Could you live without internet?
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I lived without Internet for a long time during my childhood. I didn't have any problems than. So, yes, I can live without Internet. 

But it will be a lot difficult for the first few months. After which I will get accustomed to it and no longer regret it. Internet was a revolution that allowed the general public to access information for anywhere.

If Internet is shut, the public will no longer be able to do that. So, a lot of businesses that depend on IT will turn to dust. 

But that won't make people die. They will live on but that would be a little harder than now.

Even large asteroids couldn't exterminate us from living in earth. Mere lack of Internet won't have that much impact. People will go back to the analogue systems. 

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Long time ago I was able to live without internet. For the past decades a lot of things changes and a lot of things are depending on the internet. Internet made our lives easier in many ways like communications, banking, leasure and a lot more. I think I can no longer live without internet.

Internet was invented the last few decades. For thousands of years people used to live without this luxury. So, even though almost everything related to our lives, our jobs, and often our entertainment is attached to Internet, still we would manage to live without it.

During the last quarter of 2018, I was robbed and my properties were carted away, including my dear smartphone. It took me about 2 months before I could save up to purchase a new phone. I was without internet for these period and I was feeling empty. It was like the world has ended.

I could not access all my basic necessities of life such as my sport updates, social media, online banking platforms and so on. It was quite difficult to stay updated. I almost regularly forget the day and time my team was supposed to play. I could not transfer funds to fams with ease. I had to opt for the mobile banking which is not quite easy to use.

I did not die, obviously, for not using the internet but I wasn't able to do the things I do with ease anymore. The internet has made so many things easy and it would be like going back in time, to the stone age if it cease to exist.

Thank you.

This question had me asking myself deep questions. I had to face the truth head on.

Everything I do for money is done via the internet. EVERYTHING.

I am a writer. All the little gigs I get are gotten online. I'm presently taking classes to become a copywriter... Online.

I tried getting offline jobs, I tried, but all to no avail.

So I am kinda stuck on the internet.

However, I am a believer of the fact that nothing is impossible. I have had days when there was no internet access and though at first I almost gorged out my eyes in frustration and pseudo depression, I conquered. I survived.

It will be tough.

It will attempt to drive me crazy.

I will go back to biting my nails.

I will get depressed and feel like dying.

It will mean me thinking out of this world.

It will push me out of my zones both comfortable and uncomfortable.

But I will survive and then thrive because it is possible.

Yes, I can live without the internet.

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So I guess we all could live, but our live would change in multiple ways

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No! I cannot live without internet. I recently went on a hiking trip and there was no network there and I was away from the internet for 2 days. To be honest, the first day was very difficult. Also, add to that the fact that i was with people so did not need email etc or even google maps. Had I been alone or wanted to kill some time on social media, i wouldn't have been able to and would have died of boredom. 

I think apps like maps, email, messenger, news, music, are essential things. I spend so much time on youtube, watching live feeds that i really don't think i can go back to buying newspapers and magazines for content. And internet has also helped me get the opposing views on a hot topic easily, so that i can listen to the debate and then choose my side. 

Yeah, life would be too inefficient and i will waste too much time. Internet is a must!

Indeed, there was life before the internet and hopefully, if life continues, "internet" would not be the best thing that has happened to humanity.

While I won't deny the limitless possibilities that the internet has availed its users, there is much more to life beyond the internet.

Assuming there were no more internet, I will dedicate my life to humanitarian services to solve problems  for people and make them happy.

Without internet, we'll learn to more hardworking, timely and dedicated to our service and assignment.


It's going to be difficult adjusting at first but since I'm not heavy on social media, I guess I'll be okay

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Hell No but with an exclamation point.

Yes living without Internet at this point in Time would certainly be hard for many people but the situation might change on the circumstances. If the internet is gone for just a Day or a Week and the thing happens again and again then this would be very hard for people but if the Internet is gone permanently than people might suffer the initial Months but people will get accustomed to not having the internet in a few months and then they won't suffer at all.

