Do you think it is a good idea to borrow money from a friend? Why or why not?
For me it is not a good idea to borrow money from a friend. It is a NO NO action because it is kind of rude to do that . Even if that's your friend you can't do that of course. Your friend is not a bank that you can borrow money from. It is your responsibility to earn money or get money in any method . How about working hard and find some other means of getting jobs. Nowadays, you can earn money online . If you can write blogs or find some money earning app, it is possible so why borrow money from other people. Don't bother anyone for your own expenses so its your responsibility.

I don't think there is nothing bad in borrowing money from your friends but you must make sure you've tried all your possible best to get that money either by working very hard or doing other jobs just to help you get that money. If your effort to get the money was futile after your efforts, then you can borrow money from your trusted friends whom may help you with it. You also have to be very careful to avoid borrowing money you can't pay from your friends as this will affect your republic towards them which may cause them not to borrow you money again next time you request.

While going through the questioner post, the questioner made mention of a very good point because he doesn't supports the idea of borrowing money from friends. I think some of us have not been afflicted with some life calamities or experiences which makes us think borrowing money from friends is bad. I will share an experience that happened to one of my close friends just to explain my point better.

I am an Engineering student of a particular University. Many people knows me but I have only few friends because I believe in selecting beneficial friends that will make me successful in life due to the fact that friends can influence one's life. I have only 5 best friends in school and they have really helped me a lot in my life due to their positive attitude. One day, I was sitting under a tractor shed in my school just to stay away from the hot sun, one of my friend walked up to me and told me about the drastic rise of Bitcoin which made him very interested in investing on it. I asked him where would he get the money to invest because we don't have any per time work as a student. He told me he was going to use his school fee for that session and he will surely pay it before the closing date out of the money he will earn if BTC rises. I never corroborated with his idea and I told him he is trying a great risk. He told me "Business and making money is all about risk"!!!.

He ended up investing on Bitcoin with his school fee despite the fact I told him not to do so but he actually took that his brace decision with boldness and neglected my advice. Ever since he had invested in Bitcoin with his school fee money this year, he was just checking the price of Bitcoin more than 5 times a day just to check the price if it had risen so that he can sell it to earn some money for himself and pay his school fee with the rest. Unfortunately, what we hoped for wasn't what we expected because Bitcoin fell very drastic which led to a great loss for him. How would he pay his school fees with the little amount of money left after the great loss from Bitcoin investment? 😑

This guy never liked collecting anything from people because he always had the mindset that "one may loose respect anytime someone begs for something from the hands of people". He is someone who is very hardworking and loves to be respected. This led him to start working very hard just to make money to pay his school fee and at the same time attending classes to avoid failing in some courses. I could see how stressful his face was and I had always pity him due to his efforts to pay his school fee. He struggled so hard just to earn some amount of money by doing different types of jobs. I am sorry to say that he couldn't meet up with the amount after his effort to make that amount of money but he managed to boost up his school fee money by almost 90%. The school portal will close in the next three days and there was no job he could do to earn money.

I was watching an interesting movie when I heard someone knocked on my door with a sense of shyness. I opened the door and I met my friend looking very frustrated, tired and sick because he couldn't eat due to his condition. I invited him inside my house and I asked him what he would love to eat, but he said he wasn't interested in eating anything. I already knew he wouldn't eat in my house because he never liked collecting anything from people just to make him look more respectful in the sight of others. He then told me he needed my help and I asked him how does he wants me to help him? He said he gather his school fee after his effort and the school portal closes tomorrow. He told me "please borrow me some amount of money and I will pay you back in second semester".

On hearing that statement I felt pity for him and I told him by mum was going to send some amount of money to me that same day in the afternoon to buy food stuffs and other things like books and handouts. I told him to come back later in the afternoon which he later came and I gave him the money my mum sent to me and he was able to pay his school fee before the closing date. 😊

What lessons can we learn from this?

