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If you could change history, what would you change?
Throughout history there have occurred a number of events that changed the course of humanity as we know it, that is why I would like to know what event you consider could be changed and what possible consequences or changes would bring to the current society. I believe that it would prevent the extinction of the dinosaurs, I don't know if that would be good or bad but it would certainly be interesting to see how we would have evolved with the dinosaurs as the dominant spice.

Maybe Religion

Ill try to Destroy every Religion that has been created by those people. God never required to Join in any religious activities, I also want to see a world that only believes in one God, but first try to fit the shoes I am wearing. 

First of all I believe in Jesus Christ and his Father the one and only God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses. Which these are true based from the old testament of the bible. I also believe that religion was never a thing from God. I mean the bible never says - 'you have to be in this religion to be saved and welcomed to the gates of Heaven' you just need to believe that there is someone that is beyond from our knowledge.  The 10 commandments was indeed a game changer to everyone, without the 10 commandments, humanity could be easily destroyed because of Immorality and non-humane activities if there was no commandment at all. 

From the commandment  

No.7 - You must not commit adultery. 

If this commandment was not ordered from above itself, we could easily think sexual intercourse is just a plain simple communication because there are no rules and no consequences. This innovative order from above made us think that there is still a God out there that has been watching us 24/7.


I would change slave trade and the proliferation of imperialism on Africa specifically. The effects of slave trade and colonization is still having effect on Africa to this day.

African cultures and values are being lost to the culture and values of the colonialist. Languages are going into extinction and Africa has to look to its white masters for economic and social aid because the colonialist plundered it of its many resources to develop its own economy.

Countries were formed without consulting the people of the lands. They just joined and amalgamated lands.