If you were given an opportunity to pursue a college degree, fully free and no age limit. What degree would you take up? Additionally, what is your motivation for pursuing that degree?


I'd like to study to help save lives. I would like to feel that I am doing something to save people. Personally, when my father died, I had the bad experience of seeing people without a service vocation. Bad-faced, rude doctors who mistreated patients. After they left, I approached them and helped them. Looking at the face of a sick person, who smiles at you in spite of the pain and thanks you, is a unique and incomparable experience. 

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I love thinking and sharing my thoughts. Learning the thoughts of others is super awesome too

Plus, I like to counter my arguments and philosophy is the one fields that encourages that. There are no right or wrong answers. Only perspectives

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Hi, friend Thanks for asking as I really wish such a opportunity in real.

Well if I get this type of opportunity for free, I will opt for a degree relating to theching the stuff about trading stocks, crypto currency etc.

The motivation behind opting will be able to earn livelihood with lesser efforts. So that I can give more time to the basic task for happiness like meditation, aerobics etc.


I would look after something practical like mechanics, permaculture or alike for gaining maximal practical experience next to intellectual skills.