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If mankind has succeeded in harnessing sunlight, wind and water to generate energy, why do we still depend on fossil fuels instead of dedicating our efforts to making more efficient use of the natural elements?

It has started....but not yet become main stream. More R&D is going on to make it cost effective, user-friendly and economically viable option for a mass adoption of such technologies.

Yes we have already discovered how to use sunlight, wind energy and water  to generate power. There are also many projects in pipeline and in next 2/3 years we may see more number of automobiles in particular with electrically operated (based on solar/wind energy) engines.

The conventional engines are fossil fuel based and that can not be replaced instantly with any new types of engine and the transition does take time. Further having alternative source is not just a solution, we need to make people aware of the importance of this alternative solution in the context of nature and environment and how it can impact our next generation and why the mankind need this alternative source which is eco-friendly. It is not an easy task for a poor man, who can straightaway compare the price and opt for an option. Because for a poor main it is not about alternative source but about economical importance, therefore further R&D and conducive Govt policy is required in this area to make it economically viable for a common man too.

Fossil fuel is easily available and still considered as the common source, that is because the society and the industry around us are well conditioned with the use of fossil fuel over so many years and in order to transit to an alternative source, requires a lot of effort from every segment of the society. So technological innovation as well as awareness is equally important for its mass adoption.

We have every positive aspect when it comes to eco-friendly, no carbon emission and clean source of energy. But depending upon the regions and climatic conditions their use may be limited from time to time. Where as fossil fuel is independent of such factors. Further in order to store those power, high grade lithium batteries are required which is relatively costly. That is why we need more innovation in the R&D field and also we need subsidized policy from the govt at global level to encourage the use of clean source of energy. If that can happen then the transition from fossil fuel to renewable source of energy will be easy and faster as well.

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You really need to know that technology keeps evolving everyday and Rome was never built in a day. The fossil fuel-based electricity generation is one of the oldest known method of electricity generation and took several years to be developed. It is however still in use in some regions of the world. The more current method is hydropower electricity generation and wind power generation.

Electricity generation from fossil fuels and water have been found not to be friendly to the environment as they both lead to emission of greenhouses gases which are capable of absorbing radiation from the sun and cause a phenomenon known as global warming. The cleanest and most environmentally friendly form of electricity generation is solar powered generation in which photovoltaic cells are used to trap energy from the sun which is then utilized to generate electricity for different use.

Solar powered electricity generation is still and active area of research in the scientific world. New research and ideas keep popping up everyday and more and more solar projects are springing up both at a small and large scale level. I am sure that all we need to give it is time. With time, more and more people would adopt this cleaner energy model and the archaic form of power generation would gradually fade out.


Just as sunlight, wind and water have the forms of energy they generate, so is fossil fuel. Fossil fuel is still very useful to man because it's application in areas we can't apply the forms of enervy generated by sunlight, water or wind. Until there's an adequate from of energy that can complete replace energy generated from fossil fuel, fossil fuel will always be useful to man.


Because there is still a lot of profit to make with fossil fuels. Money makes the world go round, so to say. Who still relies on fossil fuels does not need to invest in new and cleaner technologies. I think that is the whole reason.