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How can i make money through airdrops?
I see a lot of airdrop but i don't seem to understand, would be grateful if someone shed more light on it

Although the answer previously addresses one method of making money from airdrops, the method of earning can actually differ considerably based on the airdrop you're taking part in. Let's look at some of the common things that air droppers will ask you for during an airdrop. 

Owning another cryptocurrency

Believe it or not, some airdrops simply involve you owning another cryptocurrency, this means that they're happy to provide you with free currency because of your stake in something else. An example of the is the HUNT token offered by SteemHunt, they offer a 1:1 match of HUNT tokens based on the amount of Steem Power you hold. 


As previously mentioned a lot of airdrops will incentivize you to refer people to their coin, the reason they do this is because they want to raise awareness of their coin. It's common that they will provide you with a referral URL and give you more coins based on the number of people you refer. 

Subscribe to their newsletter

Some airdrops will require you to join their newsletter, they want to build a following behind their coin, keep users up to date with the great work they're doing. They want to build trust with you as an investor and this is a simple channel to keep in touch with you. To do this all you will need to do enter your email address. 

Like their social media pages

They want to build a buzz around their coin, by liking their social media pages they can create further hype and extend their overall reach through your social network. Sometimes they will simply ask you to like a post or another piece of content, they'll usually provide you a link and you can like on the relevant platform. 

Join their Telegram groups and follow their social media sites

Sometimes they will ask you to join their telegram group or follow various social media accounts, again they want to create a constant channel of information with you, they want to be able to keep you up to date and in the event, you like some of the content you may share this around your network. They will provide you a link and you will earn coins for the various sites follow/join. 

Overall the amount which you receive will differ drastically from airdrop to airdrop, but overall it's quite simple to earn a few coins here and there if you're willing to put the time in. 

Note: Don't be put off by anything I've mentioned where you have to enter an email address or provide anything from your personal accounts if you don't trust them you could always create accounts on these platforms especially for the purpose of airdrops. 


Making money from airdrops is alot easier than most people think. All you basically have to do is refer alot of people and complete a couple of tasks. The best thing to do is open a group on telegram or WhatsApp or wherever and invite people who are also interested in making money from airdrops. From that point on it's pretty easy, keep posting the airdrop links in the group and watch as every member uses your referral link for every airdrop.

Take note that airdrops can be a real hit or miss, some coins blow up days after the coin has been distributed, some take week, months and even years, while others simply never reach their final ICO prices so it's important to study the coin that's being airdropped and decide for yourself if it has potential. You can start by checking if it's listed on sites like icobench and check it's rating there.


You can make money from airdrops but it also depends on the coin that the airdrop is being offered for,if the

cryptocurrency is a kind of cryptocurrency with a wonderful project behind it and it has great features

that will make it useful and consistent in the future then such airdrops will be profitable for those that participated in it because it means the free coin rhey

got from the airdrops will become valuable in the future and can be sold and someone can make alot of money

from the free coin which they earned during the airdrop...


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