Firstly, my friend never believed in borrowing money from people just like some of us also never supported. The fact is that we might have not experienced some great difficulties in life which makes us feel like we will never borrow money from friends. Even some rich people may end up borrowing money from their friends if life treats them unfair in such a way that they have no choice than to borrow money from friends just to add up to the money so that they can solve their problems.

Secondly, it explains the concept of a friend in need is a friend indeed. What's the essence of having friends who aren't ready to support you financially? There are some times we may be broke and we will surely need money. Who should I meet for help other than by trusted friends because good friends are like blood brothers and sisters to each other. This doesn't means you should be a burden to your friends because they have more than you. The fact is that you may end up loosing respect and loosing them if you keep doing this.

Thirdly, it helps us to identify fake friends from real friends. When my friend paid his school fee, he told me how some people whom he trusted ended up disappointing him because of that incident. He was able to recognize those who were truly his friends and those who were deceiving him claiming to be his friend. The fact is that "true friends will never leave you in easy times and difficult times."

Lastly, it helps to build the bond of friendship. Ever since I borrowed my friend that money, he was just so happy with me such that he just loves me more than before. When friends help each other in difficult times it adds more love to their friendship and builds up the bond between them.

In conclusion, there is nothing bad in borrowing money from friends provided you've also tried your best to get that money but you couldn't get it. Also make sure you borrow the amount of money you can pay to avoid betraying your friends because you may not get help next time you are in dire need of help due to what you've done. I will also encourage the habit of not depending on friends sometimes because you may end up loosing your integrity, respect and even your friends at the same time.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Sure, you can borrow money from a friend if it's not something you do all the time. The risks in borrowing money from a friend involve losing the friendship in case of non-payment. But you're more likely to get your friend to loan you money than a stranger because they have your friendship as collateral. And you could argue that that's what friends are for: mutual help in times of need.


We all know that friendship is the deepest in the world. A good friend can come to your advantage and you other benefits can come. If you do not have money, you will not get any respect. Money is something that you can not move without.

But it is better not to borrow this money from friends. There are some reasons I'm discussing below:

If you take the money from them, you may get involved in a conflict. Your relationship with your loved one may be different. Therefore, you should not take money from friends.

You can fall in trouble If you have been in trouble due to any reason, then you might lose your relationship.

When you borrow from friends, your value will decrease to him. In this case, his relationship with you may be much lower than before.

When you take money from him, you can not refund that money in time. Your relationship with her may get worse


If it's just a little amount, it is fine. However, if you're going to borrow a significant amount, that would be unreasonable. Remember, a lot of friendships ended because of money. Money can break family's close relationship, what more for friends? We're talking about the likelihood of the its bad impact with your friendship, so as much as possible, do avoid it.


It's good to have a friend that you can ask help when in need, since we can't guarantee a secure future for yourself. And even if you do, it's still re-assuring to know that you have a friend or friends that you count onto. 

Now, when it comes to the borrowing of money, I don't really advise to borrow every time you have an emergency. However, it would only mean that you are either not in control of your financial capability or you are just dependent to your friend.

If in case that you're short in a month because of an emergency then so be it, seek help from a friend and borrow money. But if you are short because you over spent, then that is something that unlikely to be a good habit, especially to a friend. And if you form the habit of borrowing each time you have pitfall, then it might hit you one day that most of your friends is trying to avoid and that's not a good thing.

But as anyone would say, a true friend will always be there for you. If your friends avoided you during your distress then I would say that they don't qualify to be a true friend.


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I think borrowing money from someone is not good. why I say that, when we borrow money from a friend without us knowing we already have debt. with the existence of these debts we will actually bring new problems. isn't that so?

what should I do to find a solution rather than adding to the problem. actually I have to try to get income from the results of my hard work. rather than looking for reasons to borrow money from friends or other people.

