction 18? In several conspiracy theories, government officials incompetence usually makes mistakes in conspiracies. A government that's terribly economical, knowledgeable, and capable - therefore filled with reasoning - wherever such attacks can't be attainable, has been defeated by dangerous add detective work or responding to events before the attacks occur. One factor is difficult to believe.


Hello Buddy

The ten most which i know and always hear from peoples or friends and sometimes even from family. 

  • number Ten. superstar passings durable VIP fear inspired notions regularly included their passings as per some Beatles rocker Paul McCartney kicked the bucket in 1966 and was supplanted by a look and sound alike after Elvis Presley kicked the bucket in 1977 sensationalist newspapers and Elvis fans were persuaded he had faked his passing and was fit as a fiddle in case you're fortunate possibly you too will meet the ruler.
  • number Nine. chemtrails devotees of the chemtrail intrigue have said that follows left in the sky by a few planes are really natural or synthetic operators being showered on general society some speculated organic fighting as an intention while others estimated populace or significantly climate control authorities said the trails were ordinary aeroplane deplete anyway vocal opposers like Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan have kept up that the legislature is endeavouring to slaughter us.
  • number Eight.  the 2004 torrent on December 26, 2004, a tidal wave crushed South Asia the vast majority stunned this catastrophe up to natural force gone wild yet some speculated something more odious a military trial by either the US or a different universe government was to be faulted whether the intentions depended on oil mass human annihilation or they were just worried about observing the impacts of a fiasco on the earth this paranoid fear has picked up footing.
  • number seven. the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943 an investigation purportedly occurred in Pennsylvania that rendered the USS Eldridge imperceptible utilizing electromagnetism the ship was shrouded from foes anyway the trial turned out badly and it made wounds and ailments many group individuals who are ready some have recommended that to keep up the quietness encompassing the venture those included were mentally conditioned into mystery.
  • number six. fabricated infections it is regularly proposed that Big Pharma has kept general society debilitated only for the benefits as indicated by this paranoid notion a remedy for malignant growth is kept mystery far more atrocious Big Pharma has been accused of assembling genuine illnesses like guides the immunization banter is another branch of this hypothesis a few people have associated inoculations with restorative issues like mental imbalance.
  • number Five. Princess Diana was killed soon after Princess Diana was executed in an auto accident on August 31st 1997 paranoid ideas rose recommending she had been killed in actuality the dad of Diana's voyaging buddy Dodi al-fayed recommended the death had been completed by British insight at the command of the regal family themselves, however, investigations into the energize came void.
  • number Four. outsiders on earth Roswell and territory 51 are both inseparably connected to outsider life on Earth as far as anyone knows in 1947 an outsider rocket slammed in Roswell New Mexico later the flotsam and jetsam from this ship was taken to territory 51 where outsider examinations and figuring out of the shuttle occurred the US government precluded the presence from securing zone 51 until July 14, 2003, yet there is no uncertainty it is the world's most well known best mystery army installation.
  • number Three. the moon arrival Apollo 11 space explorers initially strolled on the moon on July 21st 1969 anyway as indicated by some it was faked by NASA proposed intentions in this intricate trick incorporated the space race against the Soviet Union an endeavour to guarantee NASA kept its financing or as a preoccupation for the American individuals from the Vietnam War notwithstanding confirmation brought back by the space travellers this intrigue has waited.
  • number Two. JFK on November 22nd 1963 President John F Kennedy was shot and killed amid a motorcade through Dallas Texas authoritatively his executioner was Lee Harvey Oswald, in any case, was there a second shooter on the verdant glade was Oswald part of a scheme who requested the death was the CIA included the Secret Service or was it the Cubans of the Soviets the Warren Commission discovered that Oswald acted alone we may never know reality without a doubt.
  • number One. 9/11 was an inside activity when the twin towers fell on September eleventh 2001 an unquenchable paranoid idea was started some trust the US government had reasonable cautioning about the assaults and that these admonitions were overlooked by the Bush organization so they would have a thought process in starting wars in the Middle East this 9/11 truth development did not trust the official investigation into 9/11 and kept up that the World Trade Center ought not have crumbled. 

so that was the top ten which i know. i hope you enjoyed it.