What do you think are the historical events that most affected humanity?

First I'm going to say the American Revolution. Obviously we can't talk about monumental moments in history without talking about the birth of one of the top most influential most powerful countries in the world in terms of well, basically any metric.

But the main reason I decided to start from the American Revolution is no other than the fact that it was one of the very first instances that showed the world that the authority of the monarchy and the aristocracy can truly be challenged-

It showed that man, the common man, can rise up and demand his freedom and not only survive, but triumph. And because of this we could have another of the greatest revolution. Which in my opinion is perhaps the greatest in the entire history of man--the French Revolution.

The French Revolution took place at the latter end of the eighteenth century. Influenced and impressed by the preceeding American Revolution and spurred on by certain events at the time, the people of France decided to revolt against the monarchy.

And the effects of this was tremendous. Both on Europe and the whole world as a whole. Not only the fact that it sparked immigration and dissemination of beautiful French ideas and cultures all over Europe and to America, but also because of its core tenets and philosophy--which are liberty and equality.

Again it showed, like the American Revolution, that the powers that be can be challenged. And that real power is in the hands of the people. This might be ridiculous now but it was also just as ridiculous then!

Back then the king of france and the aristocrats and the church had pretty much all the powers concentrated in their hands. They could do as they please to the neglect of the common French man, and if you had mentioned to the man that he could do something about it, he would have laughed in your face and tell you to leave him alone to for in peace.

But men began to get tired, and everyone stood up. They wrote books and held meetings and uplifted the spirits of their fellow men. And in the end they triumphed. And that in turn inspired not only France but every other oppressed nation and person of the earth since then.

It was said of Switzerland that the French Revolution made it:

"proclaim[ed] the equality of citizens... equality of languages, freedom of thought and faith; it [also] created a Swiss citizenship, basis of...modern nationality, and the separation of powers...it suppressed internal tariffs and other economic restraints; it unified weights and measures, reformed civil and penal law, authorized mixed marriages (between Catholics and Protestants), [and] suppressed torture and improved justice.

Which is why a lot of historians also call the Revolution one of the greatest events in human history.

The feelings of liberty and equality that we all crave for and share today also had its root in that day. The decentralization we strive to achieve; to take the control of our lives away from certain concentrated groups of people and secure it for ourselves; this all began and had its strongest manifestations in the French Revolution.

Which is why I decided to make it my main pick. Sure there are also a lot more event in history with gravitas and long lasting effects. But if you're here on musing, that means to an extent you must subscribe to the principle and philospophy of openness and decentralization that Satoshi Nakamoto and the Blockchain invention as a whole embodies.

And surely if you do, then you must cherish freedom from oppression and liberty. And that is exactly what the France gave us. Hope and strength and revolution. And thus that is my pick to top the bunch.

Other honorable mentions are the writings of Plato, the Live and teachings of Christ and the Buddha, the Greek and Roman empires, the rennaisance, Slavery, artistic and literary movements of the nineteenth century, the the World Wars, the Manhattan Project, the invention of the Computer and the internet, Facebook and so on.

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This is a good question! And I will just make my answer simple.

For me, I would consider the fall of the Roman Empire as the biggest event that happened and affected the whole world and our life today. And because of this unfortunate event for the Romans, it opened a great change and a new generation of communication for all nations, the birth of the English language. Why I say so?

Because during those times that the empire was about to collapse, it could no longer hold its strength on its one of its colonies, the Britain. Britannia at that time was almost inhabited by Anglo-Saxons and has a long conflict against the Vikings that were mostly around Europe. The Vikings, specifically the Normans waged war against the Saxons and successfully defeated the exhausted Britons. Because of these chain of events, the Old English(by the Anglo-Saxons) was eradicated and what we had now is the Modern English.


 The first answer is wars and mar making tools such as gun powder.  The gun made it where one man could fight off many men if he is a good shot.

The thing that had the largest impact on the most people first was the printing press.

After the printing press the telegraph and Telephone. Then Electricity and transportation. 

Today it is the WWW the ability to communicate with others in a split second world wide.

 I will predict the next thing that will impact us all is the RFID Microchip. 

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Depends how far we go back. As we are talking about humanity, we can go as far back as the beginning of the species.

In chronological order:

1. Fire: this transformed our ability to get more calories from our food, allowing us to spend more time developing new tools and culture. It also allowed us to create new tools, using the heat.

2. Language: even today, the power of words are hardly diminished. We can still remember that sweet word a special person whispered to us or countlessly doubt ourselves because of a critic we got from a teacher or a parent.

3. Writing: This gave us the power to speak beyond our normal sphere of influence and to listen to people who we would never have the chance to meet. It expanded the size of cultures and civilisations

4. Blockchain: it removes the need for the intermediary as a source of trust when transactions take place.

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I would have to go with when that giant asteroid fell out of the sky and killed off the dinosours. With out that we would not be the dominant species on the planet. In fact I doubt mammals would have gotten any kind of a foot hold on this planet other than in extreamly cold areas of the planet. If the dinos were still alive we would be the penguins of the dino planet.


There are several I can recall with my head so am just going to list them off head and state why I feel they were important.

1. The American War for independence that ushered the USA into democracy is very important as it marked the true birth of democracy.

