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Is loving someone costly?
Do we need to spend much on someone we love just to prove our love?

Loving can be costly. Really costly. Not just money, though--all though it does to an extent--but It can turn out, in fact, that to love is one of the costliest endeavor one can go into. I remember Ayn Rand and her philosophy on how love is nothing but a business transaction with terms and agreement and everything. (She has a fascinating but terrible take on the matter that you can also check out as a corollary to this answer.)

Now as I was saying love can be one of the costliest endeavors one can get into. It's particularly amazing because in love the participants are required to go all in; going into it half-hearted or with reservation may nullify the whole premise of love entirely. And the parties in the agreement may get hurt terribly.

See how we mention terms like "parties" and "entities" while taking about relationships, this is another thing that shows that they are to be regarded in the scheme of things as a business endeavor where you're investing some of your assets. Every investment is a risk and this is no different.

The things we invest, then, in love, is nothing but our heart, our time, our commitment and even our future. And money too, to an extent, but not such that its the entire crux of it. I'll explain further, one after the other below:

Heart on the Line. Risk of Heartbreak.

Anyone who's ever gone through heartbreak before would know its one of the most terrible things that can happen to a human. It might be at least a bit apt to compare it to losing all your life savings just like that. And then some. Your heart can literally stop beating in the worst cases.

Which is why going into a relationship is a big risk. You're putting your heart on the Line. Basically "trusting" another person with the most priceless possession you have, knowing that people change with the wind. And you can end up with a broken heart. Get sent into deep misery and depression, all because of love.

Costs future.

Oh yes it is possible for one to lose one's entire prospect and one's entire future all because of love. There are some certain kind of heartbreaks that one goes through after a partner has let you down. With these terrible kind of heartbreak, you lose all your faith in everything. You lose faith in people, you lose faith in love, you lose faith in life, and nothing is worth it anymore.

You may even decide, in soke extreme but common cases, to never love again. This is very common, in fact. We find it in books, in movies everywhere and even in real life if you look around you'll find people who have decided to never ever fall in love again. They have decided to never risk their hearts by putting themselves out there again because they know the pain, the crushing agony, that can come over a heartbreak.

Costs Time

Love is an investment, and one of the things we invest in love is our time. You can't say you love somebody without wanting to spend every single day every single minute every single second with that person. But looking at it from an economical perspective you find out that this time, of course, is a limited resource. And it's probably a time that you can spend doing other things.

And given the fact that these are alternatives forgone, for you to spend time with that person that you love, it is definitely without question an investment on your part; granted it is an investment that brings you so much joy and happiness and you may consider this as a return on its own, but if you end up heartbroken, or your partner ends up hurting you it is not uncommon that you look back on this time and considered them time wasted.

Costs Commitment

Without commitment love cannot survive. You're comitting pretty much every thing you have. You're committing your energy, you're committing your time you're committing your heart, pretty much you're just committing everything. All for another person. In the name of love.

Lastly it Costs Money.

This is obvious. And despite some purists and idealists belief that love doesn't care about money; yes love is not supposed to be about these things and that is not the primary reason for it, but it is also a very essential aspect. Marriages crumble everyday just because of lack of money, so do brewing relationships. Love costs money.

Having said all this, I feel I should conclude by saying love really is a beautiful thing. Yes it is risky, yes you can get hurt, yes you invest a lot, but in the end it can all be worth it and the joy that comes of it is unspeakable!

Cheers and have a nice day.


Well no I don't believe you need to spend alot on a person to prove that you love them, if you have to do that then believe me when I say it isn't love, but at the same time if you enter a relationship with someone then you have to know that spending more money, or at least more than you did when you were single is going to be necessary.

Making calls and going on dates aren't cheap and if you aren't willing to spend that extra coin to do that then I'm not sure you're meant to be in a relationship.

Don't get it twisted though, I'm not by any means implying that you should be super wealthy before you date someone or that you should only date extremely wealthy people, but understanding the financial implications that come with being in a relationship is important.

Finally money is important in a relationship, but it's not important when it comes to being in love. Always remember, with love it's never about how much you spend that proves you love a person, it's the thought behind it.

I hope this helps.


In theory, love doesn't cost a thing.

In reality, dinner ain't cheap. 


Talking about love, of course everyone has a sense of love, but never do anything stupid. And for me love is not expensive if love is expensive, so poor people who do not have money, they certainly will not get love.

Do need to spend a lot of money to get love

for me not for what we spend a lot of money to prove our love which in the end the person we love does not love us, when we spend a lot of money to get love then the 2 losses we get are 1 loss of money we have spent to get love and the second is the loss of love that we want is also not blessed.


Women generally don't need to. Men usually do to one extent or the other. Men are the resource providers and women are the carriers of children and their caretakers. Even in progressive countries that is how things are down for the most part. 


Love never costs me anything to be completely forthright. However, fixation did. I squandered too many time fixating a man who doesn't justified, despite any potential benefits and it's simply truly something I can't glad for. I could've accomplished something and met somebody justified, despite all the trouble amid the time, who knows? So fixations cost personal time. The thing I will never get back when it's squandered.

Expectation it helps answer your inquiry


What has adoring somebody cost me? It has cost me opportunity from forlornness, opportunity from a good for nothing life. Adoring my sweetheart has been a high cost in reality - it has cost me a decent arrangement of my heart, as I have given it away to my significant other, my kids, grandkids - to such an extent that there is next to one side yet positively enough to keep in touch with you with all the affection I have remaining. Check whether you have enough to begin once again, Gbolabo Thank you.