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Who do you think is the best influencer on steemhunt, and why?
Steemhunt is one of the platforms I've been using the most lately, and where the influencers (and their votes) have become very important, so in your opinion who is the best influencer that one who make the best job?

Hi @josalarcon2 - As a SteemHunt Influencer and to prevent bias. There is no such thing as the 'best' Influencer job at SteemHunt or rather who really is doing a great job personally. 

But you may able to determine who really did a great job curating and upvoting hunts by its User Score. Most likely SteemHunt's Account Based Votes are based from the following, (in a Nutshell).

  1. Account Credibility - From you Reputation and the time you were registered.
  2. Activity Score - Most likely you login activities and your voting behavior 
  3. Curation Score - If you voted the hunt first, and everybody also likes it
  4. Hunt Score - You posted a hunt from SteemHunt, and it is also based from your scores you get and the approved hunts you get.

The Calculation follows as easy as an Algebra Problem.

Account Credibility * Activity Score * Curation Score * Huntscore = User Score

So far, only @aamirijaz , @gentleshaid, @fruitdaddy, @ogochukwu and also me has a user score of 15+. That is also with a multiplier of x3 = 45+ score for the Influencer Role. But the system still has some flaws, because you may still do evil deeds sometimes like voting the same user everyday, that is why there is no such thing as the best Influencer.

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Every influencer doing his job in the best way possible. The work of influencer on steemhunt is to hunt those UN valued hunt that are really awesome and community have missed them out,

And it is influencer who boost those hunts  and take them in to the rankings.

Selecting  one is very difficult. But as it is a question, and it should be answer,

My first pick is 

1- @FruitDaddy 

Because i have seen many hunts that are being boosted by @ FruitDaddy.

2- @aamir ijaz.

He is one of the honest person i have ever seen on steemit and he is carying his honesty here on steeemit and he is doing his job in the best way platrfom

I am selecting two, but that doesn't mean others are not good, Every one is good and eeryone is doing Their job very wel done.



Because he is has the biggest power in Steemhunt (user scores), and he lease 10K Sp and give a lot of upvotes. And yes, he delegated to me too. I love him sooo much!!!!


He is great at giving curation, but not good as a hunter. So IFL is a good place for him.


Upps, he is cool too. He always choose the best of the best, and he is good hunter too (i am serious).

and guess what?

The best of the best is "ME" XD :|



Enough is enough =  he always said that, and he is cool hunter and maybe will be suited to be the next ifl.


Nah, the questioner is suited too to be the next ifl. Why?, he has a great taste in choosing hunts.

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Me personally have been hunting since the beginning of the platform and I have been following what they have been doing always and I am so. The Influencers are simply people from the community which are doing a voluntarly job. They do not get anything extra except spending their effort on boosting the best hunts to be on top 100. And I say Kudos to all of them which are doing a very great job, without getting nothing to much extra in the return!

So all of them are doing an amazing job and I am saluting all of them.