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If I wanted to start playing Steemmonsters now, what should I do?
I have stayed away from @steemmonsters up to now as I would not like to spend the cash on it. Is it conceivable to begin and appreciate playing just with the starter pack, or would I need to purchase bunches of promoter packs moreover? Have I abandoned it past the point where it is possible to get in the diversion?

It is pretty easy to get started.  Just go to the site (feel free to use my link https://steemmonsters.com?ref=tdiv7653), buy yourself a starter pack and start playing.  The game is extremely fun almost to the point of being addicting.

it took me about a month to get my money back through daily quest cards earned and bi-weekly season cards earned.  For each daily quest completed you receive 5 reward cards and the bi-weekly season cards are rewarded based on your score for the season.  Anywhere from 5 to 95 cards are rewarded depending on how well you do.

Another thing that I would recommend is entering card giveaways on steemit.  There are numerous giveaways every day and if you enter some each day you will win cards.  I tend to look for the newer giveaways with less entries to increase my chance.  

Check it out.  You'll love it.


While to be honest the team behind Steemmonster have really done an excellent job so far and with every update they are making the game much more interesting and exciting as well. So as a matter of fact the users are indeed loving the experience of it as well. 

While as a matter of fact to get into the game and start to play you will have to buy a starter pack that costs 10 USD (You may use the referral link of mine so that I will get 5% lifetime income that every purchase that you make  https://steemmonsters.com?ref=rehan12) see money by referring people as well. 

While the most attractive part of it the cards are considered as digital assets which sure will grow much in value in the coming days. There are daily quests where you will get free cards depending on the League that you are in. If you get lucky there are cards worth more than the starter pack. If anybody wants to sell/buy extra cards than the market is open or sell/buy them in the Steemmonster Discord server (https://discord.gg/cNxZ2py) 

And in addition to that it does really allows some entertainment and thrill on Steem Blockchain for users like us. 


I purchased a starter pack back before the game launched.  As a result, I really only had alpha cards to work with.  I think I unlocked...maybe 3 or 4 packs, and spent a few steem when they were worth more to buy a pack or two more.  Beyond that, I'm playing with what I have.

Getting reward cards is easy enough, and I think you can do pretty well selling those to people that want to combine cards.  I'm at Silver 3, and getting 5 reward cards per daily quest, and 20 cards per season.  Just saying, it's very doable on a shoestring budget.