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What is your opinion with the latest news of Craig Wright, claiming himself to be Satoshi Nakamoto? Do you believe that he is the creator of Bitcoin?

Off course he's not. It would be very easy to prove that he is Satoshi but he refuses to give real proof. It's just a marketing stunt what he is doing. He thinks that by saying that he has more authority because people will look up to him. 

People who believe him are stupid. They deserve to get scammed by him.



He is NOt the creator of Bitcoin, he has no evidence and he is universally recognized now as a scammer, with his own scam coin pretending to be bitcoin BSV, which is being delisted across every major exchange as we speak.

Also US government REJECTED his patent (Which was just a registration which anyone can do not an invention )


Please remember that Craigh Write only made his Bitcoins by STEALING them from a friend.... he isnt a genius he STOLE his wealth


This is a man so arrogant he tries to claim he has More money than the entire country of rwanda....



No, he is not the creator of Bitcoin. He could be a developer but not the creator. 

Satoshi Nakamoto don't seems to be a person or group that want recognition right now, he is waiting the perfect moment to make an appareance with one million bitcoins aprox.