So the situation matters a lot and how much we will suffer. Yes, I know while we were small when the internet was in its infancy but we are now dependent on the Internet a lot.

Hi there, 

Yes, Why not? I can even when we all have lived without any internet. I definitely can and I would love to do it but I need all the necessary resources such as my Family, Good Foods, My friends & Some Good Books. I don't need any fake friends at all and it could be more easy when I am staying in the palm of nature. 

Although it is not that easy but Yes, I can. I have lived without any internet in my Class 10 & 11 I didn't face any special problem but that time I was working for my exams and for a purpose to achieve by books. But Right now as a Computer Science it is very difficult to live without internet because I do e-learning and without internet there is no existence of e-learning. 

Even I would suggest to afford sometimes for yourself and observe things that definitely gonna helpful and prevent yourself from virtual world. 

Thank you & Have a Good Time :-)


It's all about the Mindset of a person. A strong Will and a Strong Mindset would take you to places and Heights you you've never Imagined. 

When it comes to your Questions: Yes we can like without Internet, Personal Computers, Smart Phones and Primitive Technology. People are innovators and Opportunity Seekers so in case Smart phones and technological devices go out of Demand. People will find Invent and Find out other things Which would have the Possibility of being More Stronger and Way better than the technology that we are using at this Moment.

Social Media, Internet, E commerce and Many other Beautiful things are a Big Part of our lives now. No one ever imagined that Freelancer ( Youtubers, Social Media stars, Internet personalities ) Could accumulate a  Huge Wealth by Using their Creativity and Innovation, Entrepreneurs could Build an Empire and Attract a Massive Following for their Products and Businesses.

I Come to a conclusion that People should be "Flexible" in their lives. We should always learn to Switch Lanes, Carriers, Take decisions and Learn New things in Their Life's and I believe that the World wouldn't come at "Stand Still" If one thing disappeared! As I Said "People are innovators and Will Keep On Seeking for Better things replacing the Old and Outdated Ones" .

OF course I can live without Internet.

Its cant be our life living reason.In.our life we have to work al day..But some people are free that can spent time all day or more than some busy person.Yeah we feel happy using this.From internet we can gain knowledge that's so important. Also some people use.Internet for make good friend or they g their free time.It can reduce our pain also.In recent life Internet make our life easy.yeah its its difficult to leave Internet from our life.we cant. But it cant be someones live reason.We can live without it.

Just we will feel upset for someday.But all.will be.okk..

Thanks for your question. ..

Yea I could.

Internet can't be the reason for me not to live,It's just what makes life easier. I dont think there was internet when I was born, even while I was growing up, I didn't really have the knowledge or the need of an internet, that if it was even there then;

And I was living comfortably, No stress at all. In as much as I survived then, I could now. Internet is important no doubt, but one could actually live without it, I, personally could live without it.

Do have a great time.😉

After having experienced what the internet has to offer, I could never imagine going back to the ‚dark ages‘ ;) without internet. It is useful for a plethora of things: acquiring knowledge, getting to know the world, communication, everyday uses like banking, ordering things, streaming music or movies, having access to the libraries and museums of the world,, to name just a few. I love my internet and I will not give it back. NO!

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Good and direct answer mate, the knowledge and freedom that internet has given us is amazing, I'm an addict to knowledge and I could live without it either

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Internet is where youths circle their lives on.

I am a youth. I use the Internet to keep myself busy so I can't live without the Internet

There is life before internet. Looking back when people aren't too much occupied with technology, people have time in more important things. People don't worry a lot. Social life is more common as people interact with each other. Children are healthier because they play outdoor games with their playmates. I actually like that kind of life.

However, I have been using the internet half of my life, and being accustomed to internet usage, it would be difficult for sure to live without internet. In fact, I get annoyed when there's internet connection interruption.

For sure, I can still live without internet, but it will take time to fully adjust without it.

