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What is the importance of sports to keep the body healthy?

Being an athele enhances our fitness level. Reducing any fats and maintaining our bodys original muscle composition.

It's like owning a car and maintaining it to the original specs of what it used to be when we bought it.

Sports connects the muscle to the mind. It challenges our body to be able to take pain and increases our muscle mass. Having more muscle mass can great improve our physic and energy level.

With more energy level, a person is able to perform any task greatly and show a higher confidence level which indirectly would affect their outlook as they would greatly feel happy of how they look outside and people would automatically treat those who look good better. This will equate to a reward system which makes us feel that when we exercise it equates to looking better and increased confidence level. Confidence makes a person look good.

A person can look good or beautiful or handsome but has a low self eSteem or confidence the person won't look that attractive. In conclusion, beauty can be improved when a person goes to join a type of sport.


Sports keeps mind happy. Keeps body and mind alive and colorful. Sport is a very important aspect of good health. Socialization takes place through play. An important aspect of being free, mental peace, obese body, and disease is play. Each of the organs of the body keeps good by the sport, so they become active. Physical exercises also work. There is physical work on the medium of play. So that body and health get healthy. Excess caloric goes out from the body and reduces fat. As a result, the human heart, the brain gets better and the life expectancy increases. And no diseases at all.

Sports help people to overcome their depression. Therefore, a sport is not only physical fitness, but it also ensures mental calmness and well-being. There is no substitute for sports in body form. Rich- calorie foods and not playing at least one hours per day have been responsible for children's bad health. Doctors said, instead of spending idle time for the form of the healthy body of children, and instead of indoor games, they have to be more enthusiastic towards the outdoor games. Because regular physical exercises and sports are very important for a healthy body. So if anyone wants to be healthy and strong, there is no alternative to sports.


Everyone needs to exercise because exercise can provide tangible benefits and effects on both the external organs and internal organs. Besides that, the thing that is really worth keeping is a healthy lifestyle, starting from sleeping and eating on time consistently.


It is too important, since seeing it from all points of view, sports are excellent to keep the body healthy and proactive. When we practice some sport, it is normal for us to breathe faster and to sweat, this is a great ally to get rid of all that bad fat in our body through breathing in high percentage followed by sweat. Sport collaborates a lot in maintaining a healthy heart, depending on the dynamics of how we train, we will depend on the quality of our heart. There are too many advantages of sport to maintain a super healthy body, I would not stop talking about them, but not to extend myself, I can add that I love sports, any physical activity that makes me move, exercise ... All that is incredible and also It helps a little to get out of that suffocating daily routine of our lives.


in my opinion, it is very important to exercise to keep the body healthy. because doing exercise can prevent the increase in the number of calories in the body. if someone has excessive calories, he will be at risk of developing diabetes, cholesterol and obesity. of course this disease is very dangerous. therefore sports are needed so that the intake and burning of calories remains stable.

In addition to avoiding an increase in the number of calories, doing exercise can also remove waste substances that are not needed in the body. this residual substance is released through urine and sweat.

and doing exercise is also beneficial for muscle training. so that it can prevent cramps. and beneficial to maintain heart and brain health.


First of all i will realized you one famous quote which help you

[ Image Source](http://www.merinews.com/article/anything-in-excess-is-bad/15914152.shtml)

" Excess of Everything is Bad"

yeah! it's mean if we exceed the limit of anything they will prove fatal for us, So It is better to do everything at a limit. Sport is playing the main role in our life, which make us healthy and fresh and which sports are preferred that depends on you whether you are interested in Cricket or Foot, Tennis or Squash. Every Sport indoor and outdoor is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy and never operate such thing in sport which are not allowed, Which will then prove dangerous for you, SO If you want to keep your body healthy just play as you wish like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Badminton and etc, 

[Image Source](https://www.google.com.pk/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiBsubvy9feAhUG0RoKHaTnA4sQjRx6BAgBEAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.competitivedge.com%2Fcatalog%2Fall-sports&psig=AOvVaw3PqcBbBgbrySfYfq84W1Gk&ust=1542412331772285)


Enhanced cardiovascular wellbeing. The heart is a muscle, it should be worked out! Standard exercise can help enhance the general strength of your whole cardiovascular framework. 

Brings down danger of coronary illness, stroke, and diabetes. A more advantageous heart implies lessened danger of cardiovascular sickness, stroke, and diabetes. 

Oversees weight. Not exclusively does physical action consume calories, it additionally enhances your digestion over the long haul. 

Lessened pulse. Physical movement keeps your heart and veins sound, averting hypertension. 

Upgraded vigorous wellness. Partaking in vigorous exercises —, for example, running, cycling, or swimming — can enhance your body's capacity to transport and use oxygen in the lungs and blood. 

Enhanced solid quality and continuance. Obstruction practices test your solid framework, bringing about greater, more grounded muscles. 

Enhanced joint adaptability and scope of movement. Enhanced adaptability diminishes danger of damage. 

Stress alleviation. Exercise is an extraordinary state of mind supporter and has ended up being a powerful technique for stress alleviation. 

Brings down danger of specific kinds of disease. Individuals who practice consistently are less inclined to create bosom, colon, and lung malignant growth. 

Control cholesterol. Exercise diminishes LDL (awful cholesterol) levels and builds HDL (great cholesterol) levels. 

Avoid osteoporosis. Building thick, solid bones is another advantage of physical movement. 

Fortifies insusceptible framework. Practicing more = getting wiped out less.


I guess it depends on what one means by sports. I am not into competitive sports at all. But I still remain physically active, mostly through cycling, walking and working at a labor intensive job. But is cycling a sport when it's mainly for commuting and touring?