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What do you think about Musing having a "conversations" feature?
I've been mulling over the idea of there being chatrooms in Musing. For example, each category/tag would have a chat where you can share and discuss information more fluidly than just a Q&A format. Think Quora + Telegram combined. Additionally, each question/answer page could have its own chat where users can discuss the answers in a way that feels more free-form.

That's a great idea. If we have option to chat like that, we will be connected with other people more. It will help us get to know each other better. It will also increase the engagement. 

People want to chat and express their thoughts instantly. Unfortunately, we don't have chatting feature. We have to go to Discord channel to chat and talk to other people. People love engagement and interaction. Many good things will come out from genuine engagement. 

If you make it easy for people to share their thoughts and idea, that's amazing. People love to express themselves easily and fast. And if there is a feature like this, people will feel more comfortable to express their thoughts in order to help other people.

Yes, there is a chance for spammers to spam. But I think @musing is smart enough to face and handle it. That's what, I think. 


It's not a bad idea but I think only a few musers will use that feature atm.

It's no hidden fact that the majority of people right now on Musing.io are mostly here for the generous upvote from the @musing account. People's first question would probably be something in the line of: "Will we get some sort of rewards from discussions happening in the conversation feature?" If the answer is NO, then the majority of people here right now would probably not be motivated to engage and use that feature.

I really think that Musing is still not ready for features like that one, probably in the near future where Musing has now a few people who just spend their time idling in some categories/tags or a specific question waiting for someone to discuss that topic? XD Or Musing has enough genuine contributors who really is in their best interest to discuss such topics with other people without less care about the rewards, 

As long as the majority of people here cares mostly about the rewards and is just doing the infamous dump-and-go (dump an answer and go log-off immediately after then wait for the reward to come in) then I think a notification feature inside Musing would be a much better new feature or a mobile app. XD


I love the idea personally, as I have wondered the same thing and think that Musing lacks a bit in that area - there is no real engagement, and people just post and answer and move and and wait for upvotes. Im sure there are exceptions to the rule but that is how it feels alot of the time.

We need to ask ourselves what is the goal of Musing? If it is just purely a Q and A forum like Quora, then its fine like it is and it is serving its purpose. But if it wants to be more of a Q and A plus discussion then I like the idea you have discussed.

I don think that there would need to be some kind of incentive for creating valuable discussion though (I think thats why it doesnt happen currently, as people just post questions and answers as thats there the money comes from!).

Maybe users could have a 'discussion score' and recieve a weekly 'bonus' payout/upvote based on there discussion score - this would lead people to become quite involved in the comments section. I spend a bit of time of Steemhunt, and this is kind of what they are doing - each user has a native 'hunt score' encouraging them to be more active on the native platform.


Hello Jonching,

I think this is a pretty solid idea. Some of the conversation threads get pretty lengthy at times, and this indicates there is a high probability that such a feature would be an attractive addition to musing.

This would also be useful in situations where there are language barriers between either the asking party, or the answering party, such an implementation might help bridge a gap where this miscommunication can be elaborated in a live setting. Extremely useful!

I really don't see much in terms of negative aspects to implementing a live chat environment. 

Thanks for your hard work and dedication to musing. I really enjoy my time on this platform. I hope my answer was helpful.


I have thought of this too and I see it has a great idea. What I wish they add is a reply block where one can see people who replied to my comments. Most times after commenting on a question, I noticed some users reply back but I don't get the notification until I probably go through my replies on steemit.

So the conversation features is a good suggestion, it will help fast and reliable operation in the community


Personally, I don't think musers care about each other that much. Maybe sometime in the future, this might be a great idea but it is too early. Also, I am no a similar platform with this feature and personally, I don't think it matches musing. The major appeal of this app is its simplicity. If we want to encourage interaction, for now, I think there should be some incentive for users to reply answers to questions. We can try this and see how it works before trying this new feature you propose.


It's a wise observation, especially if a bar for reply is added since their is no notification for personal replies except one goes through steemit. But for a chat room, I disagree , because the purpose of musing does not involve discussing issues outside questions for knowledge and users who give answers, this alone is enough as a conversation features.

Though I believe musing is working at something to make the platform more conducive , if having a reply bar on individual profile is included , then it's a good one.

I also suggest a FAQ , to educated new users on how to go about the platform so has to avoid abusing rules which is not really stated out.


That will surely be a great idea. Yes, we have Discord servers, but not everyone on musing.io have already joined Musing Discord server. Having every category with a channel will somehow help and discuss the questions and share ideas and opinions with other members. However, we should not take the fact that our answers would be better expressed in answering the questions itself, but it can help everyone to create a camaraderie towards other musers.


I would like to see this being operational for musing.io since there are certain topics that would need further discussion and would be better to do it privately.

With this feature, I think it will increase the reliability of the platform since it would cater for people who only want to have a discrete talk among each other.

On top of that, since you are suggesting a chatroom for each topic, it will also create a connection between the people / community who would like to discuss a specific topic.

Overall, I think it will increase the demand on the usage of this platform and will eventually increase the engagement as well.



just make the comments to answer more visible...that can the middle ground for coversations.

We need better format to embed videos from dtube/youtube and gifs much sooner than a brand new section.

Suggestion : do a promoted question of the day with guaranteed rewards ( 100 SBD??) , a question which requires deeper research and worth it for the researchers.


While I must say this is a good idea and one can clear any kind of doubt instantly by asking other fellow musers who are available online, but I have little doubt, can you clarify.

In musing everything we are doing whether asking or answering a question, is recorded on blockchain, so don't you think the chat feature will make a kind of burden to the blockchain and also I was made to understood that the interface of musing is kept simple considering the requirement of less memory.

So with an additional chat feature, if every chat function will be recorded on the blockchain then I don't think it is a good idea, if any other option is available without burdening the blockchain then it is always an welcome scene on musing.

Thank you and Have a great day.


It may work or it may not. I honestly don't know. having the option would be decent and the only way you will know it will work is by doing a test on it.

I think that lots of the users here now will just hit and run regarding the questions and answers. They are not interested in discussing it. I may be wrong but some of us would use it. i think as the community becomes more developed it would be used.

The community is growing all the time so any new idea will work as the community expands.