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What are your favorite Steem apps?
I'm familiar with hede.io and musing.io, along with a few others, but I'm curious which apps you find most useful and well-designed.

eSteem is a favorite application for Steemit, including Steemit Indonesia. This application is a mobile-specific application for Steemit users. You can download this application via Playstore on your Android smartphone. After you download, please log in. One of the advantages of this application is every post written through this application, you have got upvote from the creator of this application, @ good-karma. So, you will get a little profit by just posting your article through this application. Not only that, every comment that you write through this application also gets upvote in accordance with the terms and conditions that apply.

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No questions asked, PARTIKO! Ever since I've discovered that very smooth and slick of a mobile Steem app, my engagement in Steem improved a lot. 

Before I met Partiko, I used Google Chrome's Incognito (mobile) to browse Steem and since it doesn't allow one to store passwords, I have to log.in back and forth whenever I get notifications from GINA. 

Partiko solved this problem for me as they have their own notification system (although it lacks whenever you are mentioned atm). It is also surprisingly fast and smooth with a very simplistic minimalistic design. I have used other Steem mobile apps before but ended up uninstalling it after 3 days as it lags a lot or loads very slowly. 


My Favourite Platform :

                             A favourite choice always be different from men to men ; my favourite platform/app on steem-blockchain is https://busy.org . Sometimes I feel it's more interesting and good than steemit itself. On busy, you can log in with your steemit active/master key and run your account softly. You can do almost everything that you do on steemit, even something more that you can't do on steemit. This contains some unique features, like you can fix your voting percentage, also it provides you real time notification.

Other best property of busy is generosity, it always been generous to its user by upvoting good contents with @busy.pay or @busy.org 

Free Advice : If you are new and seeking some support then head to https://busy.org if you've something interesting. 

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The steem apps which i find most useful are listed below







those are my favourites and i love them because of their unique features and transparency on those platforms...

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If i tell you guys the right thing then i have to tell you that there are no favourite Steem apps to me. There are many Steem apps like Esteem, Partiko, Steepshot, d-tube and so on. I don't make any of them to my favourite list because they all well cut a minimum number of money from your post payout.

Steemit is a online earning platform. But for earning money you have to give a lot of time on steemit. Steemit is not like a ptc site. Ptc site means there are many sites which can off giving payment at anytime. Though Steemit is not a ptc site then you can work here without any doubt.

We easliy use Steemit in our any browsers like Chrome, Opera mini, UC browser and so on. But there are many Steem apps to make the use of steemit very easy. We can do easily post, comment and upvote by using that kinds of apps.

At first i was also using the Steepshot and the Esteem app. But at that time i saw that i got upvote which value was 0.03 SBD but in the payout of the post i didn't get any thing. Because the app owner cut a minimum number of SBD from my payout then i did get any thing. After this happen i was stopped to use that kinds of Steem apps.

For this reasons, there are no favourite Steem apps to me.

But i have a favourite site which is musing.io. Because they don't cut any number of money from your payout. Otherwise they(musing) give upvote to the qualitiful answers which is the only means of cryptocurrency. 


I like Partiko app, I think its android version has so far more functions than IOS one, but IOS one works great as well, fast, light and neat. 

As for Steem dapps, I enjoy using Steemhunt, to be honest, I'm not a great product hunter although I made some nice payout the past months, nowadays I curate some interesting hunts there.  Steempress is cool as well, nowadays I can post simultaneously on my personal blog and on Steem. Through the past few months, I've made a lot of friends on DTube, really happy. DTube motivated me to make some vlogs, I've never thought about it before even though I constantly travel. 

And of course musing!

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I find eSteem is very useful


I just made a little piece on this. Here it is.


🌐My list of the most useful Steem related websites

Looking for information, sometimes not finding it, sometimes forgetting to bookmark it, and distractions all make the process of learning about Steem/Steemit more difficult.

I thought I would put together a list of resources that I have found useful. I know there are other lists out there but I noticed quite a few abandoned projects on some lists. This is my list of the most useful and currently active Steem related websites/apps that I have found up until now. Hope those who are looking for info and resources find it helpful. And the best part you only have to bookmark this one page to get started


The goal of AskSteem is to provide a reliable, powerful, and fast search engine that is optimized for steem.


Find out the dollar value of any user's single upvote with this page.


Discover thousands of follow-worthy Guilds and Authors, set up voting Streams or launch your own Guild!


A clean consise alternative to Steemit with integrated markdown editor and the ability to schedule posts.


Block explorer and multifunction database for the STEEM blockchain.


If you want to make your links more manageable, here's a sweet URL shortener for Steem.


Find information like STEEM Power, voting power, followers, reputation, activity in one place.


Which whales are powering down?

How big is the payout? Find out and have a better understanding of Steem price fluctuations.


An easy-to-use interface for finding transactions on the STEEM blockchain, simply enter a block, transaction hash, or username and click search.


An important way to connect with other users, gain information, and promote your posts. Can be accessed from the main menu of Steemit.


Steemd.com is a blockchain explorer for the steem blockchain. Here you can find details of all posts, votes, transactions and details of every steem block.


Busy is an Open Source social network and communications platform which extends itself to a variety of rich features and functionality including free digital payments and a marketplace for goods and services.


This website shows all stats and detailed information about your estimated pending payouts for the week and month.


DTube is a decentralized streaming video platform linked to Steemit which allows users to upload videos easily and earn Steem via upvotes on their post.


Think Steemit for coders. Connect your GitHub account and get paid for all your open source contributions.


If you are reading this on Steemit you already know what Steemit is, but for those linking here from outside and trying to become familiar, this is probably your best place to start. A social media platform like no other where you get paid for valuable content decided by other users like yourself.


An app on the Steem blockchain which rewards people for sharing pictures. Similar to Instagram you can share your pictures, the difference is that you get paid with upvotes.


DSound is an app that lets you upload, listen, and find new music. Using the Steem blockchain Artists can earn rewards as Steem.


An website that helps users monitor thier Steemit account activities.


A website providing a live feed of all major activities such as upvotes, comments, money transfers, orders, new users, and more.


When will you be paid? Use this website to lookup your account, or search others accounts by adding @username to the URL.


A website providing real-time updates of all your stats, no refresh required. Pretty handy tool provided by @penguinpablo