If you are to raise a pet in your household, would you raise a cat or a dog?

I would have loved to raise a dog but my religion does not permit one to raise a dog for pet, except as a guard for farms or for hunting.

I can't really say why but I think I like the fact that they're quite smart and sometimes act like humans.

I remember whenever I visit my cousins and, if I call the dogs for "fun sake", they'd just look at me and ignore with a look of "why are you calling me for fun". They'd just give a face and _dogwalk_ away.

Despite that a cat is acceptable to be raised in line with my religion, I just have a personal dislike for cats.

Perhaps it's due to the fact that, growing up, the ways cats were portrayed in movies, they were used by witches and as a means of witchcraft... So, perhaps, that affected my psychology about them.

Although I have once made efforts to play with one beautiful cat, it was nice and friendly. Maybe I'd grow to like them one day.


I am not a fan of dogs and I dislike cats. Dogs can be a good company tho and not so bad if it's a cute puppy so I will go for dog.

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Dog, hands down.  Mostly because my wife is allergic to cats.  Plus who wants to have to deal with kitty litter all the time, talk about gross.  Dogs have a better sense of what is supposed to be done during the day and night too.  I have had to cat sit before and that thing was up all hours of the night keeping me from sleeping.  My dog hops on the bed with us and doesn't get up until we get up in the morning.  It is wonderful.  There is no way I would trade a dog for a cat.


right, I like to keep cats at home, sometimes I also raise livestock like chickens


 I would not really recommend myself getting either a dog or a cat if you will not be able to give them enough time or attention. Let me break it up species-wise:


  1. They tend to need quite a bit of time with their humans. They are very affectionate and may feel lonely if left alone for too long.
  2. They need to be taken out for walks 3–4 times a day. Being unsupervised and stuck at home for 10 hours would mean that they will not be able to exercise or relieve themselves in a proper manner.


  1. While the general perception is that cats do not need as much time with their humans as dogs do, that is not always the case. Depending upon the personality of the cat, it may need a lot of time with its human and may want a lot of affection as well. One point in favour of cats, though, is that once you get them a litter box and clean it regularly, they will be able to relieve themselves in peace even when you are not at home.