What is the poorest country you have visited? How did it make you feel?

My own country... Until now I have had the opportunity to visit Spain, Aruba and Mexico; and I have found that the difference of those countries with my own country (Venezuela) is almost astronomical especially at social level here in Venezuela the culture and people are poor by nature and often die being poor no matter how hard they try.

Venezuela has become a country where it has become normal to see people and children urging in the trash day after day looking for something to put in their mouths. It is also immensely visible how poverty has escalated to extraordinarily high levels when more than 70% of the basic products are impossible to obtain under normal circumstances, without taking into account that to pay for them you have to do magic because the basic salary is not enough to buy almost anything.

And it is paradoxical because this country has become so disastrous and poor is that even water such an important resource is extremely scarce and difficult to get and afford.

You go out to the streets in your car (if you are lucky enough to have a car) and you see the desperation in people, the helplessness of not having the resources to feed their children, and the worst thing is that there are almost no alterations.


I visited Guatemala the conversion ratio was 1 USD to 8 Quetzal. I flew into the capital city Guatemala City.  In the capital city every property that we passed had a wall  or fence all the way to the side-walk with barbed wire or glass shards on the top to keep people from climbing over.  I would not want to live in a cage in a city that is for sure.  We went out into the country and stayed with some upper middle class folks.  They owned 2 or 3 businesses including an internet cafe right off the "main" road.  The family we stayed with had no running water in the home compound.  We flushed the toilet with a bucket of water.  It really made me think about the fact that I won the genetic lottery so as to speak by being born in the United States. 


Yes, I visited the poor country. I visited the country two years ago. The name of Bangladesh is Bangladesh. Most of the people of this country lived under the poverty line. Most of the people were dependent on agricultural work. The country is a democratic country on the earth.

The main reasons behind this being poor are the corruption. The country has become poor because of corruption. In future, the country is good by implementing different laws in the new government system. The country has now become a developing country.

The people of this country were deprived of education. Because people did not have the right knowledge. This land was lagged behind. Another reason behind this being poor is flood, drought, natural disasters. Every year the crops of this country are destroyed due to natural disasters. Therefore, more trees are planted in this country The target is taken.

Many people in this country are currently living and earning in different countries. Therefore, this country has become a developing state now.Everything was done through effort. If everything is possible, then everything is possible.



Mozambique. Firstly I felt unsafe and wasn't comfortable. I was only there for a few hours but wished I hadn't got off the boat.

The place was filthy and in disrepair. Unemployment is crazy and everyone was begging. I really felt that I was on another planet and it wasn't pleasant. I didn't want to have any food or drink whilst I was there as it was that dirty. The glossy tourist magazines hide the truth and makes it even more of a shock.

I feel sorry for the people as it is a very corrupt country and only a few benefit. The hardships that the people endure are not right and hope that it one day comes right.


Cuba, and I felt very bad, it is incredible that the girls prostitute themselves for some stockings or a can of some food. In addition you go to their houses and have refrigerators (refrigerators) of the 50s, without almost food, if it is very impressive.

The second and I have to say it with great sadness is Venezuela, after I was from the countries that were better in the early 90s, I went more than 20 times in the last 10 years and I could still enter supermarkets and shopping centers and I bought different things to bring, the last time I went 2016 people doing lines all night to be able to buy what there was, in the restaurants they did not have most of the things that were on their menu, in the hotels there was no soap, It made me very sad.


I can go to the Iberostar Grand Bavaro in Punta Cana each January for 11 days for peanuts. I regard "unconcerned get-aways". For a broad bit of my life, I skimmed towards the "injury up being all the more OK with neighborhood people" type experiences. I twisted through a wide degree of Europe and the Americas when I was even more vivacious and generally speaking got on stunning with neighborhood people.

That was the time when I had by no cash and pile of extra time and hugeness. Today it's repaired. I have more cash, at any rate not an immense extent of extra time and to be completely quick, I would lean toward not to spend it depleted (and rather respect being overseen in every conceivable way). I require an ideal motel and white sandy shorelines. Despite having more exchange than I outed my pre-adulthood, I will when all is said in done perceive what I make, absolute extra since I work for everything through the entire year.

Also, given that I'm making tracks in a contrary bearing from the shocking condition in Cleveland, Ohio (in January), my choices are: Hawaii, Southern California, Southern Texas, Florida (the Keys) and maybe Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Those are a shocking level of decisions. There are likely some heavenly motels there.

Hawaii is to an amazing degree far for me. I truly need to go there, notwithstanding the trek takes following 16 hours for me. Right when dependably relies on a trek, spending a dash of it arriving is a basic killjoy. California, Texas and the more prominent piece of Florida isn't adequate warm. For sure, even the Keys (where I had one point) are warm, . More evil still, the inn decisions are constrained in light of the way in which that the costs in the Keys suck. I in like course need to leave the motel and slow down Duval and spend a butt-store of money on sustenance that is beyond question not going to have overhauled much in the a long time since I moved away.

I could go to the Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico. We discover the chance to in any case utilize dollars (which matters nothing, since charge cards do the changing), yet there aren't many "finished" choices in either. That leaves places like Jamaica, Southern Mexico and the Dominican Republic that join regard, straightforwardness of arriving, and condition. There are a pack of different islands in the Caribbean, without a doubt, yet they change in quality, age and cost so astoundingly that it gets scratching.

Everything comes down to what you require out of a break. In the event that your necessities are: warmth + sun + shorelines + loosening up + cost + ease/speed of getting in contact, by then the "where" doesn't all around have any sort of impact to such an extent. Getting another stamp on my extremely disarranged all things considered ID isn't critical. I don't go to clubs. I don't go to traps. I have zero essential for any of the voyages.

Along these lines, for several thousand dollars (everything thought about