Do you support the legalization of dealth penalty in all countries?

Sometimes I find it wrong to take away an individual's life for an account of certain offense but again where there is no rigid penalty , people will cause more chaos . So I strongly support the legalization of a death penalty. When through the Bible , the book of Leviticus to be precised. There God gave out his instructions and penalty for an offense , I was shocked to noticed most offenses resulted to dead. It was more like "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" . Whatever you do unto an individual the same will be done unto you and at that time people maintain a peaceful gathering.

Though the penalty seems harsh but it maintains orderliness to some degree, it gives one more consciousness in handling other individual.

Again, most penalty that are attached to death are offense that is directly or indirectly correlated with death, they are not mere offense that are directly without threat to life. So I feel the legalization is fine if only not misused.


no, i dont support the legalization of death penalty in all countries.

Although the legalization of the death penalty should be embraced and encouraged in some countries  due to the high rates of crimes and corruptions that exists in such countries. by legalizing the death penalty, its is of my opinion that the rates of crimes and corruption will reduce drastically. Countries in which the legalization of the death penalty should be supported are;

democratic republic of congo



South Africa













El Salvador​



but in general i cant speak for all country, but i can speak for the country which i reside.. i think legalization of the killing of criminals should be enacted in this country to as to stop and make people from doing or engaging in criminal activities.  Nigeria politicians are corrupt , the legalization of this rule will go a long way in putting them back to order because they will know that their crimes will only be punishable by death. 

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This is a kind of controversial question and also philosophical too,it requires a ton of thought. Because of the unpredictable idea of the question, I will react with the accompanying:

This is "Judge Death". He speaks to all that you figure he does. This incorporates the science fiction and the otherworldly component from the Judge Dredd universe. Most importantly, the craving to wipe out all living issue in the multiverse; one measurement at any given moment.

He had the ideal thinking to why death penalty is a need. Let's be honest, life is a crime itself. On the off chance that there were no life, there would be no crime.

Why given individuals a chance to wait around so they could make more "mistakes". Remove them from the condition and you can ensure nothing terrible will at any point originate from them once more!

Some may contend the human side of things, yet that is immaterial. The shot of anybody submitting any bad behavior is 0% when they are dead. Consider it, 0%. How does recovery function? Not 100% idiot proof that is without a doubt!

All joking aside, I don't put stock in the total expulsion of the death penalty. The bar to legitimize this declaration may should be higher. Against individuals who plan on (or as of now did) making mass mischief society and everyone around them? I immovably trust it is defended. Unintentional murder? That probably won't fit the bill.

In any case where individuals sit on the issue, there is one truth about capital punishment:

It keeps the beneficiary from submitting any more activities.

Would life in jail be progressively others conscious? For what reason is an actual existence of repression any superior to a quick end to acting in this presence? For the individuals who are religious, shouldn't something be said about Saul's change into Paul?

Toward the day's end, the subject of legitimateness requests judgment from case to case, or even the need at the time. It's too easy to even think about declaring high contrast on the issue.


No, I support legalising death penalty in countries that need it. For example Taiwan, Malaysia and Philippine.

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No. Because it will not change the rate of crimes and imagining a corrupt country or a country with a dictator or a heavily religious state having the death penalty is a sickening thought.