What are the applications you are currently using to socialize and post in Steemit?

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People actually socialize on Steem? Nah, that was me being cynical. Browsing through the dapps mentioned made me chuckle. Hell, I don't even think @musing is social enough most of the times. At least, a Musing answer tends to leave you something to think about. Half decent answerers would have revealed their thoughts about the questions.

I hardly post these days even though low prices may be the best time to do so. Why? You get more SP for your effort. For some, it is not worth the value in USD. Is it not funny that the value people care about is the one relative to the "dirty fiat"?

For me, Steem is a drag. I treat it almost the same as Whaleshares: click and done. I currently spend some time "playing" @nextcolony. Let's be honest here, the game is exactly that...click and done. When more features roll out, it is going to be the same thing: click and done.

Guess where most of the interactions will be? Not likely on the chain. I will end up communicating with other players through other means. The only thing that is going to be on the chain may be whatever nonsense that gets posted to be voted on.

You thought @dlike and @share2steem posts were getting a bit out of hand? Wait until everyone starts to bid on them (oh wait, too late). Get ready for more @drugwars-style posts with @fundition votes as more "games" come out. Or should they rename themselves to @laundition by this point? They will take 10% or more from those posts and you would still have idiots that bid on them.

Back to being social on Steem. Geez, I have more fun chatting with Steemians in Discord. In fact, most people communicate more through off-chain methods. It is more convenient and oftentimes faster compared to the underdeveloped blockchain. Besides, who wants every private communication etched on the chain?

Don't let that 1 million+ accounts fool you. There are not that many social activities that go on here. People have multiple accounts to enter contests, games, etc...

That is a lot of effort to have that many accounts! Then again, they are probably automated. I rarely use my other account myself. At the end of the day, there may only be a few hundred or thousand real interactions around here.

For some, they are stacking coins for the next bull run. For others, I don't know if they weighed the time and effort to obtain the Steem. Sometimes, I wonder if they realize they would have made more by spending an hour at a minimum wage job?

But hey, if you are having fun, that is all that matters.


This is a very informative question that will really help our fellow users in creating engagement and earning more income in Steemit. Throughout the year, I have been involved in the following DApps : 

1. Esteem - a desktop/mobile application for Steemit users giving a more convenient way to access the platform. With just pressing the app, users can do whatever they can that Steemit provides. You can also earn esteem tokens when you use Esteem app with your actions like posting, commenting, resteeming, and even upvoting. Just make sure to install the latest application and you can start accumulating those tokens. They also give you esteem upvotes when you post on esteem and make sure use the tag #esteem.

2. Busy - A more user-friendly, neat, and clean website using Steem API for me that will really be suitable to new Steemians. Users posting under at https://busy.org will have the same options when they login to Steemit.com but they have a greater interface for me. They will also give you upvotes when you post under busy.org and have the tag #busy. They just have a minimum accumulated SP from your followers for them to start voting your posts.

3. Musing - the perfect avenue for me to express my opinions and thoughts on matters. As an opinionated person, I love to spend my time here. Ever thought of being rewarded just by sharing your knowledge on the question/s asked? That is musing. They reward you with votes under @musing depending on how helpful your comment is and the quality.

4. Steempress - this is another amazing dApp in Steemit that let's you post your blogs in Steemit. Whenever you install the Steempress plugin, when you post in your website it will also be automatically posted in Steemit.

Hope my answers helped!


There many dApps and as per your interest you can choose a particular dApp to engage in Steem blockchain and the dApps ecosystem have been evolving at a faster rate in last 6 months in Steem Blockchain. 

Steemhunt- If you love hunting new and innovative products, then Steemhunt is one of the great dApps in Steem ecosystem. It will reward you both HUNT tokens as well as upvote rewards to your post and comments.

SteemSTEM-If you love posting in topics like Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, then this is ideally a great dApp which will reward you in the form of upvotes. You can earn good money by using SteemSTEM but that requires effort to publish good articles as well.

Musing- If you love asking questions and answering questions, then this is one of the dApps which will pay you in the form of upvotes. But not all the questions or answers are going to be upvoted. Only good, thought provoking questions and well written answers relevant to the questions are upvoted. So you have to pay attention to your effort as well as you have to be lucky.

