Is thinking of other women cheating?
Do you think that having sexual fantasies about other women besides your wife or girlfriend is considered as cheating?

Men and women appreciate beauty and it is meant to be. It gets perverted when the human tries to take it out on other beings. Yikes.

. There is nothing harmful in appreciating the other sex.. That is how the human race is kept alive.

Before man settled down in society concept, it was common to be promiscuous in nature but as humanity developed and progressed, rules were set and most people followed it.

With the advent of internet and other media, people were exposed to many sights which are meant to tickle the senses and mind and invoke unwanted thought and fantasies. Unfortunately, children lose their innocence at an early age and instead of leading a constructive life, they waste time by watching such online sites and daydreaming.

Appreciating beauty is good but it should not lead the person to a stage in which he or she cannot differentiate between hallucination and reality.


Dear God!!! I hope that is not the case. XD

I always thought myself of a very decent man and consider having sexual fantasies to be a natural thing. I don't think thinking of other women is cheating, although doing things with other women does qualify as cheating in my book. If this was to be true I really am a very terrible person for cheating on my girl with Angelina Jolie, Ashwariya Rai and pretty much every famous hot celebrity. And the world would be a very bad place as most of the men would be depressed with guilt. 

It is a natural thing to have sexual fantasies about other womens, there is nothing wrong with that. Most of us are slaves to our mind, this was supposed to be the other way around but it isn't. Our mind is like monkey and we can train it to understand the difference between a banana and an apple, but you can't expect the monkey to know that calories the banana has and why an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Same thing is with these fantasies, you can draw a line somewhere where your are comfortable and let it roll.

You can deal with this situation in n number of ways. There is the thing where you can go full-on Hannibal Lecter on someone in your mind while smiling the entire conversation (Although you should seek help if you having such thoughts, My therapy session is at 10:00 pm right after my date with Monica Bellucci and catherine zeta jones at once) or If you really want not to feel guilty about such thoughts you should let your significant other know that you find that person attractive (please be very careful with your words while conveying such sensitive information out), What is the worst that could happen, You could lose a limb or two which would be a good time to nail the Thanos 'You should have gone for the Head' joke.

Wow!! Man you really made me a little uncomfortable with this question, You know I had been having some thought where I was doing .... what I am saying is if they start counting having sexual fantasies as cheating then I better hire a good lawyer.

PS : I am no relationship expert, I am just another jackass with access to Internet. Follow the above mentioned advice at your own risk.

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I don't think so, I've been married for 4 years and counting and I've never cheated on my wife. 

It's natural for a guy to think of other women, it's something in our hormones and mind that we can't really stop, it's like part of our body. I mean even there are even priests who gets accused of something related to sexual things like rape or molestation so normal guys would definitely think of other girls even if they're married, it's part of life and I'm pretty sure women are the same. 

The thing is, that is only within your mind. If you do something physical with other women, then that is the time you'll be cheating on your partner where she will get hurt. 

But it also depends on religion and beliefs because in society, yeah having an affair is really cheating but there are some religions that allow guys to have several women as wives. 


Of course you don't. We can think of other people and that is not necessarily a deception. To cheat has to do with a more intimate and profound action with another person. For me to think of someone, in no way means that I carry out what I'm thinking. People can think of other people without the need for it to be sexual or loving. In fact, you can think of many people, even celebrities, and this does not mean that you love them or feel that you have stopped loving your partner or that you are going to abandon them for someone else. Thought is free and uncontrollable, it has nothing to do with feelings. In fact, they are so unconscious that you can think of someone for no apparent reason. 

Anyway, the fact that you think or have fantasies about other people, at a given time, does not make you an infidel, it is as if at some point you think you want to kill someone and that does not make you a murderer. Thinking is one thing, carrying out that thought is another thing. From thought to fact, there is a long way to go. 


It's depend on what kind of things that you think about her. If it's about adult things, nah, it's cheating. But the better is to avoid that.


Thinking about other women is not cheating. Doing something you shouldn't do with other women is. The difference is thought implied and actually entertaining those thoughts. 



Although, you should ask your wife.

If she's okay with it, even sleeping with other women is not cheating. 

All that matter is that she's fine with it.


I think not and the reason is because I think cheating is more related to something physical and carnal, because if just thinking about someone else is cheating we could include a lot of things like watching pornography in that same line.

As long as desire and thought are left alone in some kind of fantasy I think it's not deception, it's like a boundary line that becomes incorrect if we cross it.