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If given another chance, what degree would you have taken in college ?

I started college with closed eyes. I am three years in now but I have realized my passion just a year ago. All my life I have been a careless prick who doesn't give a damn about the world and even about himself. When I got into college I was totally non serious and just decided a major that others thought would be good for me which clearly wasn't the case. So, I am stuck with a major that I have zero interest in just because I wan;t aware of the world around me and even about my own interests. 

The only thing that truly makes me feel alive in this world are my video games, movies, and books. I have loved these three more than anything in my whole life. But I never really realized that maybe this is who I am! A man who loves stories so much that he can find any way possible to digest them. My love for video games is the result of my love for stories actually. A story becomes immersive when you can actually do something about it rather than just being an audience and games let you do that. So, I think a career in GAME DEVELOPMENT would ring so well with me. But the thing is I don't wanna go through the process of college for four more years just to get my fundamentals straight in computer science so that I can pursue a career in game development later. 

So, alternatively, I decided to do this as a hobby. My main objective of making games is to tell interactive and compelling  stories through unique perspectives and game play mechanics. S, the essence of my games should be stories. Hence, I started writing different ideas that came into my mind and started planning a some game mechanics to complement those ideas. I have also started learning to code and get my hands dirty with some game engines unity and unreal etc. I am just getting started and I believe in myself that one day I too would be able to tell a compelling story that will entertain folks and hopefully blow their minds too.


If given another chance to pursue a degree, it would be computer engineering without a blink.

It's one of the few regrets I have about life.

I remember when I was in Junior secondary school. Whenever I was asked what I wanted to become, it was undoubtedly a computer engineer. I loved the ideas about computers and how they functioned. I remember computer classes then, then way our teacher used too talk about computers with passion made my resolve even stronger.

Well, years passed and I began to see the world of sciences within different light but still had strong zeal for the computing world, I even began learning wapka web design.

Things changed one day. My dad called me outside one night and asked what I wanted to become. I told him a computer engineer. He began telling me how he wanted one of his children to do medicine. My elder brother studies economics and so was out of the line and my sister was opting for mass communication.

Since he talked with me, my mind kept ruminating on the idea and I thought medicine won't be bad. So, when the time came to enroll for Joint matriculation exams, I gladly filed medicine. That's was my biggest mistake. I didn't even end up studying the medicine (medicine cut off mark was very high and I was in no way prepared for it). I ended up studying agriculture.

Now, I hate to even do anything related to to agriculture. It feels like as though I got misled. I wished I had stuck in with my own desires. Anyways, I hold no ambition to go back to school. However, if I did, it would definitely be computer engineering.


Since I was young, I really love drawing and I wish to work in the art industry. But the resources in my hometown in really scarce and only few opportunity for the said field. So my parents was hesitant to allow me to take any art related course. Thus, i took BS Computer Engineering.

But my passion is stronger than ever, so after I graduated from Computer Engineering I immediately took another course which was New Media Design. I even saved my allowance and use it to enrol to my second course.

If given a chance to go back in time I would take my second course immediately (media design course) so that I have a lot of time to improve in the field of art through proper education and guidance from the professional in the industry.

But if I try to think about it, my first course would not become a waste. I also dream of creating my own game so now that I know how to program and I also have solid art skills. I can now build my own game! Wow thanks letting me realize that.


If I could turn back the hand of time, I wouldn't have studied anything in the line of science. Science is beautiful with it's everyday discoveries but I would have been an art student and studied mass communication.

Growing up,I've always had this passion to be in the media world. Communication fascinated me very much. I had imagined myself in the television, casting news and hosting a program. I saw myself attending interviews and being interviewed too. It was my dream. Every evening, I would sit in front of the television and listened to the news, taking notes of specific details. Thereafter, I would go to the front of the house to recap same news to my play mates and to the adults in the house. A lot of time, I got shunned at by the adults who insisted that I was disturbing them.

Few years later,I found myself in senior secondary school and at the cross road of decision. I would have followed my heart but hell no. Why should I when all my friends wanted to study medicine or at least be in the medical line? Besides this, there was this misconceptions then that science students are most intelligent in class meanwhile in the real world every one had it's place. I was so confused even after the classes were splited between science and art. Today I'm in art class, tomorrow I'm in sciences. I couldn't continue that way because exams were fast approaching and classes were clashing.

I sought guidance from an older uncle who told me to choose the area I did better. Truth is, I did better at both science and art. Well above average. I really was stuck but eventually I had to follow the path of science. It took me six years before I could get admitted into a university to study fisheries due to Nigeria factor. I think it wouldn't have taken so long if I had followed the path of my passion.

During my service year, i had opportunity to work with a radio station. It was everything to me. It was an opportunity for me to live life doing what I had always wanted to do. I had to put everything into it; my time, efforts and consistency cos that was where I wanted to be.

Till date, I still have my regrets and currently I'm thinking of taking a diploma course in mass communication. If given another chance, I'd pursue my passion.


I would definitely grab a chance to answer this question!

You know, I've always been dreaming to become a Civil Engineer and practice the profession I love since Grade 3. I've been in love with math for so long and I have decided that moment that I'll take a course that focuses on mathematics and that's Engineering.

I was able to choose Civil because I love Geometry so much. Shapes and fascinated by tall buildings and how it is made in a step-by-step manner.

But because of family pressure, they forced me to take Education major in English! It has been so much a disaster for me because life is always unfair. I do not love this profession but I forced to do it but for the sake of my family's decision. I accepted it.

Now, I'm now a teacher and I have accepted my fate.


Computer science all the way. I would love to be involved in this crypto revolution now and computer dev's are making a name for themselves world wide because of it. They are in demand and the money is great. The 9-5 is gone and computer science graduates can pick and choose their work. 


IT related course. The medical field isn't glamorous when you're being polished through hell. I chose IT because of the endless possibilities of technology and competition that it continually drives in the market. There are several business opportunities tied to this field.


During my childhood days I have always wanted to be in the aviation industry by studying aeronautical engineering when i grow up,but due to some financial issues my parents and i were not able to afford the fees

that i will pay at the aviation college where i seeked admission at so that later made me to temporarily loose

interest in it but if i have the opportunity to go back to the college then i will want to study aeronautic engineering....


I would have went into meteorology or astronomy for sure.  If I wasn't able to handle those, I think I would have went to trade school instead and learned to be an HVAC technician.  They are all very interesting fields to me.