Actifit- This dApp is also an amazing dApp. You can earn AFIT tokens for your physical activities and these AFIT tokens have a use-case too. You can redeem these tokens for your Actifit related post and also can be used in Actifit related online stores. So it is also a good way to motivate a person who love doing physical activity and for your physical activity also you will get paid.

There also many other dApps but these are the four dApps which I love the most in Steem blockchain and apart from these, there other good dApps like busy.org, esteem, partiko which you can use and can earn in many ways.


Sincerely, the Steem blockchain is blessed with Dapps that serve as alternative to Steemit. Personally, I enjoy using the @esteemapp and @partiko for posting contents, commenting on posts and connecting with friends.

The good thing about the Dapps mentioned above is that they reward users with upvotes that increases payouts.

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Quite honestly for socialization I used Discord.  It really is the best  way to have a live communication with other Steemians.  If you can connect with them on Discord, it gives you the ability to have an organic conversation that can't take place in the comments of a post.  I really feel like every user on Steem should be using Discord as a tool to engage and collaborate with other users.

To post on Steemit, I used a variety of tools.

If I am doing a task for Oracle-D, I use their posting platform to compose and post my content.  If I am going to post something personal, I have been using Busy.org a lot lately.   I had been using Esteem for a while because the occasional upvote from them was really good.  I soon realized that they were taking a huge cut of my post rewards and in the end the upvote really just about covered the percentage they were taking.  I really like the product and the interface, but with busy I get to choose if I want to share my rewards with them.  Having that option is very important to me.  

Obviously, I also use Musing to post occasionally.  You could really get lost in here, so now that I am active again, I have been sticking to only answering about two or three questions a day.  There is so much great content being added all the time that I really feel the need to meter myself.

I also use Steemhunt to view new products and comment on interesting things that are being developed.  It is a great platform if you haven't checked it out yet.  

Occasionally, I reply to comments in Partiko on my phone, but most of the time commenting happens right inside of the original Steemit.  Besides yesterday when there were issues, it is fast and familiar to me.  I find that I can quickly make a comment on a post and move about the rest of my day.


There are a lot of dApps on the platform... esteem, steemhunt, actfit steemstem, musing which I'm using not but mostly i enjoy using Busy to post. That what I use mostly


Currently there are many third party applications that you can use to socialize and post in steemit. We can enter the supporting application by using AtheConnect to connect to Steemit and so you can also post on many other platforms besides Steemit. The following is a third-party support application that we can use to make steemit posts, including:


eSteem is one of the platforms that is also centralized with steemit using steemconnect, currently the esteem platform is very much using it because besides being easy to use, our posts on eSteem are also very easy to get curations from the eSteem curator so that it doesn't make eSteem users disappointed with the supporting application.


Musing.io is also one of the third party platforms that is connected to Steemit by entering the process using steemconnect. Musing.io is a platform that is usually used for tanyan answer or often called Q & A. For those of you who like to make questions and answer questions it is suitable to use this musing.io platform.


For those of you who like to travel or vacation, it is suitable to use this tripsteem platform. In addition to getting a great curation on this tripsteem platform, you can also share every moment of your trip because this tripsteem platform was created only for those of you who like traveling and share your traveling moments on this tripsteem platform.

And there are very many other third-party support applications that are connected to Steemit using steemconnect which you can use at this time.


This is really quite interesting, there are so many applications and also Dapps( also known as Decentralized Applications). Mostly the one I use best and quite often to Socialize with some Steemians on the Blockchain is Discord.

I can recommend this application for Steemians for socializing with other Steemians on the blockchain. The interface is really cool and easy to use. I bet you to try it out. Did you know most communities on the steem blockchain uses Discord for their activities including curation, post promotion, talk shows, party and lot more.

As for the aspect of posting, I majorly use **Esteem App**. Their interface is pretty cool and easy to use. I've tried out some couple of Dapps like the busy.org, and even the steemit platform to create content. **I'm looking forward to use more Dapps like Steemstem, Steemhunt, Utopian, Oracle-D, Partiko**.

**These are amazing Dapps I know about and I'm trying to discover more to use create my posts. I recommend you try them, you gonna like them** 😉

**Peace** ✌️

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