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Is it better to try to find customers to sell products at a higher price or to look for a wholesaler to sell more quantity?

A wholesaler will get you the volume required a lot quicker than you will selling to individual businesses. You would be using his customers to get your volume.

The smart way is to make slightly less and use a wholesaler. It is one delivery and will save on costs and time. I have recently done this and is working very well.

I am growing quickly by using a wholesaler to get my volume. It is his expenses that are being used for warehousing and distribution. The time saved by using this concept is huge. A wholesaler knows his customers and is already established. As a supplier it takes time to break into the market.

The loss of profit by using a middle man is worth it and will establish you as a business in a matter of months against a matter of years. It doesn't stop you finding customers for your self or handing them to your wholesaler building a string bond between you.

Passing on business growing them is a smart way as it grows you at the same time but also shows good faith and business acumen.


I use distributors in specific regions. Sometimes using an independent sales agency that has a relationship with say a regional buying office for CVS then it's easier to give them the commission. If there are some retail stores close to our warehouse then we might get save the commission (usually 10%) and sell them by our own salespeople. And then there's Amazon FBA system where we ship to Amazon's warehouse(s) and they charge a fee, but it's one of many selling methods. Overall I feel you need all types of buying types.


There is no general response, it depends on many actors, starting with the location and preferences of each one.

The first thing I would do is see if I can make a living - more or less well - by selling to a wholesaler.

If so, great, do it. In the meantime, explore the retail market and see how profitable it is. If you think it is an interesting market, go slowly and with small amounts and observe the result. As you can see, you expand this activity, reduce it or close it.

The end can be everything to the greater everything to the minor or a part to the wholesale market and another to the retailer.

Your question is asked by many manufacturers and the answer lies in the category of products they sell.

It is not the same that you manufacture disposable pens, use and throw razors than a designer piece of furniture.

For mass consumption products, you need a distribution system, with such a large customer database, that no matter how many you make the best pen in the world, it will not reach everywhere if it is not by distributors (wholesalers if you prefer) that they will be left with most of the final price, because the national distributor, suppose it is UNILEVER will send it to its regional, regional to local and local to its vendors by circuit. They all have a part.