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What do you think about this quote?
*Don't Love too deeply!* What do think about this quote? Don't love too deeply Until you're sure that the other person Loves you with the same depth. Because the depth of your love today ia the depth of your wound tomorrow. Leave the comment below!

 I'm not agree with that appointment and I have my reasons since, the quote in a few words tells you: don't love much until you are not sure if you correspond equally in love so that you will not be hurt in the future. 

The first mistake is that it talks about not loving much until you're sure of the feelings of the other person, but why? You must love no matter if that person love you back, you should not inhibit or restrict your feelings for that absurd and doubtful thought, because ... what happen if he or she loves you in the same way or even more? You will never know the truth if you don't risk it and as he, she say over there ... if you do not risk you don't win. 

Next talk about being hurt, there you are already putting limits and negativity in the relationship, because if both love each other and have a relationship you will always have the constant fear that that person could hurt you and believe me, it will never be a feeling healthy as it will torture you day by day. 

We must always have a positive attitude in everything that we propose in life, you can not post a post and think that nobody is going to vote, or show your talent and think that the people will destroy you, or give a gift and think you will not like it the gift to that person ... We live always thinking about what they will say, and what will happen ... let's stop thinking about the future and focus a little more on the present, live the moment in which you feel good, live the moment in the that you are in love and you feel those butterflies in your stomach, and those nerves to see that person. 

 Stop thinking about the future, fear and negative things, LOVE a lot, and be HAPPY, and you will see how all the foolish fears disappear and your life begins to flow excellent !!!

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I think it is a good quote of advice to all to take proper caution on how you love someone but i think it is not entirely true. Love is not really something we can control or moderate. I believe we don't even get to choose who we love. We see people who never thought of falling in love falling in love and so much in love, some people fell in love with people they never expected. So you see, it just happens and how deeply we love is not of our choosing actually.

Love is a risk we choose to take knowing it can bring us great pain and hurt but still we choose to love despite knowing all these because we have that glimpse of hope of finding that true one and having a fairytale end. You are either fully in or out. There is no such thing as loving but not too deeply. Then, to me to be honest; you are not in love to begin with. Because when you love someone, you love them with your whole being, body and soul and if that is not deeply then i don't understand what it means to love deeply.

The quote tries to comfort those who are scared that they might be hurt really bad if they fall in love but it is not something we should be scared of. Love sometimes hurt and a quote will never change that or prevent that. We must be ready to face it as it comes and let go of our fears and comfort ourselves with the hope of finding that one and only true one for us.


It’s stupid. Because if you both use that as a guideline, you will miss the love of your life.

But it’s true, if you never throw yourself fully into something, you can never be hurt. And you will not get anywhere.

Love is like most things, you get out of it what you put into it.

Your choice

Choose wisely.

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I feel like love should have no conditions or measurements.

Although the idea of the quote is sound, and makes sense, it's hard to really control true love. The idea behind controlling it kind of negates the meaning behind it.