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Why are humans crazy about the life of the world compared to the hereafter?

The life of the world is what we are accustomed to. Most people don't believe that there's an after life: they believe that life ends the moment a person dies. What they fail to understand is that the real human being is inside a man and that doesn't die. It's only the flesh (body) of a man that dies because it's our only means of connecting to this world. The soul and the spirit of a man are eternal and these make up the real man. They go back to the creator to give an account of the life lived in the flesh

If every human understand that they are a tripartite being (made up of body, soul and spirit ) and that the soul and spirit don't die when the body dies, they would learn to live life more carefully.


Something about hope of a better life and reunion with those dear to their hearts

Let's face it, life on earth isn't exactly the best. While some people are trying to make the best out of it, others are seeking some paradise in the afterlife

I do hope, for their sake, that they find it.


In general, human beings prioritize their passions so they forget about the afterlife and forget that life in the world is only temporary.

If humans have been mastered by their passions controlled by the love of the world, they will occupy themselves with the affairs of the world, finally forget about ahirat

humans are always afflicted with anxiety and fear, fear of favors that will disappear, worry about calamities that will suddenly come and fear of unexpected death.

in general, humans only look at the world from the outward side, something interesting, something beautiful, something that elevates the degree of ownership, does not understand its essence.

because of this limited knowledge, finally humans are deceived, the world becomes the purpose of life, not a means of life