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If you were given 10 million steem, what would you do with it?

I couldn't sell it because that would crash the market. I'd sell some of it to pay off my mortgage.  I'd power up maybe seven million and become an influential figure in the Steem community financing projects that I thought deserved financing. I'd sell the rest in small batches. I'd focus on self-sufficient projects that created value and were able to generate fiat revenue independently. It is vitally important that the ecosystem have as many projects that created as much buying pressure on STEEM as possible. It is impossible for Steem to survive on voodoo economics and wishful thinking forever.

Having three-second free transfers, excellent scalability and an easy to use wallet system, Steem is the perfect decentralized platform for online games or any other such apps that deal with digital assets. I'd support projects with ambitious aims at bringing commercial activity onto Steem. 

Cash out about 1 million steem over the course of a couple years to keep the price from dropping hard, and be able to live comfortably for life.

Power up 7 million steem. Of that 7 million-

- 2 million would go to investing in bots like @postpromoter, @moonbot, etc. and small, new projects.

- 1 million would go into my own bot, @kiwibot, so I can continue to run and grow that project.

- 1.5 million would go into Minnowbooster delegations.

- 2.5 million would go into funding non-profit projects like @busy.org and @musing.

The other 2 million steem would go into investing into new bots and platforms slowly over the course of many, many years.
I would use it to empower people and decentralize the token. I don't act differently based on how much money I'm holding, so I would essentially be doing the exact same thing I do now, just with much more stake. Ultimately I believe that the further we decentralize these tokens, the more valuable we make the platform as a whole.

The U.S. dollar didn't get to be a world reserve currency by keeping it in the hands of a few people. Sure we can look at how much of it is centralized into the hands of a few, but the power of it comes from the fact that it's pretty much accepted anywhere in the world as a currency. Whether or not it's worth anything is obviously up for debate, but until STEEM is decentralized it's value is always going to be limited.

I'd rather only have 10 million STEEM worth a thousand dollars each than spend a thousand years trying to milk that much value out of the 10 million STEEM by using it to only benefit myself and get more.
Ohhh 10 million Steem, the options are endless but I know exactly what I'd do.
Firstly, I'd find every account that comment spams and plagiarises and give them $100 USD worth of Steem each before flagging their account to invisibilty. That way, they wouldn't be able to clog up the community with their crap but they would have some Steem to withdraw as cash to help them start again, hopefully in a more productive and beneficial way to the community.

Then I'd hit some of the circle jerking self upvoting whales whose posts never get read but who make a fortune everyday simply by their autovoting friends.

I'd then pop over to fundition.io and look for some struggling young devs to help out with a decent delegation to keep them going and aid their work.

Next, look out for some great real world charitable projects that need some funds, especially in the areas of poverty, homelessness and the environment.

Then I'd give huge upvotes to all the people who have bothered to engage with me on here before looking for plankton who work hard but never make anything yet don't give up.

The amount of joy, happiness and life changing gifts you could give with 10million Steem is almost immeasurable and even if you never took any of it for your own personal financial gain, the absloute joy you'd bring on yourself doing so much good would keep your spirits high for the rest of your life.
@Clayboyn has the best answer here so far, decentralization of the token is essential

Steemit Inc with their tens of millions or Steem Power is already delegating and giving Steem to the most successful Dapp being developed or those with the potential to be the most prolific

However, the spread of the tokens amongst the new breed of upcoming leaders in the last few months in Steemit is without doubt the biggest lacking in the ecosystem today.

Too often we honor the top developers, and the creative writers, but we do not build up the glue of our ecosystem, the community builders.

I would 2nd this idea and extend it further the cause by introducing a true Minnow Support System, a ranking system a kick-starter for community builders to get dolphin delegation (10 Million Steem will easily give 2000 Dolphin delegation) and the to performer 10% gets to double their delegation, and if they top it again, double again to a max of 20,000 Steem Power.

The rest are minnow who rotate with such Steem Power, scores are given to upvotes given to other minnow, and recruitment initiatives, manual curation, community building (starting their own group), and other matrixes that will be used and judge by peers, the top 20% performer of delegated Dolphine (scoring system)

Like Curie for Mentors. Given that great Dapps exist and worthy BUIDL case exist for a crypto, I believe community builders are the biggest and fastest catalyst for decentralization of any token.
Damn, 10 million steem can really do some good in Steem.

I of course will first create multiple accounts under my control and power them up with the 10 million steem. All the steem would be powered up.

With the puppet orca/whale accounts, I'd support various dapps and initiatives via delegations. I would also set out a manifesto for the types of witnesses i will vote for. "want my witness vote? fulfill the following as a witness .etc"

Delegations would work the same way as well. "Fulfill the following and i will consider delegating"..

A fraction of the Steem would be used for a special account that i'd used to start my own user adoption drive. Where I would then market steem with and have them apply for an account from me (just like steemit.inc signup) but with much more stringent requirements and much more instant signups. Perhaps I would focus on Medium.com writers since that makes the most sense. Medium.com is an equally platform that most of the entrepreneurial writers are on.

With 10 million steem I pretty dont need to worry about paying for living expenses so I now have way more time to focus on evangelising Steem to the masses. Hopefully be the marketing force that steemit deserved.
If I am given 10 million steem the first thing I will do is to power up with 7 million steem to increase my voting power as my low steem power have been affecting my activities on steemit.
Secondary I will delegate 2 million steem to various good community on steemit to increase their voting power, I will use five hundred thousands steem to host many competition for minnows like me and cash out the remaining 500 thousands steem.
If I been rewarded as 10 million steem the I will first of all but 10 million rupees steem power and I increase my reputation score daily and I will be top at the steemit community and I can upvote to anyone and increase my voting power also.
10 million steem power is so much so I will write 2-3 blogs in which I get good amount of upvote and I upvote to too many people and from them I get good amount of blessings.
After I buy 10 million steem power then I make a huge profit from it and that money I will withdraw for me to enjoy my life and I will donate the steem power to pepole who are able to buy steempower so for them it will too much beneficial because they are not having steempower and so they can afford to earn more money from steemit and they stops their work in steemit and if I helpful to them they will continue steemit and they works regularly to earn money from what they get steempower.

As of right now I would just keep it in my wallet.

Once the price rises up I would start to invest those in Steem Blockchain and other cryptos.

As in the current situation of mine once the price increases I would go for 50% power up.(Among those 5 million Steem I would delegate most of them to different dapps in Steem Blockchain and would allow them to grow even more and support other users) 

From the rest 50% I would cash half out and half I would invest in other aspects but not in crypto while in other physical ways.

The rest would be kept in liquid and in case in future if this kind of dip happens so that I can dive back in :) 

Maybe I will answer it in brief I will be exchanging them with steempower because it was something very beneficial to myself and to others, have simple dreams, yeah steempower that much
gimme and you'll see :p

i learned its not all good to not give away ideas for free , look at the way corporations like facebook and google and microsoft do business with their 10 million steempower, they go around buying people out

or they go around stealing ideas that arent patented and then use their 10 miliion steempower to pretend it's theirs.
by the time you get to it your idea would be illegal for you to implement ... the curse of lobbyright

first thing i definitely would do is pack up my cat and move out of Hellgium, the rest is to be seen

Power down half of them and ensure myself a comfortable life. Spend the other half to bring my posts to the trending page everyday :D


Sell a bunch, stockpile a few years worth of living expenses in fiat.

Strategically sell the rest as price rises, diversifying investments along the way - and figuring out some strategy to utilize the SP to reward some great leaders in the meanwhile.