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What have you done recently that has dramatically improved your life?
Could be anything. Stopping or starting a habit, reading a book, watching a documentary. What is making a difference in your life?

Whao, what a great question.

There is a time in life where people will be thinking of making it very fast after seeing many of your age mate making it. No person in this life wish to be poor. So there are wrong steps i have taken in life because i have friends who has make it through betting. I once dedicated the money i have on football betting because i once believe that if i keep using small cash to play betting i will never win so with me seeing people using big money to bet and win i decide to start using big money to play betting not knowing that i am decieving myself. I played and played with big money i never won. I became frustrated to the extent that i started calculating the amount i used for betting it was close to fortune. This really affected my emotion knowing that i have wasted my whole money and time to bet not seeing any great result. I keep loosing money.


But later steemit was introduced to me by my blood brother so i decided to give it a try, after giving it a try i love it and i started earning some changes to my wallet and after a very short time i started seeing many features of steemit that really help a lot. With this i started earning more and more and day by day. And i stop betting.

This has really improved my life, money, influence, friends and many more goodies.

Thanks for reading.


@jgrantf Just do it.

I tend to have a habit of overthinking things and end up not doing them ultimately. Planning the perfect execution was the cover for procrastination. I would read up on a certain subject (say, photography), watch tutorials, and even procure tools (e.g. rent a DSLR), but never actually get round to just doing it. Underneath was a secret fear of failure. 

But it's all about the trying and the failing and the getting up again in improving any skill and eventually excelling.

But recently, I have just been doing things without overthinking, and it has dramatically helped me get over that sticky trap of analysis paralysis

Anyone can relate?

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Recently I have taken few steps to change my lifestyle which really has dramatically improved my life. It all started with some mild chest pain few months back, and I visited the doctors for a consultation. And as usual, there were many tests prescribed, and it kept on increasing, without any significant findings. So this continued for almost a month, I even changed the doctor, with the feeling that, someone else may find the root cause accurately. But nothing helped. I just ended up spending more , doing more and more tests. 

Finally one fine day, I decided to change my life style. I first sat down and analyzed, to decide on what is a must I should change. Two things, came in my end and I decided to start on them : Doing regular exercise and try to have a good sleep. Because they are complimentary to each other, you can't feel good to do exercise without a very good sleep. 

So I started on these almost 5 months back, and so far the results are tremendous. All my pains are gone. I am feeling more energetic and fresh, and even if I do not do exercise, I feel the difference. 

I think, these two are very important for each of us and every one should pursue these at the minimum.  

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