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Are "comments" included on the Reverse Auction Voting Penalty?
Before HF20, all upvotes before 30mins goes directly to the author of the post(linearly). If one voted at the 0th minute, all curation rewards goes to the author. If that same account upvotes at exactly 15mins, 50% of that accounts curation rewards goes to the author and 50% goes back to the upvotee. If that same account upvotes after 30mins, all curation rewards he will get from the post goes to him. Now with Hard Fork 20 this have been changed. Instead of going to the author, it goes to the reward pool. Question is: does this apply to "comments" too?

Yes they are. It is calculated the same way as a post these days. I found out the hard way and realised soon enough that it is wise to wait the 15 minute period before upvotting a comment.

Not everyone has realised this and have done a post the other day highlighting our bad habits and ignorance towards this. If you vote immediately after receiving a comment you have basically just thrown your vote away handing a majority of the curation to Steemit.