I think I can do that. I'm not disputing the fact that accessing the internet on a daily basis has become part of our lives but it can actually be done away with. There are days that I've gotten so busy that accessing the internet wasn't part of my worries. There are days that I even didn't touch my phone, I just switched it off because I don't want anyone connecting to me. so from such experiences, I know that I can live without the internet. Besides, in our fore father's days there was nothing like internet and they enjoyed their days. So if the internet of the world gets shut down, everyone of us will adjust and get used to its absence. There's nothing that is indispensable

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I understand, sometimes when I want to be free, I leave all my devices and enjoy my day but I only can do that when Im on vacation because I am a developer, my work depends on the internet, in fact I wish I could live without it! xD

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For adults or rather for people who in their childhood or adolescence did not need the Internet to entertain themselves, or that in the last generation there was another way to have fun, it would be easier for them to live without the Internet. However, as long as I can remember I always had a device at home that required most of the internet, it would be very difficult for me to live without it. 

I have lived days, maximum one month without internet, either because I am traveling or because the wifi is damaged, and they are days, good days, only days. It eats me inside to know what's going on in the world, to know about people who are far away, or in my case: to know what's going on with my idols. 

I can say that I would rather not have a car than not have internet.

Besides, in this very advanced world, life would be more difficult, because everything is through networks. I would be less informed, I would have to go out to the street for my things, I could not communicate with my relatives abroad, I would be super bored, among many other things.

So in short, I couldn't live without the internet.

Yes any one can live without internet. There was a time when there was no internet. People of that age also lived happy and healthy. People at that time used to do socializing by surroundings people. Life was healthy and good at time.

There are certain things which is inevitable for life. Things like water and food. All other things are secondary.

However for people like us who are deeply involved in using internet life will be difficult for us. As internet is not the source of information, socializing and entertainment but it also facilitates is in different way like online shopping, online purchasing, ball payments etc. Life without internet for our generation will be difficult

I could live without internet very easily. I grew up without internet when I was a kid for the first 18 years of my life. In reality I would like to just go retire out in a cabin in the woods without any people around at all and I would get rid of internet in a heartbeat.

First of all i understand that there is a clear difference between "Living" and "surviving",

yeah i can actually survive without the Internet but it would actually not be a great idea to just simply survive in this wonderful and great technologically advance world......but i would not want to live without the internet....

i do earn some income from the Internet,i gain alot of knowledge through the internet,internet keeps me busy and make me feel less idle,internet is fun to me and makes my life more interesting...sincerely i would not want to live my life without the internet.....

individuals can actually still travel by their feet so why do they still need trains and also planes for travel??Its simple,technology is actually all around us and we can use it to make life easier for us, it is actually also on us how we really treat and use those real world advance things.....

@Jorgedr0id, The answer is really clear and that is, i am not born with Internet, then for sure i can live without Internet, the most important aspect is, knowing what is important at this point of time. Stay blessed. 🙂

Once upon the time, there was no internet. 

People were just fine.

I remember those times.

It was kind of fun.

Even these days, if by a freak accident my internet connection goes out for more than 20 mins, we're talking at least 2 hours, preferably a day, 

I would just go and do something productive. 

And, we could go into the whole conversation about doing productive things with the connection to the internet,

we need internet to do research, find inspirations, connect to our coworkers, boss, and customers, manage our business, even just typing this paragraph could be considered being productive in opposition to just watching Netflix and smoke weed.

But I think you know what I'm talking about here.

Like, right now I am listening Ray William Johnson talking about R. Kelly peepee tape, and type this, and then I will play my rabbit, and watch Netflix with my Wife. 

You know, a lazy evening off with nothing I need to do.

But if I lost the internet right now, 

I would probably start typing ideas down for my books I'm planning,

or I would whip out a sheet of paper and paint a bunch of shit.

In the past I would also work out when the internet is down. 

Maybe right now isn't the best time to do the last one as I already had a bunch of beers.

The point is, 

I like internet, and after a while I would probably feel a little bit underwhelmed without it.

Still, I am perfectly capable of living without it.

It is true.

It is really convenient to have the interactive map, dictionary, encyclopedia, news, and entertainment a click away at all times. 

But it's not like I'd die without it.