So my conclusion is that borrowing money from friends is not good. rather than borrowing better, I try to maximize my income with my expenses.

maybe that's my opinion of this question. if it's not right I apologize. thank you very much for reading my answer.


If you need money to start your business or expand your business or for any other purpose, then you can take it from financial institutions and now a days there are so many start ups and pay day loan available and as far as possible do not take any loan from your friend.

Why/Why Not?

  • Because it could ruin your relationship if you fail to pay in time.
  • Begging or asking for monetary help is not a kind gesture and people usually look upon it as a below par quality and attitude.
  • If you are in a sudden medical condition and under critical circumstances only you should take a loan from your friend and as far as possible resist your adverse situations.
  • If you have taken a loan from your friend, try to repay it before the deadline as that will be in good standing with your friend.
  • If your friend is in urgent need of money and if you have money, then just help him without thinking much, because a friend in need is a friend in deed, but without any expectation in return.

So to conclude you stance as an individual should be "you should not take any loan and as far as possible resist the adverse situation and if your friend is in trouble or in need of financial help, then without waiting from him to ask for help, you should offer help to your friend and that to without any expectation/benefits in return".

Thank you and Have a great day.


There's nothing wrong in borrowing money from a friend or in borrowing a friend money. Friends are supposed to be able to help or assist each other when in need because that is what friendship is about. But when borrowing a friend money, you need to thread with caution.

Borrow a friend money you can afford to lose or borrow money from a friend you can pay back easily without any remindal from the friend you borrow the money from. Such act can destroy your friendship should anything go wrong. From experience, I've discovered that some friends hardly pay back Money they borrowed, even when they have the money and this can affect your good friendship

They have this funny entitlement feeling that they are not supposed to pay back because you people are friends. I've been in such situation and it almost destroyed our friendship because the money was quite huge. So now whenever a friend as for a loan, I simply support the friend with any spare money I have and ask him not to pay back. That way, I won't have to go and draw my money from him.

Unless the friend is someone with character and understands that it's borrow that you're borrowing him or her the money, you have to thread with serious care because a little mistake can ruin your friendship


My answer would be a yes. For whatever length of time that the terms and reimbursement plan is consented to forthright, and you adhere to that arrangement then it ought to be fine. The issues emerge when individuals don't concur terms, or don't respect those terms.

Try not to underestimate the friendship. On the off chance that you are the individual getting the cash, record the sum, the reimbursement terms and timetable, sign it, and give it your friend as a motion that you mean to keep your statement. On the off chance that you are the individual offering the cash, demand the equivalent before giving it over. That way, should the friendship break down you have something to demonstrate they owe you should you have to guarantee it back.


Well, if you cannot help a friend in need then what is the point of the friendship? It is important that we make the lives of those we love bearable, especially when it is within our means to do so. However, when it comes to money, things can get a little complicated. It can ruin friendship so I will advise that you tread carefully. Don't give more than you can afford to lose. Borrowing a friend is an investment you're not sure will held profit. Something might go wrong and the friend you borrowed money to cannot afford to pay, what do you do in that situation? You have two difficult choices, either to get your money and lose the friendship or forget it entirely because of the friendship. If it is an amount too huge to forget, then you're at risk of losing a friend. So my advice is give, but not too much that you're not willing to lose. Whatever you're given must be something you can let go of if it comes to that. This is very important because I have seen this ruin many friendships.


Borrowing money from a friend has greater advantage to borrowing money to a friend especially if he truly is a friend. If he truly a friend there are many advantages to it like.

1.No or little profit will be demanded : A friend may or may not attach a percent of profit when refunding back the borrowed sum unlike an outsider that will always want a profit in return.

2.No consequence: even when the payment delay, he will always understand with you the reason why you had to delay and probably give you Grace to pay back some other time.

3.A friend can easily forgo the sum borrowed: some friends after seeing your dedication to refund and how hard it is upon you can easily forgo the sum and demand to return.