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Do you think redemption has a price that can be bought?
I'm a somewhat resentful person when someone annoys me I usually have a hard time forgetting, but I noticed that for many people that does not seem to be a problem and that they are even able to sell their forgiveness for anything material. So you believe that a redemption or regret purchased is valid or acceptable?

I think that everyone's forgiveness has a price, some people can pay it, others cant. For some people the price of their forgiveness is time and for others the price of their forgiveness could be a simple "I'm sorry" or a $5,000 cheque, whatever you the case, everyone's forgiveness and by extension, a person's redemption can be bought, you just need to know what currency it's in.

As long as the person that needs to forgive you has forgiven you then technically you've been redeemed so I actually believe that kind of redemption is valid because it's valid in the eyes of the person that you wronged. Redemption isn't in your hands, it's in the eyes of the person or people you wronged and if they attach a material price tag to it then if you can pay for it then it's valid.

Whether the redemption or forgiveness is bought is irrelevant, all that matters is that you've gotten it. There's no rule that says that you have to do some tedious task or beg for forgiveness or generally earn your redemption the hard way, that's the kind of thing movies will have you believing.

The truth is that how you get it doesn't matter, the details of how and why you're forgiven is also irrelevant, what matters is that you were forgiven and you've been redeemed.

I hope this helps.


Redemption , is by the blood of the SINLESS Jesus Christ. This no price exchange is good enough to purchase it

This is why it is a given GIFT, but it must be accepted by admission of sin and agreement of your being His servant , which must be done orally!