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Does intelligence determine a person's rate of success?

Well I don't think it determines it, but I do believe that it adds to it. There are a lot of factors that go into determining a person's success as well as just how successful they're going to be and intelligence is only one of them.

Things like luck, ambition and hard work are equally just as important and there isn't a single thing that completely determines how successful a person will be. The thing is that the other determinants of success will make you successful, but it's intelligence and maybe a little luck that will keep you successful.

Now there are different types of success and this depends on what facet of life you're referring to but I take it you're referring to financial success in this situation. When it comes to financial success intelligence is actually very important. Anyone can pick a winning lottery ticket and get a million dollars, but not everyone will be smart enough to invest it and make more alot at least prevent themselves from going broke again.

Intelligence breeds smart work which is similar to hardwork, but you work less and get more. Now there will always be circumstances that are beyond a person's control, but if you work smart then you should be prepared for anything and if you're prepared for anything then you'll always be successful.

To put it simply and to answer your question, intelligence actually does determine the rate of a person's success, but it's not the only thing that does that. It's rather a combination of numerous factors which will ultimately cumulatively determine how successful a person will be.

I hope this helps.


I think IQ is really important to some extend in determining a person's success but it's not everything that can determine whether a person will be successful or not. Usually those A class students work for C class students purely because A class students constantly think they are the most smartest so they won't seek the help of others. 

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence and some luck is equally important in the quest for success. Luck is really important as it can position a person at the correct time at the right opportunities. 

Having high EQ skills help a person to get more connection to key important figures and an acceptance of others to help so to grow together instead of wanting to do everything themselves. 

However, if a person has high IQ and EQ combined it would really lead to a high possibility of chance of success. The IQ part can guide that person in the world of the unknown and the EQ can help an individual leverage his/her talent and align with the others to help to bridge the different gaps and to easily succeed in doing hard and complex task. 


I think applied intelligence is a strong determinant of success. The purpose of knowledge to find a means of application to answer a necessity. You don't need to know everything to be a success, you just need to know the things that are required for you to be competent at fulfilling what is expected of you. 


I would definitely say some intelligence is required to succeed.  I see two types of intelligence though and it is not what you learn at school or university.

The intelligence to spot opportunities and run with it and the intelligence of being streetwise. I know brainy people who have no common sense whatsoever. they may be successful but are limited into what they could do.

I think it's a mixture of brain power to combine passion, dedication and knowledge to achieve an end goal. If you are super clever and lacking the drive then you most likely will do alright but will under achieve.

I have seen less smart people achieve things purely on personality. If you are likable but not smart people are drawn to you as you are not a threat. It can work both ways and you don't have to be intelligent to succeed but it does help.


Not alone. Not by a long shot. It is an important factor, though, but being born in the right social class, connections, good work ethic, good mentoring, good executive function (the ability to concentrate on tasks without being easily distracted), finding a suitable line of work and having opportunities available through sheer luck are very important, too. It seems to me, though, that one's level of intelligence forms a kind of soft ceiling as to what type of careers one can have any sort of success at, because intelligence is about handling complexity. Not everyone can be nuclear physicist or a computer scientist no matter how much work they put in.


Intelligence could be one of the factors to rate or determine a person's success.

It could also depends if how intelligent or what he is capable of doing with his intelligence. Like if he can win in a big game show with what he knows or invent something that would bring success.

The proper use of intelligence is important too as some intelligent people are lazy or using their intelligence in wrong doings in which instead of success, it will bring bad fortune for them.

Some other factors that might affect the person's rate of success in my opinion are being determined and hardworking.


In my 2 cents opinion intelligence is not a bench mark of person success. However it may increase the success if the person is already successful. Otherwise you can't achieve success for just intelligence. Emotional intelligence can be good for achieving a high success bench mark. 


To some extent I'll say Yes.. Because you have to be able to apply in practice knowledge you have acquired and this has to do with intelligence. The capacity of your mind need to be at a max to be able to run things that need you to succeed.

However, some people are lucky wealth is allocated to them and they hire people to do the brain work for them, so they don't really need intelligence in their case. So for me it goes both ways.


In all honesty, intelligence is not the sole attribute of a successful person. It's just one of the many qualities.

If I may add, these are the qualities that will help a person succeed are:

- passion

- determination

- adaptability


I once asked successful people around me, asked the secret of his success, he said that he was successful as I see it now requires a long process, perseverance, hard work and never give up, intelligence is needed but the most important thing is the courage to take risks .

I see the level of intelligence not prominent. Surprisingly, all of his employees have higher intelligence than him.

Hopefully we can learn a lot from his experience.


Indeed, you require intelligence to succeed. On the off chance that you prevail in existence without proper intelligence then such person will end up failing, Simply conventional breathing and believing is the principal intelligrnce you have to prevail throughout everyday life. We are conceived in a wrongdoing, so we are not impeccable.

We live in an exceptionally erratic antagonistic condition on planet earth.

There is likewise rivalry to endure and on the off chance that you are not the fittest and the most brilliant, you will be the normal. In some cases, normal is the thing that you have to succeed.

Better than expected is better however on the off chance that you are savvy, it appears from the manner in which you impart or potentially the manner in which you get things done. Unadulterated knowledge can be educated as well. Incidentally, there is no contrast between characteristic insight and computerized reasoning as knowledge is knowledge.

They supplement one another. Insight is one and yet numerous. Insight is truth among truth. Human knowledge so far is nothing contrasted with what we can accomplish as people.

These days you need to thoroughly think out of the box to actually succeed.

All things considered, it has dependably been the equivalent since the start. In any case, insight isn't as extraordinary as you may think. Knowledge has columns, for example, innate, past encounters, current conditions, inclinations, openings, possibilities and future goals.

Achievement comes down to choices, choices, choices And pursued by activities, activities or inactions relying upon the condition in your life. The ones that you don't have power over. Succeed, doesn't mean you need to be fruitful consistently.

You can prevail by being extremely restrained and sitting tight for your turn. It is about the fundamentals, nuts and bolts, nuts and bolts. Knowledge can be instructed to the individuals who don't know with the goal that they can be effective in life as well.

learning is one of the less demanding way it is being use to show our childhood and youthful grown-up knowledge by method for littler victories through learning. Intelligence is the equivalent as progress as you require them in the meantime to be effective.

The intelligence you have to prevail in life is a typical one and everybody has it. That implies that everybody can prevail throughout everyday life on the off chance that they connected it.


People are trying for success since the beginning of the world. Everyone needs the help of achieving success. Without success, it is not possible to reach certain destinations.

Wisdom helps people to move forward. The intelligence is needed to achieve the success of a man. Because it is considered to be crazy without intelligence. Therefore, people must have intellect.

You have asked, Does intelligence determine a persons's rate of success?To determines the success rate, a person must have intelligence. But success rate does not depend solely on intelligence. It depends on human action, education, business, knowledge, movements etc. But people Must have intelligence.