2. The Second World War which ushered in the USA as the Worlds true global superpower as well as the creation of new technologies for a new era.

3. The refusal of Rosa Parks to give up her seat ushered in a new era for the civil rights movement as well as the push for racial equality.

4. Finally I have the Life and Death of Jesus christ, which ushered in a new era for religion and gave birth to Christianity still practiced by 2 Billion plus people today including myself.

There are plenty more others such as the pulling of the Berlin Wall and the beginning and End of slave trade, e.t.c. but it depends on your views and how you want to prioritize these things


The future

Blockchain - This is the next big thing. It's going to really disrupt the industry of everything and make many people angry and it is going to disrupt anything and everything that requires recording and proofing of an identity or data. In the distance future, I believe it can greatly reduce any corruption cases around the world. Increase efficiency in recording and accuracy and many more. 

5g tech - From 3g to 4g - It made many things possible. 

3d Printing - This technological advancement is really important. If you imagine it being integrated with 5g and many more. 

The world of today (The present) 

I guess there are too many to mention. One of the biggest events that has changed humans is the creation of the internet. This is the most important. It has created a new industry. Without the internet things would have slowed. Now, globalization speeds up to by many folds and people are no long really interested in wars as it the incentives to fighting decreases. The new war now is the war of being dominant on the virtual real estate. 

The accidental creation of Antibiotics - Alexander Fleming had accidentally discovered antibiotics in 1928. Imagine it wasn't, families would still be big due to death of the children. 

Apple - The pioneer of all smartphones and anything that has apps. Luckily he created this and was made CEO before apple fell. I still remember a time before this, blackberries and RIM were the strongest companies in this field. Once Apple had announced its iphone. Just like now blockchain technology, I wasn't din even know what apps were and how they would be used. This is one of the most important historical event. Steve Jobs announcing the iphone. 

Facebook - This is one very important technology. Many may argue that it's a company that has violated many laws but well, who would know Billionaire could be made in a short span of time. Facebook is so important that it is something that we feel is integrated into our lives today.  

Then there is Uber and AirBnb, the unicorns of the internet. The companies that prove disrupted many traditional companies from their normal operations and made it more efficient. I think it will still be an ongoing process where these two companies disrupt the other industries and more and more uber and airbnb style companies set up. 

Then we go back

World wars definitely changed this world forever too. Imagine if Japan had won the war and North Korea would have won the war. What would the world be today? Would there even be Samsung, Hyundai or etc. If Hitlers hadn't assassinated so many Jews, what would be the world today? 

The opening of the first seven 11, considered and could be the world's mart. Imagine that. Then it has seen sprouted into other important and well know supermarkets today.

Even further 

Henry Ford discovered a new way to make of making cars and it was really important as it changed history with transportation history. Cars could be affordable enough to be produced that I guess it was replicated for other industries and was the blueprint for other important factories and even the school system today. 

There are just too many to mention as history is too deep and vast to explore. I think if we wrote a full history covering every aspect of man from the first man to ever step on Earth or was made and evolved here, it would be so deep that we would drown in it. One thing I am sure, in this era of the new industry, the changes of slipping into poverty will be greatly reduced. Luckily, we are born into this era. Well, i wrote all the things here from what I thought and just used minimal google power so it would always have this originality rather than those cliche points you get all over internet. It could be longer, but well, just those would provide an adequate picture of the historical events that changed human kind and humanity. 


Historic events actually influence the society both in cultural and behavioural manners. Hostoric events are some old events that took place in the recent past. They make the upcoming descendent aware of what their ancestors did in the recent past . They either directly or indirectly influence the life of the people living in today.

Actually historic events creates some psychological effects in the human thinking. They alter the mind set and way of thinking . There are various historic events and these are parts of our life. They are taught to us by the teachers.

 They are told to us by our mentors.

Our mostly ethics and believes are based upon the historic events. We mostly believe in things that we have never seen but this believe makes us do impossible things possible. These historic events gave us actually a way to move on.

These historic events deplict the evolution human being under some to reach such a point. These events have made us stand where we are. All these great inventions from pen to rockets all are historic events that are urging man to ponder more and more to make new ones.

I believe that these historic events actually govern a human thinking.

 Some might say me wrong by saying that some people don't believe in history and say that it is all that fuss their thinking is also indirectly influenced by some historic event.


To answer this question, I think we need to consider what we mean by impact. If we mean that 'X' event can be directly correlated to other events in the timeline of our universe quantified. I think the answer is clear at least from a materialistic worldview.

The answer is simple and, without this event, I am fairly certain we would have nothing quite literally. The big question is how such event came to be. That event (theoretical) is The Big Bang. 




The Birth of prophets like Jesus and Muhammad (saw)

Henry Ford's use of the assembly line for mass production

The era of Pharaoh, Moses and the Israelites

The discovery of electricity for the light bulb

The Titanic Event which made the usefulness of the telephone more obvious

The Printing Press

The Birth of Geniuses like Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, and the rest.


1. use of alcohol as a way to deal with unsanitary water from over population. 

2. Genghis Khans rape and pillage of asia. Over 10 million people alive today are descendants of Genghis Khan.

3. the last ice age