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Have you participated in ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) or IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)??

Since I started investing by using several types of cryptocurrency, since then I have known what is called an initial coin offering (ICO) and IEO project. Unlike an ICO (initial coin offering), the IEO (initial exchange offer) is not open to the public. You must be a hosting exchange user to participate in token sales. While ICO allows contributors to buy tokens for sale by sending funds to certain addresses, an IEO requires contributors / users to buy tokens using a stock account.

Because the ICO (initial coin offering) is open to all people who want to invest in several ICO (initial coin offering) projects, it is very possible for the teams that develop the ICO project to collect more capital from the users who join their projects so that they don't closing the possibility of fraud going forward when the price of the ICO is invaluable. This is also one of the biggest reasons why ICO became frozen last year. Scammers take advantage of the opportunity to raise funds without providing the promised technology.

However, the biggest problem with ICO is that they are not monitored by any third party. Basically, anyone can launch an ICO, as long as you have a white paper to convince investors to put funds into the company. I only joined and invested in several ICO projects which I considered to be one of the ICO projects that were successful in the future as happened in the most successful ICO coin to date, namely Etherium which was first introduced in 2013 at a relatively very cheap price when launch, but now the price has reached $300.